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  1. M

    Photos & Videos narumiya jin

    japanese former (?) porn star. he has many gay videos out there
  2. L

    Photos & Videos Asian Bears

    Just a thread of some Asian bears. Do share if you have more! 1. https://twitter.com/GomongTWT 2. https://www.instagram.com/andrewkyletang/ (He's so hot but mainly gives fitness advice only, no nsfw) 3. https://twitter.com/TameTanuki (he used to have an OF, can't find the link anymore) 4...
  3. C

    Korean Rare Videos

    Does anyone have this video? Or have some other “Korean Rare” ones that they would like to share?
  4. A

    Video ID on these Asian Hunks?

    Looking for ID on these guys and/or similar videos
  5. YQ70

    Photo 「Chinese LGBTQ」QIUMAO

    @longlongboii on Instagram: ""
  6. D

    Photo Mr_J_89 (blued broadcaster)

    he is so handsome ! He seemed to go by many names. ・Mr_J_89 ・PHEONIX_JAY ・Jay29926___ ・Mr_J___KÇP ・CG_Jay87999_TH I am looking for his contributions.
  7. mec_horny

    Photo @l_eel_em Lee Lem Tiktok and IG fitness influencer

    i find he’s very attractive and i really like his personality online (funny, goofy) and he’s hot as hell
  8. G

    anyone know who this asian hunk is?

    i know he is in hong kong...
  9. D

    New Asian Dude

    Hey all, Asian dude in Bay Area early 20s. Was told my cock was worth showing off by some friends so here I am hehe
  10. siwonkwan


    Yetieater is a 34 year old American\Chinese streammer who has been streaming since 2015. He has also done 2 straight porn scenes and streams on chaturbate rarely. Despite streaming continuously for so many years and being gay friendly, there is not much content available from him as his adult...
  11. gossipboy_KR


    :heart: ASIAN BOYS PHOTO :heart:
  12. E

    Photos & Videos Ges_Katu (Twitter/Myfans/Pornhub)

    Sooo i came across this beautiful 39 years old Japanese man on twitter and saw he has myfans etc. Do we have anyone here that is subscribed to his myfans?
  13. hijdbejej

    Photos & Videos Jesse Le | @jessele6 / @steticbreh on tik tok / twitter asian bodybuilder

    Anyone have anything on this hot stud? He just opened up a Twitter / X account and he’s always doing thirst traps on Tik Tok livestreams. Tik Tok Twitter
  14. C

    Kazou anyone?

    Hi does anyone have Anything on this guy? His name is kazoukun on Twitter. I know he has some photos and videos floating around online.
  15. JasonMontgomery

    Identify Asian Xtuber from years ago?

    I need help finding content and only have descriptions to go off of. I can’t find any photos/thumbnails or video clips based on what I remember. There was an Xtube user yearssss ago (over a decade) that I used to like. I have searched high and low and can’t find anything! Here’s what I...
  16. X


    anyone have anything on this sexy BBC who cucks asian men
  17. X

    Help me ID this stunning Asian Onlyfans beauty?

    Can anyone help me ID this unbelievably beautiful Asian guy? I think he’s the most beautiful Asian Onlyfans guy I’ve ever seen and for a long time I’ve tried to find his name, does any of the wonderful LPSG members have any idea? Thank you ❤️
  18. I

    Can someone ID this hot tatted muscle asian guy

    I saved his pics from tumblr when it had the good porn but they didnt give his name.
  19. T

    Photo New Asian boy

    Hey all, been here for awhile but haven’t contributed much! Just wanted to post a couple of pics and ask you to join me over on Instagram! I’m a swimmer and PhD student living in Miami, I’ve lived in the UK most of my adult life and have gotten into fitness lately in a serious way. Open to all...
  20. P

    Anything on DanSum?

    He's an Asian food Tiktoker who also happens to be a cutie
  21. P

    In search of this retired Asian OnlyFans performer

    I know that this guy did OnlyFans long time ago and he left due to his busy schedule. He came on to OnlyFans because of his large boner he posted on TikTok, shot by his friend, I think. Perhaps as a joke. He was bald, very hot, a good amount of body hair, and very very fit. He’s American. He did...
  22. O

    Can anyone ID this Asian magazine model?

    Can anyone ID this Asian magazine model?
  23. F

    Can anyone ID this hot Aussie Asian?

    And his friend if possible!
  24. Chev


    I wanna start a thread about this cute thai. istg he's so sexy. He doesn't seem to show his dick on twitter so feel free to show us content from his OF (I'M BEGGING YOU).
  25. G

    Help ID These Asian Porn Vids

    Can anyone please help me ID these asian porn vids? Or maybe anyone have the full version of these vids? I wanna see the full version of these vids. Thank you so much to anyone who can help.
  26. S

    Cute SG Cam Boy

    Can anyone help ID him? Not sure if he cams on chaturbate but apparently he’s from SG
  27. R


    Hot asian guy with greek god physique Links: CementBlock - Find CementBlock Onlyfans - Linktree Used to have an old thread in Azngreekgod Review His OnlyFans says "I have cum videos available, however there IS A PAY WALL FOR THEM! There are still many J.O videos though" Can anyone share...
  28. 7

    Help identify?

    Hi, could not find op anywhere. Any content i ran into were just stolen reposts. Pls helppp.
  29. C

    Sam Hashimoto @hashibobo

    So fkng hot.
  30. L

    Can someone ID this Asian guy

    I feel like I've seen this guy before, but I don't remember where. Anyone have any idea? Or maybe even have more photos/videos on him?