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  1. A

    Agvan Kharatian or _kharatian

    does anyone have he's pics? Agvan Kharatian or _kharatian
  2. M

    Eduard Soghomonyan

    Eduard Soghomonyan is an Armenian-born heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler. He is 6’3 and is a total hunk. He looks like someone who fucks rough. I am so turned on by him. Any thoughts or naked pictures of him??? IG: eduardsoghomonyanofficial
  3. Amphlett

    Celebs from Caucasus region (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya or Armenia)?

    Anyone got dirt or nudes on celebs from this region? :p:innocent:
  4. J

    Armenian Celebrities

    A general thread to post pictures and to discuss Armenian male celebs.
  5. H

    Photos & Videos Armenian Celebrities

    Hey! It is common knowledge that Armenian men are generally handsome. Some are even hot. This thread is dedicated to Armenian celebrities. Feel free to post any juicy stuff you have. թռա՜նք
  6. H

    Hot Armenian Actor Sos Janibekyan

    This gorgeous man deserves his own thread, so pls post anything you have on him :)
  7. J

    Hot Armenian Singer Narek Baveyan

    Before I moved to LA I spent my childhood in Armenia. There was no internet at that time, so everything was coming from TV. One day they showed a music clip with this handsome guy shirtless in a bathtub or smth, with all his glorious chest hair. Long story short, he became my first and only...
  8. E

    Photo Armenian Hunk?

    I met and lost contact with this Dutch Armenian muscle guy many years ago (before I had a smartphone!). Any idea where he might be?