artificial intelligence

  1. G

    Anyone else terrified by AI images?

    i wont try to stop people from making AI images but ngl, they fucking terrify me on a deep level lol tbh its interesting that AI is so accurate nowadays, just a few years ago it was abstract as shit. but even though its more competent today something always looks uncanny about it like the more...
  2. MrSivak

    Zac Efron Fakes, Edits, AI, And Illustrations

    This thread should be self-explanatory.
  3. OdysseusRex

    Photo Muscle Hunks AI Fantasy

  4. T

    AI revolution in Porn

    Discuss the impact of AI replacing human porn models. As the SAG AFTRA strike ends, think about how the porn industry isn't held by the same rules. Porn is notorious for chewing up and spitting out youth and talent with nearly no regard for the wellbeing of their performers. Porn studios eagerly...
  5. M

    Photo AI Generated Bears

    Been playing around with and their image generator. It struggles with genitals but has made some hot photos. I’ll post more if people like them.
  6. nurselove

    AI for Chat role-play and Stories

    I have seen that there are several threads on graphical AI, but not on textual AI, considering that since Stable Diffusion is open source and therefore potentially usable with modern computers, so it is not for ChatGPT. There would be alternatives, but they are far from achievable and require...
  7. T

    Photo "Oceania's Tempting Isles: A Digital Odyssey of Desire"

    Journey with us to the enchanting islands of Oceania, where 17 audacious and delectable digital Adonises await, each eager to share the treasures of their native lands. These aren't just any representations; they are the epitome of Oceania's diverse beauty and culture. From the vastness of...
  8. T

    Sensual AI Model Around The World

    Come and participate in the thrilling contest "Sensual AI Model Around the World"! In this incredible event, AI-generated models will parade in sensual costumes representing countries from various geographical regions. Each week, a region will be voted on, and the model representing the most...
  9. billytgoatnz

    Photo AI Generated Thicc, Sporty and Beer Lovin Babes

  10. F

    Photos & Videos AI generated men - Gingers

    This is a spin-off of the thread Ai Hunks - Diffusion Generated Stunning Hotties. If you want to learn how to create AI stuff, @voyeurfan did a fantastic job on the main thread about how to get started with creating AI photos. * AI-generated porn is getting a lot of traction and calling the...
  11. voyeurfan

    Photos & Videos Ai Hunks - Diffusion generated stunning hotties

    With the release of consumer AI tools, we are now able to easily generate the stunning, mouth watering hunks of our dreams. Stable Diffusion has been made publicly accessible for a while now and the installation and and process of generating images is fairly simple and explained in depth in...
  12. agmxxm

    AI generated nude male photography

    I didn't really get it at first - but after playing with some AI art generators for a few hours, I've learned you can make almost anything you can think of come to life. Here's a few I made in a matter of a couple hours. Anyone else have some to share?
  13. Exploring the Art of AI-Generated Images: My Fascinating Hobby

    Exploring the Art of AI-Generated Images: My Fascinating Hobby

    I'd like to talk about my hobby of using artificial intelligence to create images with my face. It's a fun and interesting activity that allows me to explore the capabilities of cutting-edge technology. To create a single image, I use various AI tools such as Generative Adversarial Networks...
  14. VicViper88

    AI porn

    I think it's more than about time to have a thread for a thing that will definitely have an impact on the future of pornography: The usage of AI for porn. What do you guys think of this? Technically there are not going to be any limits. What are the advantages and downsides of this in your eyes?
  15. Dream Big

    Skin tight

    Mark Prentice, boy genius. That’s what the article said when I was seventeen. Pretty much guaranteed a rough ride at that point. It’s bad enough being smart sometimes — public schools in the US tend to punish that in many ways, either systematically or through inaction, like when the jocks...
  16. D

    Ai future

    A lot of people fear a robot takeover. I find it an interesting idea. Personally, as a software engineer, I think there will be a gradual automation of jobs. People who do jobs that can be easily automated will find themselves replaced. I expect frustration at this, but it is similar to the...