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  1. ausdom

    Sponsor available Sydney

    Former physique photographer is after a couple of young men to encourage, sponsor and mentor to achieve their fitness, bodybuilding, sports goals. I'm based in inner city Sydney, but travel to Asia and US when possible. You'll need to be driven, have goals and determination to succeed. If so...
  2. G

    Tyler Downs

    Thought I’d start a thread for this hottie diver as I haven’t seen one yet.
  3. M

    Ricardinho Chahini (@ricardochahini on Instagram)

    Allow me to introduce you all to this beautiful freestyle footballer.
  4. J

    Male Gymnasts

    Love these guys!! Jay Thompson Evgeny Siminiuc
  5. kifabo

    Ski jumpers

    I noticed that there are so many hot ski jumpers so I wanna start this thread. Some of my favs are Schlierenzauer, Schmid, Lindvik, Cene Prevc, Wellinger, Kraft, ...
  6. D

    Ward Lemmelijn

    He's a famous rower from Belgium, fit as fuck. He recently became world-champion of indoor rowing. If anyone's finds any good pics, put them here, guys.
  7. B

    Photos & Videos College And Olympic Wrestlers

    Any college/olympic wrestler fans out there?
  8. C

    Seeking Horsehung Athletes To Worship

    I enjoy kneeling before an exceptionally well-hung athlete who is quite pride, even boastful of his enormous member, and invites those like me who like to kneel and show their respect and admiration.
  9. J

    Favorite Group Shots

    A thread to share some of your favorite group nude shots of hot men!
  10. H

    Hockey/jock Bros

    Hey. 26 year old hockey jock looking for other athletic guys that play sports for some locker room talk. Would love a regular guy to chat with and get some of that locker room talk back since covid ruined my season. In wi if it matters!
  11. N

    Duke Basketball

    People love to hate on Duke but they consistently get some hot dudes: Grayson Allen Joey Baker Joey Baker & Brennan Besser Brennan Besser Alex O'Connell
  12. P

    [the 18-24 Ebony Celebrity Thread] Young Athletes, Singers/rappers, Actors, Ig Stars, And Youtubers

    ChristopherBrown made a solid point in respecting the age differences on here this thread will be for young people for the lusting of young people. Problem solved
  13. jockfinder

    Who Likes #athletesasart?

    Hey, guys. Check out this instagram page. CorpJock We're considering an OnlyFans page. We showcase #AthletesAsART, mainly and we have content to showcase that is not blatantly pornographic but is too explicit or erotic for Instagram. The inspiration is the glory days of fashion editorials of...