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I'd been going crazy. I had borrowed a laptop and snuck it under my bed. Usually, the computer and internet were strictly controlled. My parents fought hard to keep adult content out of our house. They usually did a good job. My brothers taught me to delete my browsing history and clear the...
OH Christ, I had just assumed this site was gone forever. UPGRADED into oblivion. But obviously not. The power and force of the LARGE PENIS is just too massive and essential for sustaining life. Anyway dudes, babes and others --I need to plow the puss very soon. And now have a premium...
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The other young men that asked me to take of my skirt before got more company coz there was a second woman also doing some sexual action now: me! They came closer and closer! All of them with their dick in their hand and wanking... My view on his girlfriend was blocked. Without knowing I became...