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  1. felix_nz

    Jim Thornton (bodybuilder)

    Australian bodybuilder & model
  2. T

    David Warner

    Australian cricketer David Warner is one the best looking sportsman in the industry. He seems to like to go shirtless often, which is to our benefit. Is there any more occasions that he's gone shirtless, or even naked? (here's hoping)
  3. U

    Paul De Gelder

    Anyone have anything on Aussie Shark Attack survivor and major hottie Paul De Gelder? these are old(er) pics - he's much larger atm and spends most of his time travelling advocating for sharks.
  4. ft5777

    The Kokk (Thanasi Kokkinakis)

    Hey everyone As suggested in the tennis thread, here is a thread dedicated to Australian hunk tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis, a.k.a. The Kokk. I’ll start with some pics of him that I like. Don’t hesitate to share other pics of him.
  5. H

    Andy Davie @andydavie - InstaModel

    Anybody got anything on this Aussie model? (@andydavie instagram)
  6. D

    Sean James Murphy

    Aussie ginger hunk from 'Danger 5'
  7. ItsMeGabriel

    The Amazing Race Australia

    There's nothing sexy about this thread. I'm just wondering if the latest season is available to purchase anywhere, or if there's somewhere online where I can watch it for free. My VPN doesn't work with the official site.
  8. C

    Medicalquackery - hot asian Australian tiktoker

    He's got over a 1m followers on Tiktok and is also a twitch streamer. Posts about being a student doctor in med school. He's also bi according to his TikTok.
  9. L

    Australian Bratwurst in Munich

    NOTE: this is a long story, in two parts… I had a big night in Venice. No big deal, a few “Hangover” style photos in place of memories, a drunken make-out session in a Fountain, and a night of spewing. I survived the bus ride the next day, but only barely, and safe to say, the idea of another...
  10. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  11. B


    Really cute and hot Australian twink with a huge cock and ripped body OF: OnlyFans Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnny_dt7 Anyone subscribed know if he’s worth the sub The pics and vid are from his twitter
  12. K

    ID this hot man!!

    I believe he’s Australian. Is there already a thread?
  13. bighole.com.au

    Video Aussie Only Fans

    Just wondering if anyone can suggest and hot Aussie Guys that have an Only Fans Account? One of my favourites is a guy couple from Brisbane with the username JoshyAndLocky
  14. Jarec Abate

    Photo Jake Gatehouse (JJAKEGATEHOUEOF)

    Anyone subbed to his Onlyfans or have anything on the guy?
  15. L

    Tombe Harvey / Tom Harvey

    An australian stripper that is not afraid to show his body.
  16. matteo214

    G'day, 24m Aussie/Italian OF

    Hey fellas, my name's Matteo I'm 24, aussie/italian & straight. love to chat to anyone though so flick me a message! i have insta - @214matteo & twitter - @matteo_214 ... both of which have my spicy link in bio hahaha I do custom vids, pics & sell worn jocks and socks if youre keen! DM me...
  17. matteo214

    Gday from Australia, 24m straight

    G'day guys my name is Matteo, I'm 24 and from Australia. I'm straight, but completely accepting of everyone and love everyone for who they are. Will strike up a chat with anyone, so don't be afraid to say g'day! I work long, and odd hours, so please don't be offended if I don't reply right...
  18. J

    Diesel Backman from Magic men Australia

    Does anyone have any info or nudes of Diesel Backman from Magic Men Australia? Not only he’s so sexy and well hung (allegedly) but also super down to earth and funny. IG: Diesel_backman
  19. D

    Keiynan Lonsdale

    Keiynan Lonsdale is an Australian actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. He seem dirty and adventurous ;p
  20. G

    Tradieaus1 Twitter

    Can anyone provide info on this man? He is an Adonis. https://twitter.com/TradieAus1?t=XM3azTeT_55bPd2P7O8AoA&s=09
  21. C

    Inkedmuscleboy - Onlyfans

    Does anyone happen to have any content of his? Twitter: @inkedmuscleboy Onlyfans: @inkedmuscleboy
  22. H

    John Pearce (justice Crew)

    Does anyone have anything on him. He's super cute and is an absolute icon. Can't believe he's gonna be in the Wiggles.
  23. C

    Photo Jimmy Nicholson - The Bachelor Australia

    The new Bachelor in Australia- he’s a pilot, uncut and has a nice bulge
  24. t.aago1123

    Lime Cordiale

    does anyone got anything on them?? their name are louis and oliver, from this australian band Lime Cordiale, they r kinda hot
  25. D

    Photos & Videos Dylann Rasmussen

  26. S

    King Kallas Aussie Onlyfans

    He’s new to only fans but posts full length sex tapes unlike all the rest who post short videos and charge too much. He’s a hot as fuck Aussie and actually interacts with his fans too. OnlyFans
  27. S

    King Kallas

    He’s new to only fans but posts full length sex tapes unlike all the rest who post short videos and charge too much. He’s a hot as fuck Aussie and actually interacts with his fans too. OnlyFans
  28. S

    @ndrew Hr1st0 - Australian Fitness/businessman On Instagram

    @=A, 1=i, 0=o Pretty sure he's straight so does anyone wanna try and bait him for nudes? He's so hot, he's the outgoing partying kind of guy. I saved so many screenshots of him. His body is amazing, can only imagine what his dick is like hard :yum:heart_eyes:
  29. G

    Bevan Taylor - Australian Hottie

  30. J

    Anything On David Horwitz( Rugby Player)