1. F

    Links Girth Worship - Women who can't stop dirty talking about Fat Cocks (Audio or Vid)

    Hello fellow lpsg-er's. I'm looking for content related to fat cock worshiping from women (not long, not exactly big, but fat specifically). I wanted to make this post as I noticed the scarcity that exists of content made explicit to this theme, and would love for there to be a place to bring it...
  2. J

    Links sexaudio

    Im just trying to figure out why theres no true sex audio/asmr threads on here? Does no else find the sounds of sex erotic and hot af and enjoy listening? Here goes real personal audio of me (a guy) getting pounded by a hot muscular guy with a nice face and broad chin kind of a Chad type lol...
  3. A

    Verbal Dirty Talk

    Mostly Male Solo's
  4. S

    Help ID Twitter Audio Porn

    Ok, so I came across this twitter user who do audio porn and sometimes tweets of him singing various songs (face not shown). I think he's either indonesian/malaysian base on a screenshot he tweeted. I made a huge mistake of not following him or liking his tweets while in incognito mode and now I...
  5. Alejandro_megas

    The M4M Audio porn content creation and communities (also hosting/reposting services)

    Let me just give you the TL;DR This is what the Gay Audio Porn is and it's formats/presentations, approaches, and the different repositories/social media where there are active VA or communities. NSFW roleplay is the Porn equivalent OK, I've join the GWAG (gone wild: Audio gay edition...
  6. C

    Str8 Snap Audio Chat Group

    Anyone else into chatting with another bro while watching porn? Or sharing your hottest hookup stories with your friends? Pics and videos are cool too, but I love hearing what’s going on in another guys mind while we both get ourselves off. Brings me back to college. Hit me up or share your snap...
  7. L

    Gay Audio-only Erotica?

    Does anyone know of any audio-only erotica? Sometimes I'd like to be able to lay down in a darkened room with my earphones in, and listen to some explicit story telling or recounting of horny experiences.
  8. Londo006

    Audiophiles M4m

    Well done audio files are fucking hot and but good ones are hard to find. Starting a thread for anyone who wants to share some favorites Breeding your ass by TryingYouOut. Damn near perfect
  9. Erik_Jones

    Skype(audio only) 'phone sex'

    Next to camming with a guy/girl/trans, love to be on the 'phone' with one. Not looking to trade Phone Numbers, just curious to see if anyone would be up for some 'phone sex' via Skype(again, not cam, just audio) Yes, I know cam is better, but I like both. Pm me or post your skype name here if...
  10. Erik_Jones

    Skype-audio(phone sex)

    Working with what I got, and what I got is data that never makes it through the month. Still if I cant cam, I love the idea of getting on audio with another person and have basically phone sex. Any takers?