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  1. KatrielCam

    You want a hot, morbid and erotic cam show, come play with me!

  2. K

    Identify this person

    Does anyone have more information on him?
  3. M

    Any pictures of men accidentally showing their asshole?

    There are a lot of pictures with guys accidentally showing their cock. Does anyone have pictures or videos of men accidentally showing their asshole?
  4. B

    Who is this twitter guy?

    Who is this twitter guy? Can’t find this guy anywhere!
  5. B

    Think with hot asshole

    Seems like nobody knows this guy… any ideas?
  6. Asshole of Norbert Kempe from Germany

    Asshole of Norbert Kempe from Germany

    This is my asshole. It is useable for your tails and tongues. Various items can also be introduced. You can squirt whatever you want when you fuck. You can also present with it and expose me,it if you want.
  7. voyeurfan


    *new* romanian muscle guy on the videochat scene , he broadcasts on chaturbate and I am all for his ass & hole cose they look delicious. Do you guys have anything on him ? I'll post mines so far.
  8. B

    Does anyone have nudes of Javier Hernández?

    Does anyone have nudes of Javier Hernández?
  9. C

    Video Can anyone identify this guy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. B

    Who Is This? Help Identify

    Who is this?
  11. M

    Video Looking For The Full Movie

    Video: Facesitting Rimming Orgy - ThisVid.com Found this posted on twitter, but the original post got deleted. Tried some reverse image search trying to find the full movie but no result yet.. Only a longer cut on this site I am sharing. Hopefully someone knows or owns the full movie and will...
  12. JhonnyBeGood

    Photos & Videos Gg - Gatos Gringos

    Topico para brazucas & portugueses compartilharem material hot sobre gringos. O objectivo da thread trocar ideias sobre produtores de conteudo, descobrir novos caras gostosos, compartilhar porno gay, etc que nao possa ser postado no topico "Twitter Gay- Brazilians" O idioma principal é o...
  13. H

    Photos & Videos Nude Brazilian Babes

    Hi again folks. After creating and posting the most hottest babes from the Geek universe, I'll decide to go real this time, and I mean real women. Since the Latinas are the most desired women of the planet, because of their spetacular bodyshape like large hips, thick thighs and of course, big...
  14. B

    Do You Guys Shave Your Ass?

    Hey all so recently I got this razorless cream shave and I wanted to know if anybody had any prior experience with using this on their ass. im not really hairy down there I just wanted my hole to be smooth without the process of using a razor and shaving cream… plus the reach around to actually...
  15. Chris Levin

    Video Does Someone Know Who This Is?

    Does someone know who this cam guy is? His butt is so fucking nice, I need to see more.
  16. fulanudetal

    Photos & Videos Link A Male Pornstar Or Model Ass And His Id In This Thread

    alex legend:
  17. tdotpiper

    Back After Deleting My Previous Profile! Show Me Some Love Please!

    Hello, I’m back on here after much debating whether or not I should join. I know I received a lot of love the last time and I’m just trying to expand my audience. If your feeling frisky feel free to give my social media’s a follow. Will definitely be posting more, go check out my album...
  18. geofinn

    Send The Guy Above You A Pic Of Your Ass

    Inspired by the popular "Send The Guy Above You A Pic of Your Dick" Thread **** Take the pic of you in DOGGY position, with your ass facing the camera... and send the pic to the guy above you. Comment "done" so we can keep it going. As a gift, I'll also send mine to the first 5 people.
  19. J

    Photo Straight Guys Showing It Off

    Post the pic of your body part that you are proud off and not shy of, and willing to show off to anyone, literally to anyone and even anywhere. NO limits, you can post every single part of your body if you really feel confident about them.
  20. Archiluca

    Horny Tops For My Power Bottom Bff

    Hi guys. I would create a Thread or Chat Group of horny Tops for my slutty best friend and his yummy bubble butt. He is @thesluttyboy and this is his big hungry ass: 4440611 4490761 4433481 who wants to participate?
  21. Blades25

    My Partner's Loose Anus: I Feel Nothing!

    Hello everybody, I would like to talk about a problem I have always experienced with my partner. I myself am not very endowed, I'd say smaller than average on the girth side. In the first 10 minutes of anal sex (with him being the bottom), I feel his anus, it is nice and tight. But after a...
  22. 1

    Anal Bleaching

    Hi guys, Anyone used a successful anal bleaching home product? I’ve done a few google searches but there are so many products & mixed reviews. I’d love some recommendations from people that have used them. Before and after pics would be awesome too I’m based Dublin Ireland so if here are...
  23. A

    Photo Find The Video Of This Screenshot Of Straight Bolnde Guy Showing His Hole?

    This is a twitter find, anyone has the video of this guy spreading his ass
  24. M

    Any Celebs Shown Actual Asshole Or Cumshots?

    Whether through leaked videos or whatever, have Any celebs shown their hole or a cumshot before? Most celebs only have Dick pics leak
  25. A

    Video #runningbuttholechallenge Of Guys

    Please post #runningbuttholechallenge videos and images on this thread
  26. S

    How do you do a good rim job?

    Give me your tips and suggestions
  27. S

    Showing off my slutty ass.

    Just a kinky gay slave who loves to wear panties and show off his ass for other people to see.
  28. 1

    Skype bottom boy!

    20 yr old bottom boy twink wear panties an show all on cam looking for hung daddies! I'm on skype an wanna play john.wriht
  29. Seeker1423

    Photo Assholes you could eat

    Assholes You Could Eat
  30. daniel_mamifera

    Photo Guys from snapchat