1. T

    Hello :)

    Hey thought it was time to post some pics after seeing yours :) Thick/uncut daddy from Australia and enjoy talking to guys all over the world. I'm pretty open minded and a pretty dirty imagination but I'm not out Bonus points if you're into public :)
  2. W


    Hi there Recently just discovered this hottie on twitter. He‘s hot af. He seems to have a „bodybuilder bf“ according to one of his post on twitter. Do you recognize him? Any private IG? Thanks guys https://mobile.twitter.com/aussiethongbro
  3. B

    which city is suitable for asian gay in Australia?

    im from southeast asia had a plan to take master degree in Australia, but as a gay/bi asian men which city is safer or preferable or is there any up and down between the cities? my personaility : very introvert but if i have a close friend i comfortable with, i like to go to club, party, drunk...
  4. BlankSpaceFuck

    Braden - All Australian Boys

    Braden did a show in All Australian Boys where he was getting sucked. He's really hot. Can someone find his video?