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  1. tanamon1111

    MatthewThings ASMR

    Thread for youtube and now onlyfans personality matthewthings
  2. D

    Dr Gill ASMR

    Doctor Gill who creates Clinical Skills / ASMR videos on YouTube. Anything on this man or his cute male models?
  3. J

    Cyprien B (itscyp on Insta, cyp on Tiktok)

    Just thought I'd make a thread for him since he's pretty hot and has been showing more skin lately. Friends with Bryce Mckenzie.
  4. love4D

    Photos & Videos imlinjunliang / Leon Lin

    he's so hot, anyone has his nudes? his insta is Login • Instagram
  5. kingred90


    Someone has content from his patreon?, from this guy, he does explicit asmr and has some +18 content, like jerkoffs, blowjobs, etc gaybf or ASMR BOYFRIEND
  6. T

    Turkish Asmrist

    These guys are straight and they do homoerotic stuff here are some examples: And they also have Patreon which they post exclusive stuff, that might be bait Burak is creating Asmr Massage | Patreon Can someone please check whether it's worth it or not
  7. Alejandro_megas

    The M4M Audio porn content creation and communities (also hosting/reposting services)

    Let me just give you the TL;DR This is what the Gay Audio Porn is and it's formats/presentations, approaches, and the different repositories/social media where there are active VA or communities. NSFW roleplay is the Porn equivalent OK, I've join the GWAG (gone wild: Audio gay edition...
  8. P

    blissful zen asmr

    does anyone have anything of blissful zen asmr
  9. pharaoh44onearth

    ASMR hunk: Kapital whispers\Bola de dan

    This hottie goes by both "Kapital whispers" and "Bola de dan" he is spanish, here is his insta. https://www.instagram.com/boladedan/ He used to do semi hot videos for youtube like showering, eating fruit seductively, pretty sure he is gay due to this link: Kapital Whispers | LGBT+ ♡ Amino...
  10. C

    Sexy Sounds (moans, Groans, Grunts) / Sexy Erotic Asmr / Sensual Seductive Talking

    Posts can be both videos or/and just audio Listen to Sexy Erotic ASMR Audio to Turn You On Naudia Reads Erotica Listen to Erotic ASMR Audio & Podcasts | Vurbl https://tidal.com/browse/album/177412226 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pQgbEEFPq0 Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)
  11. A

    Asmr Anil Cakmak Turkish Relax Bro

    He’s kind of cutie and it’s weird my intimate the way he massages and whispers relax bro lol
  12. P

    Cap Bailey Asmr

    Just sooo frickin hot.. Please share sexy content of him..
  13. X


    Anyone got more from him?
  14. B

    Kevinasmr Ph Videos

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has Kevinasmr's infamous videos that were once on his Pornhub page. I would really appreciate being able to see them. If needed please dm to negotiate. If needed I can trade files such as - günsyböys nudes - Nîck Pülös onlyfans files - Träcë Tráîner...
  15. C

    Keegan ( Lovelyasmr S )

    Keegan's sexy ass turned 18 today!
  16. A

    Joshasmr (josh_asmr On Patreon)

    Anything for him?
  17. 2

    Photo Pj Dreams

    Does anyone have PJ Dreams nudes?
  18. M

    Cute Guys Of Asmr

    Anyone notice how cute ASMR Orion, Dennis and Zeitgeist are? I believe a similar page was deleted due to mention of PJ so do not mention him. Make a separate thread for that.
  19. D

    Pj Dreams?

    Anyone have PJ Dreams’ nudes? It was posted here a while back, but the threads got deleted. Care to share?
  20. BSWORD8

    Photo Hottest Women Of Asmr

    Some of you may know what ASMR is already...Audi Sensory Meridian Response, I think it is. Basically if you find certain sounds or voices calming and relaxing ASMR is for you. I use it to help me get to sleep. Apparently if you are susceptible to gentle stroking/tickling for example on the...
  21. I

    Do you know the song in the background of this youtube video?

    Hello. From the start (00:00) of this video there's a song in the background. I think it's a woman singing and "pop star" might be part of the lyrics?? The song sounds catchy BUT I might revise my thoughts if/when I learn of the performer(s) + title. Thanks for reading, here's the video:
  22. D

    Ricky odriosola asmr - anyone got anything on him?