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  1. 7

    Jordan Trevino ( j23breezy on TikTok)

    I know someone has to have some of him. let’s share it. He’s so sexy…
  2. B

    Austin Wallace @_austin_wallace_

    Just created an OnlyFans. Anyone get any of the PPV he put out already or is anyone interested in making a pool to get some of the content?
  3. N

    @_austin.cole / @austintw_tter03

    Does anyone have content from austin cole? Muscular teen with the best muscles in the scene. He’s insane. Recently back on twitter Tiktok: _austin.cole Instagram: atc_aesthetics Twitter: austintw_tter03 it seems that he has videos where he talks dominant and stuff. He does findom too i think...
  4. B

    Houston Circle Jerk

    We are a group of professional guys looking for more jerk buds in the Houston area. We meet 1-1 or in small groups. We have a private Kik group where we all chat. Looking for straight or bi guys only that are hwp and only looking to stroke with others. No drugs or drama and must have kik. If you...
  5. Nermac123

    Acl 2018

    wondering if anyone on here will be attending Austin City Limits 2018 this year?! Im trying to look for fun in Austin lol
  6. TCDB

    Any hung jerk buds in austin, tx?

    Looking for other hung guys into long edged out jerk/bate sessions. Hit me up. KIK: justfuntimes8
  7. M

    Austin, tx gyms

    Anyone in the Austin, TX area know of any good workout places (a gym, athletic club, etc.) where people aren’t freaking out on nudity or doing the towel dance. Was hoping to find somewhere with a naked whirlpool and guys aren’t afraid and are liberal with nudity in locker room. Couldn’t hurt...
  8. 1

    Austin percario

    Does anyone have anything on the cute American Idol alum and Citizen Four member? I know he’s gay, or at least into guys.
  9. TCDB

    Looking for austin, tx area jerk buds...

    Anyone into edged up bate sessions? Hit me up.