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artificial intelligence

  1. V

    AI porn

    I think it's more than about time to have a thread for a thing that will definitely have an impact on the future of pornography: The usage of AI for porn. What do you guys think of this? Technically there are not going to be any limits. What are the advantages and downsides of this in your eyes?
  2. Dream Big

    Skin tight

    Mark Prentice, boy genius. That’s what the article said when I was seventeen. Pretty much guaranteed a rough ride at that point. It’s bad enough being smart sometimes — public schools in the US tend to punish that in many ways, either systematically or through inaction, like when the jocks...
  3. D

    Ai future

    A lot of people fear a robot takeover. I find it an interesting idea. Personally, as a software engineer, I think there will be a gradual automation of jobs. People who do jobs that can be easily automated will find themselves replaced. I expect frustration at this, but it is similar to the...