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  1. G

    Photos & Videos Joseph fernandez :appreciation

  2. A

    ID this asian guy

    Anyone know him or have more vids of him?
  3. F

    South Asian Twinks & Middle Eastern Twinks

    I've briefly dated one Pakistani man, but we broke up after 1 month. So, what South Asian or Middle Eastern twinks can we all see now? I'm a black guy who finds Asian twinks irresistible overall. But my top preference is South Asian & Middle Eastern twinks. My South Asian-American celebrity...
  4. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy Korean YouTube Bodybuilder from back in the day. Does anyone know his name?

    Do any of you remember this stud? He made flexing videos that he published on YouTube. His cock was always visible (either semi-visible or erect vpl). What was his YouTube channel name again? Is he still around? Did he ever make other (fully nude) content?
  5. U

    Does somebody know this muscular Asian guy?

    Does somebody know this Asian guy? Sex statue - ThisVid.com
  6. RyB383

    Joseph Schooling: Appreciation

    I love a swimmers' body especially his. If anyone has any more, please post.
  7. kitchristopher


    23 year old asian guy, I wish he was more into social media cuz he's fucking beautiful ♡
  8. A

    Jang Min @mjangarax

    Hot Korean/Spanish model
  9. B

    Chinnakorn Sueakaew (bigbank2535) Thai sexy male model

    Chinnakorn Sueakaew ig: bigbank2535 works: 他在 Myth / Sixpack / 1000miles / Harder 01 - BIG BANK CHINNAKORN
  10. S


    Looking for more info on hank_only IG model. He does shoots for Andrew Christian International. So so sexy. Does he have nudes or an OnlyFans?
  11. C

    @hanxxcore Han Chen

    Has anyone subscribed to any of his social media? https://justfor.fans/HanxxCore OnlyFans https://twitter.com/hanxxcore?lang=en
  12. M

    Wank video from twitter

    Does anyone have the full video of this guy? The post has been deleted. Pa-share naman po. Thank you.
  13. S


  14. T

    Nikko Reyes

    Anything good on Nikko? Login • Instagram
  15. kamsmadara

    Adam Feng

  16. partyfavorite

    can anyone id this guy?

    does anyone know who he is?
  17. S

    Bigbank thai model to onlyfans

  18. C

    Medicalquackery - hot asian Australian tiktoker

    He's got over a 1m followers on Tiktok and is also a twitch streamer. Posts about being a student doctor in med school. He's also bi according to his TikTok.
  19. D

    iseeadarkness onlyfans

    Anyone got anything on this dude? Pretty damn hot guy, he's got a Twitter under "iseeadarkness_1" Hot Asian guy with a nice dick, was wondering if his onlyfans was pretty good
  20. kinkyseok

    help me id this man!

    an asian guy sucking dick while stroking his own that i found on some tg gc.. help!
  21. E

    Asian Wrestler

    Does anyone have info on this guy? I remember seeing he was a wrestler
  22. L

    help me id this guy

  23. T


    honestly he’s my new obsession Twitter | Instagram | OnlyFans
  24. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  25. C

    Hung guys in Toronto - Read This!

    I'm visiting Toronto week of July 4th and am looking to give a blowjob to a hung guy. I might be able to host but prefer that you do. Big plus if you're str8, younger (<30) and fit or slim, but none of these are a requirement, only being hung is. I want to make sure you leave satisfied so get...
  26. Ilovetomh


  27. H

    Does anyone know these hot men

    can anyone identify these SUPER HOT MEN
  28. R

    Photos & Videos Spai, Spai_w (Worap Hat)

    Since I haven't found any thread about him, I'm creating one :) He's too hot to not have a proper thread here! This is Spai (I think his real name is Worap Hat, according to his IG - https://www.instagram.com/spai690/), he's Thai, has a really hot body, nice cock and is also a nice shooter. His...
  29. F

    Asians (2022)

    I'm looking for nudes of Asians I haven't heard of yet. My type is Brian Tee (from Chicago Med), Godfrey Gao, Van Darkholme (now a retired porn director), Tim Chatarangsu, Henry Goulding, Jet Li, Jo Koy (the standup comic), Akaash Singh (the standup comic), Russell Peters, and all the men on...
  30. M

    ID Thai Guy

    does anyone recognize this guy? or can help me identify him? I found his pics off an ig account that looks like they’re catfishing as him. He’s super hot, the instagram I found his photos on is @ink_warunpongthailand thanks