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  1. P

    ALEXSUCKS (Alex Alvarez)

  2. L


    u/shitty_watercolour (AKA Hector Janse van Rensburg) is an online artist known on Reddit and elsewhere on the internet for making small watercolour paintings of various scenes. His art style is really cute and ever since I saw his profile picture, I've thought that he's absolutely the cutest guy...
  3. A

    Video hot painting videos on youtube

    Hot hunky guy doing canvas painting with a nice ass, bulge and body and im sure he knows what hes doing lol Anyone else got into these or can share some videos?
  4. S

    @shaymusart / Shaymus Art

    An adorable boy with an amazing body and a huge ass. He's an artist who draws cute animals, so that's what the majority of his socials are about. Don't expect anything amazing (yet!). But in some of his videos you can see how hot he is: There are other shorts/reels like these in his yt...
  5. S

    Photos & Videos Keaton Hentoff Killian / Keatonhk

    Anything on this hot circus artist? Keaton Hentoff Killian IG : @Keatonhk
  6. S

    Photos & Videos Quentin Greco / Quentingreco

    Anything on this hot French circus artist? Quentin Greco IG : @quentingreco
  7. gccigccilvlvprda

    Photos & Videos Kewin Cosmos (singer)

    Does anyone have anything on him? He’s a Dominican bachata singer and I think he’s so cute.
  8. MomentoMori92

    Jay McGuiness (The Wanted)

    I wasn’t much into this band when they first dropped, but I got big into them when they reunited last year & found this dude absolutely adorable. Those legs, UNF:weary_face:
  9. 5

    Photos & Videos Tom Wells (tomwellywells), artist on YouTube and Instagram

    Does anyone have anything on this handsome British artist? I enjoy his videos, his artworks are amazing and he's very attractive (his arms are very distracting when he's not wearing a hoodie). I found an old pic of him shirtless but little else.
  10. G

    Photos & Videos Artist Naruki Kukita’s male models

    I just stumbled across this guy’s instagram account, and found out that he’s an artist who typically draws nude male models with live reference. The guys he draws are quite hot but due to instagram’s censorship and whatnot the male models themselves are censored (the artworks are not though)...
  11. Danter11

    @sl.patrick @lupinuds

    https://linktr.ee/sl.patrick iɔɔɒniqυ⅃ .Ƨ ʞɔiɿɈɒᕋ (@kcirtap.ls) • Instagram photos and videos https://onlyfans.com/lupinuds
  12. ezdrhn

    Photos & Videos Saif Nabeel (Iraqi singer)

    Many say he is gay, opinions ? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  13. M

    Jake Martin from the infamous ( DaddyOFive ) channel

    Jake from the deleted youtube channel DaddyOFive. He now does music and sometimes makes tiktoks. Anyone got more on him?
  14. K

    Wellington Oliveira (Well_author)

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? He runs a YouTube channel where he does make-up tutorials and drag content and recently released an OF through his art Instagram for his 10k sub celebration:
  15. G

    Brian Kenny

    I thought it would be time to dedicate an own thread to this American hottie: Brian Kenny. He’s a 40 year old American artist, born in Germany. He lives in NYC and used to be a gogo dancer. His long time ex partner is Slava Mogutin. I hope someone has his nudes lying somewhere around. His butt...
  16. G

    reproduce by budding flimflam

    Love this man and his twitter. Fucking hot and buff. Just wished I knew his name and more about him
  17. Lickersticker625

    Olmo Da Silva

    I am completely amazed that there isn't a thread for this 6'5" European Sex God. Twitter & Onlyfans: Olmodasilva
  18. H

    Adamceramic And Danmakeystuff (couple)

    Adam Johnson and his boyfirend Dan Adam was a finalist on the Great Pottery Throwdown, developed a pretty big crush on him during the series, him and his boyfirend are both gorgeous and very talented.
  19. owapowa

    Johnny The Alchemist / The Illusionist

    I was dying for this guy to start onlyfans, my god he is so fine. He is good drawer too, his drawing are pretty hot. Instagram I: johnnythealchemist Instagram II: johnnytheillusionist Onlyfans: j_illusionist Twitter: johnny_illusio
  20. D

    Lenny Tavarez

    Era justo y necesario tener algo de Lenny
  21. wants2havefun


    Hot guy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DJustinArt
  22. J

    Photos & Videos Justin Burke - Hot Singer & Youtuber

    anyone have anything on justin ? hes sooooo handsome, and i always got a bit of a way too into himself maybe bi-gay vibe. any nudes out there ? his youtube has 900k subs https://www.youtube.com/user/toastymedia/videos insta Login • Instagram
  23. F


    Any photographers on here? Amateurs or professionals, and anything in between. If so, what do you usually shoot for subject matter? What do you shoot with? Even if you are just taking photos on here to show, feel free to join the discussion. If you are able too, share a photo or two on here...
  24. S

    Carson Lueders

    Hey Guys, The last thread was deleted, but please post new stuff where he is 18 years old for sure! He's really cute.
  25. frankfontaine

    No Sex Please, We're British !

    No sex please we're British, is the name of my journal that im trying to self publish so i can get my kids thru the next 6 months, without worrying about food clothing or nappy costs and i can focus on homeschooling them. The journal is about being a queer dad, working in the adult industry in...
  26. UnCutBlackBull925

    Ralph Whoren - Artist, Nude Model, Black Bull For Cuckold Couples

    This is Ralph Whoren, he's artist who does nude modeling and modeling also fucks couples. Yes he has a fans only I will share it when I get done with my presentation.
  27. Surik

    Ballet Boys

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the lovely shapes of ballet boys like Nicol Edmonds and Marcelino Sambé? I have a huge admiration for the dance, their dedication and of course the aesthetic. Not posting this topic for nudes or anything. If anyone has experience with them I’d love a story...
  28. F

    Andre Swilley Musician / Ig Famous / Actor

    does anyone have anything on him ? i’ve heard rumors that’s he may be gay or bisexual.
  29. FrozenAisleDonuts

    Christian Srigley - [ Dj ]

    I was wondering if anyone else is into him? <3
  30. bulleth0le

    Check Out My Beefcake Artwork

    Give me a follow if you like Instagram.com/bulleth0le