1. M

    Gabriel Miranda (@gabrielmirandaw)

    Anyone has somethin on him?? his name is Gabriel Miranda @gabrielmirandaw on IG
  2. Hornyartist

    Post your fav random pics you’ve seen.

    Pretty self explanatory- here are some i’ve seen lately that I love: (these are all dildos and toys no actual z00 shit)
  3. S

    is there tops in Kyiv, Ukraine?

    looking for gay man in kyiv
  4. C

    My Wife’s ass

    If you had this your reach, whatchu doin with it?
  5. K

    Looking for other guys who likes to show off their partners

    I have this thing for talking to other guys about my partner’s sexual experiences with me and other guys we meet. I like to swap pics. Love to brag about his beautiful ass and hole. If you do too,hit me up on snap: sskcola I want to swap nudes and talk about encounters when we have any. Let’s...
  6. cupcakke69

    michael fly ass

    any 4k videos of michael fly's ass or him bottoming
  7. rdrg25

    Help ID this guy?

  8. A

    Ass from below

    No particular reason for it but let’s share photos of our ass from below, here’s mines as I’m an exhibitionist rate it HONESTLY if you will
  9. S

    Who's this

    does anyone have this guy file? i had it before but i lost it by removing it.
  10. A

    Colt Bryant (@MuscleBoy001)

    Hi! Does anyone subscribe to this guy? Gorgeous and horny dude, he was a NFL player or homegrown talent. Meanwhile, I leave you some delicious material MuscleBoy001
  11. panchoralsex

    Photos & Videos Camilo Rojas (of: camilogarzon02)

    Veamos que tienen de el y de su only por la verdad el chico está lindo
  12. T

    What turns you on the most? Young guys 18-30.

    For guys 18-30. In a gay (man-man) world of dating (mainly on apps, like Grindr): What is the most important deciding factor for you to whether or not to go on a date with another guy? Focusing on non-committed relationships (fwb or one times). Feel free to write and comment about your...
  13. BlnGay87

    hair in men

    Where do you find it erotic and acceptable and where do you not? You can select multiple answers.
  14. B

    Bottoms with big dicks

    I find ass so hot but I also find big dick hot, so let’s post pictures of bottoms who just so happen to also have big dongs on here!
  15. B

    New from Spain :)

    Heyy I’m a Spanish twink 21 y/o and bottom, looking to meet people, I used to have an account that I had to delete and now I came back and I don’t remember how to use this hahaha If anyone wants to guide me a little bit I’d appreciate it :)
  16. C

    Hello from NC!

    Hi All! I’m Pete, 35 yo from NC. I’m your top avg guy (6.5’’) that loves to meet with masc bottoms with a small/xsmall/micro penis (e.g 5’’ and under). I’m not really into sph more like into appreciation, it’s something that really turns me on. So if you’re in that range just hit me up!
  17. T

    Found this hot guy...6 7 Venezuelano

    Found this hot guy. He is Venezuelan and 6 7. He just opened an onlyfans, and it is hot. Onlyfans: OnlyFans Twitter: https://twitter.com/BGeorge45
  18. Kaiowolch


  19. W


    OnlyFans https://mobile.twitter.com/mattyhungg
  20. T

    Photo Anyone Identify This Hot Bareback GIF?

    Anyone know the source/studio/people to this hot bareback gif? Dying to know who they are
  21. J

    Photo Ryan Tift

    Thought I’d start a thread on him. Suprised there isn’t one already. He’s so sexy.
  22. Nick2928299

    Please Help me ID this Man

  23. randybutternubs001

    OF @alexalexdy

    He is @alexalexdy at instagram, and he is so hot
  24. C

    Celeb Bulge, Ass, And Fantasies. Let’s Share With Eachother

    Idk if maybe there’s already something like this on here, but I wish I had like a thread where we share our favorite celeb content. I don’t know anybody that loves male celeb photos like I do. Lets talk about who we’d fuck and suck
  25. H

    Pale Ass And Tan Lines

    I’ve been obsessed with pale asses lately!! Be free to share anything you have collected or have taken!! I’d love to hear stories too!
  26. H

    Snapchat Adds

    Hey i’m looking for people that don’t mind sending ass pics, can have a nice chat, aren’t pushy, and overall are here for a good time. I am tall,hung, toned, and verse. I have Abs and 8.5 in cock with a nice ass! @jeffdal21 add me, on now!
  27. H

    New Snapchat Thread

    I’ve been struggling to find recent threads with people who want to chat and trade on snapchat. i’m making one here. Looking to make some group chats too. 20 m, hung, 8 1/2 in. jeff_dal2021
  28. H

    Michael Sanzone (tik Tok)

    Michael is in the hype house and is there very hot. please attach anything you find.
  29. H

    Snapchat Connections

    I’m looking for people to talk to on snapchat. I’m 18 yr old black male with a 8in dick. My snap is jeff_dal feel free to add me!!
  30. Rechoque

    Hey All, Dutch Guy Living In London

    Hey everyone, thought I’d introduce myself here since this seems to be the right place. I’m a Dutch gay guy living in London. Totally vers but tend to end up being top more often, massively into mutual jerk offs. I’ve attached some pics of myself that I hope you all like. Hit me up in...