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  1. G

    Anyone have this full vid?

    Does anyone have the full video?
  2. T

    I had sex with another man in the army

    Military is not was I supposed it would be, when I first heard my allocation. I was in a position, where I could choose where I'd go, so they gave me only one place to pick. I didn't come from a family with military traditions. Some old, distant uncle or two maybe had a carreer in the force, but...
  3. T

    Photos & Videos Soldiers from the Nordic (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

    We have a ”Army boys for real” but it is US centered. Sooo this is for northern european guys. I’ll start with a couple of finnish soldiers: (only 18+)
  4. L

    First to cum loses sex fight who wins straight army daddy vs gay mma twink

    First to cum loses sex fight. Who wins? Straight Army Daddy vs Gay MMA twink At a fourth of july party a girl comes home and brings her gay best friend, Cody. Her Dad Bryan and him are talking a bit about the dad's military experience and the twink's mma fighting background. all was going well...
  5. B

    Photo Karim the arabic soldier

    Does anyone know who this "Karim" guy is? He was on the site "xarabcam.com" and I would like to know if he was on any other site as well. He's really hot and I'd like to know more about him. Links:- Karim, Soldier - arab gay sex — Xarabcam — arab military with huge tool - manporn.xxx
  6. Laying down the Law

    Laying down the Law

    On the highway between Louisville and Nashville, down near Cave City, there is one of those great adult bookstores designed for truckers and others on the road, its aptly named Horse Cave Adult Bookstore. Massive signs you can’t miss, a large building with parking in the front and back...
  7. Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Years ago, when I first joined the Army one of my first TDY (temporary duty) assignments was to be counter surveillance. We were basically tasked with following around the dudes where were gonna be the next super spies. As part of that we had to lead them places, pass information, and other...
  8. Danter11

    Wesley Alexandre

  9. D


    Straight, British, Uncut, Ex-Army… HOT!!! All of these are open on his Twitter / Insta. Has anyone seen his OF? Is it good? Rob Warford or @RWarfordd
  10. J


    Tienen contenido de él?
  11. Danter11

    @jordan.tousignant @mj.fitness

  12. JJ Lautner

    Braxton Van Alst

    Anyone know much about this model / army reserve? www.Instagram.com/braxton_vanalst
  13. B

    Photos & Videos ID this guy in xHamster video?

    Have seen this video circulating around twitter and whatnot for ages, heard there was supposed to be a longer version somewhere, wondering if anyone happened to have it or knows who the guy is?
  14. D

    Texan Cowboy turn Soldier in Bulgaria

    Hey. I grew up on a cattle ranch in North Texas; served 7 years in the military (in Iraq & Afghanistan). I live & work in Sofia, Bulgaria, but I travel most of the time (that's definitely not bragging, promise). Looking to meet guys in the area or possibly find a few friends. Bulgaria isn't...
  15. Michaelbr

    Fort Polk Army Base fun

    I come to Fort Polk a few times a month. While there I have tried a few of the apps but nothing ever seems to come to fruition. Also - seems like most ppl on them are from the surrounding area NOT military guys from base. My question is - is there a place on base to meet guys and maybe mess...
  16. Combat Glory Holes

    Combat Glory Holes

    I deployed to Iraq in 2004. Our first stop was Camp Doha, Kuwait, which was a fairly safe and civilized place. It even had a small shoppette mall, a Subway and a Starbucks too. All Soldiers were quartered in these large maze-like warehouses filled with bunk beds where we could stay while we...
  17. D

    Photos & Videos Tim Kennedy (butt appreciation)

    I've been watching this man for a while. He has a beautiful worked body, and of course that ass.
  18. O

    Photos & Videos Justice Plackard

  19. O

    Justice Plackard

    A boy from the US
  20. N

    Uk Guy Saying Hello

    Hey guys. I've been on LPSG for a few weeks ago and it's been fun. I wanted to introduce myself as I'm keen to make more connections. So..... I'm a 35 year old man from London. I'm happily married to a woman (and have 2 kids) but I'm curious and open. I enjoy social nudity and love the...
  21. N

    Skype Cam Buddy For Horny Ex-army Guy

    35 M from London. Married to a female but curious to get naked with other guys on cam . Ex-army. Masculine / uncut / hairy. Add me if you wanna cam (C2C) - I'm nudeandy335 on skype.
  22. ChuChiPapi

    Cut Hispanic/latino Guys Appreciation Thread

    I didn't see a thread with this theme so I thought I would create it. :yum Hispanic Army Guy from Tumblr #1: 2012-2013ish
  23. N

    Skype For Military Guys Or Their Admirers

    I'm nudeandy35 on skype. 35 M from London. Ex-army. Masculine / uncut / hairy. Add me if you wanna cam (C2C)
  24. N

    Cam Buddy Required

    I'm nudeandy35 on skype. 35 M from London. Married to a female but curious. Ex-army. Masculine / uncut / hairy. Add me if you wanna cam (C2C)
  25. N

    Skype For Military Guys Or Their Admirers

    35 M UK. Ex-army guy and rugby player. Love communal nudity. Uncut / dad bod muscular / hairy. My Skype is nudieandy - looking to cam with other military guys or their admirers/
  26. M

    Video Anyone Have Any Information On Military Exam Video?

    There's this really hot video of a soldier receiving a medical exam. In includes speculums, enemas, fingering (almost fisting), injection, catheters, and jacking off. The video freezes towards the end but I really want to know where it's from. Anyone have any names of the actors or where it's...
  27. N

    British Ex-army Guy For Cam Fun

    Hey guys. Masculine ex-military guy here looking to cam on skype. Add me on nudieandy. Into all types of guys but make sure you have a cam if you're joining me! Oh and hopefully you like pre-cum as I'm literally dripping right now....
  28. P

    Photo Scott Fletcher (scottish Actor)

    Scott Fletcher (Scottish Actor)
  29. Z

    Tiktok Hairy Army Boy Töm Fëlïx

    Anyone have anything on this sexy hairy navy man? Semi big on TikTok