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  1. F

    Cruising in Athens, Greece

    Hey guys, do you know active cruising spots in Athens, Greece? I am willing to try many of them, put preferably start with the guaranteed ones !
  2. L

    Visiting Greece (athens Area)

    Hey guys, I’ll be in Athens, (staying close to the airport, but I’ll be renting a car) for a couple of weeks starting 20th June. It’d be good to meet some guys for some fun. Chubby bottom here.
  3. southlander

    Athens, Greece

    Feed for guys in and around Athens to connect and make contacts. New LPSG group: https://www.lpsg.com/groups/athens-lpsg.7861/group
  4. southlander

    New Group: Athens / Greece

    New LPSG group for guys based in and around Athens / Greece to connect: https://www.lpsg.com/groups/athens-lpsg.7861/group
  5. C

    Spyros Rennt

    anyone that has any photos of Berlin/Athens based spyros rennt? spyressence @ instagram