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  1. P

    Plz find him!

    Hey I’ve been trying to look for this guy and was wondering if anyone knows who he is?
  2. J

    Know any muscular men with ruined or loose holes?

    I find it very hot when a bodybuilder naturally has a ruined or loose anus. Not talking about gaping anuses from fisting or extreme play. But just from overuse where the anus just is open or hanging out. Anyone got good recommendations? Looking for videos or images like the below
  3. P

    Video Need help finding him!

    Anyone can identify him? Does he have more material like this?? Thanks!!
  4. D

    good morning

    good morning
  5. O

    What Can I Do If My Anus Is Hyperlax?

    Hello, I need advice please! I'm 18 and I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. I've done my first time with him and I thought his penis was too large for my ass but it went good... Turns out my anus is hyperlax! I didn't know this was possible but now he can come inside without any lub (and...
  6. I

    Photo Rate My Ass

  7. Blades25

    My Partner's Loose Anus: I Feel Nothing!

    Hello everybody, I would like to talk about a problem I have always experienced with my partner. I myself am not very endowed, I'd say smaller than average on the girth side. In the first 10 minutes of anal sex (with him being the bottom), I feel his anus, it is nice and tight. But after a...
  8. iluvmen

    Anal Hunger

    So guys, my question is to all men of different sexual orientations. But especially to self-identified bottom men. I am a versatile guy. I go both ways . After topping and cumming after a satisfactory sex, I feel peaceful and my balls and prostate leave me alone for 2-3 days until they get...
  9. F

    Leison Up My Crack

    Bit of a health question here.... I know I can just go to the doctors, but I just wanted to know what your guys thoughts were. So get ready for some TMI.... So I have a lesion running from my anus up my butt crack. Its red and painful to sit on. Any ideas as to what could have caused this? Did...