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  1. W


    Anything on this sexy hunk. You can clearly see that he has a package. Instagram
  2. W


    Anything on this sexy muslim hunk? Instagram
  3. C

    Help me find this dream man

    Hello, everyone! I was hoping you could help me find the socials of this guy. I’m obsessed with him. I tried to ask the poster who the guy is, but all he said was that he remembered the guy in the videos was Lebanese and living in France. If this is the wrong place to post this, please...
  4. J

    please help ID him plz

    please help me find this hot men, i remember his twitter was something like « pince… » but i cant find it so if u know or u have his name please tell me
  5. J

    please help me ID this hot tattooed men

    rabi remeber his twitter i think its something like « prince… » but i cant find it so please if you know please send it to me
  6. E

    Looking for a video + Citebeur

    Hey, I’m looking for a gay porn video from the website Citebeur. It was on pornhub back in the days. The title is: Derek's ass for Malik the destroyer (Malik & Dereck). (pic) But also, I see no thread on the Citebeur videos that I find amazing (french videos on hot arab guys). Thanks!!
  7. S

    Dubai Wank Buds

    Hi, looking for wank buds in Dubai, get naked and chill edging to porn for long sessions. Would love to find a regular wank bud. Send me your snapchats to chat!
  8. D

    Ali Damas (@alidamas.fit) hot Arabian hunk (hulk, as he says)

    Does anybody have anything on him? Maybe even some naked pics
  9. arlaw83

    Arab (possibly) bottom for Black Top (need full video)

    Verbal Arab Bottom Takes Raw BBC - ThisVid.com Does anyone have a link to the full video?
  10. Jose alle

    Ahmad Seifane @ahmadsoaifane

    Lebanese bodybuilder
  11. B

    Wolfielikedat on instagran

    Hi guys, does Wolfie has OF? Im not sure about his name too.. he is clearly one of the hottest guys in the world Here are some of his stuff, I would like to find out more about him and see more
  12. J

    Adhemz Adhemzee

    @adhemz on TikTok
  13. ARAB COCK !


    fell free to share pic and videos
  14. Jose alle

    Isaiah Abdelmeseeh

    American Egyptian Arab TikTok dentist who posts suggestive content. I would literally do anything for this man. TikTok: isaiah_abdelmeseeh Instagram: Login • Instagram
  15. B

    Arab abdallah sayed needed

    Who have his nudes or any hot pic from him he is so hot as hel
  16. B

    Hot straight Arab guy

    Does anybody have nude pictures of this guy? His Instagram name is: nail698_
  17. K

    Cute3rbboy /cut33rbb0i / Hamood

    Is there anything on this guy? Is so hot and looks like he had a big dick. His onlyfans
  18. M

    DJ VAN

    This is DJ VAN from Marrakesh, Morocco. He is so sexy. I bet he has a big cock. I wanna taste him. Any nudes of this man??
  19. Z

    Tarek Elsetouhi

    Anyone has any nudes on Egyptian bodybuilder Tarek Elsetouhi?
  20. secretsleazebag

    ID This CMNM Arab God

    So I'm not really into CMNM stuff but I very nearly broke my dick jerking it to this absolute perfection of a man. Can someone ID him or share any other content with him in it? (The fun stuff starts at ~8:50) Arab, Latinos and brown guys: Str8 arab Talim… ThisVid.com
  21. Timaios

    Looking for edging partners

    If u r into edging , and u have a hairy dick , hit me up on twitter : @rebeuvers7
  22. Hephaestionofarabia

    هَوِيَّة HoAïa - Threads in Arabic

    لأنه من النادر والجميل استعمال كلمات وعبارات عربية للكلام عن الشهوات الجنسية والعلاقات العاطفية والصداقة والصحبة والمشاعر عموماً
  23. Jose alle

    Ahmed Aljar - Nanoosh771 نانووش

    YouTuber tiktoker TikTok: ahmed.jar Snapchat: Nanoosh771 YouTube: Nanoosh771 Instagram: Nanoosh771
  24. Bardiii

    Am I a cuck?

    Hi guys! So I‘ve been with my bf for 5 years now. In the beginning I was very jealous and protective but now that I‘ve overcome that, I kind of have the desire to watch my man fuck someone…he is an arabic man with an athletic body and thick 9 inch cock which i love! Is it normal for me to have...
  25. S

    Dubai Wank / Jerk Off Buddy

    Hello, Str8 here looking for wank buds who enjoy chilling naked and edging to porn, not into oral or sex. would be great to find a regular bud!
  26. G

    Nadim from Keumgay

    Does anyone know where I can find this unseen edit from Keumgay.com? The model’s name is Nadim and I’ve only seen one video from him getting a handjob. I want to know where I can find the video where he’s getting sucked.
  27. D

    Photos & Videos Searching for "Citebeur" french model's name from multiethnic groupsex video

    I'm searching for the name or, even better, other videos of a model from this french multiethnic video I found: French boy dominated by Arab and Black - ThisVid.com I presume it's from citebeur.com, but I may be wrong. I think the bottom is Hugo 2, and the second top is Tyler. (Vidéos porno...
  28. I

    Photo Anyone know who is this bodybuilder?

    I think I've seen him somewhere on IG but I forgot the username. Please help me identify him
  29. I

    Links Anyone can identify who is this bodybuilder?

    Seems like I have seen him somewhere on IG but I forgot what is the account username. Please if anyone knows who is he...
  30. kenibas.villy

    Hadi Hajomar

    I can believe there isn't a thread for this hot model https://www.instagram.com/hadi_hajomar/ hadi_hajomar (@hadi_hajomar) TikTok | Watch hadi_hajomar's Newest TikTok Videos