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  1. H


    Hot Twitch streamer from Australia, anyone have anything? Heard he’s hung
  2. Jstock99

    Straight 25 Aussie

    Heyya. Straight (but kinda curious) 25 yo Aussie looking to chat to others in a similar situation. Got a gf and footy mates but they wouldn’t understand what I’m going through haha Any Aussies out there in the same boat?
  3. J

    Thunder From Down Under

    Does anyone have hot pics or videos of them? Do you know if any of them are gay? Here are some of my faves (old and current)
  4. 3

    Photo Hirschy87 on Instagram

    Hey there, I just found an absolutely stunning Australian hunk on IG, he reminds me a little bit of Teddy Bear with his fur and quite honestly, I’m surprised he doesn’t have a thread yet. Does anybody know if he has any nudes out? I didn’t find Twitter or OF either. He has something for...
  5. Hoe4Draco

    Ari Williams - Australian Model

    Hi, I’ve discovered this gorgeous young Aussie model named Ari, hoping there’s more out there on him!! his insta is - arilwilliams
  6. FarFromHere

    Jake Vella - Big Brother Australia 2023

    Thread for Jake Vella - Big Brother contestant (Australia, 2023) Instagram TikTok
  7. N

    Aussie mates?

    Calling all aussies, Sydney based guy here. Any single blokes or couples around Sydney keen to organise some social outings? Drinking, dancing, partying, gyming etc? Have bit of fun, let loose, and see where the day takes us. Shoot through a message or try me on kik (ausbiboy) and maybe we...
  8. L


    Really hot Muscular Aussie lad new to onlyfans, posted some great content so far, hopefully he starts posting more if he gets more followings Twitter https://twitter.com/thatbl0ndeboyx Onlyfans onlyfans.com/thatbl0ndeboyx
  9. Mimi Tofu

    Magic Men Australia

    Strippers from Australia Login • Instagram OnlyFans
  10. M

    Dipped in Dopamine/Leo Kade

    Does anyone have anything on this sexy short king? He is a small Youtuber from down under that makes short skits and streams on games like Phasmophobia/The Forest.
  11. S

    Michael Anthrak Aussie pianist

    Anyone got anything on gorgeous and funny Aussie pianist Michael Anthrak? He often gives off gay gives but that could just be because he's "artsy" being a pianist. Or just posh vibes which often get misinterpreted as gay.
  12. S

    Anyone from Syd Aus?

    Asian aussie keen to serve
  13. D

    Charlie Albone

    Australian/English Landscape gardener best know for presenting on Selling Houses Australia and Better Homes and Gardens. Currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 Apparently he did a Cleo centrefold back in the day but I can't find it.
  14. C

    Ivan Krslovic - Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise

  15. Hoe4Draco

    Locke Rowland

    How is there not a thread already?? Anyway…. Anything on this insanely handsome Aussie hunk? Login • Instagram Locke (@locknoe) | TikTok
  16. Hoe4Draco

    Jacob Cummings

    Anyone got anything juicy on this Australian/NZ hunk? Login • Instagram
  17. undercurrent


    Anyone got anything on hot blonde Sydney Aussie Jordan Levoux? He's super hot. Straight. Goes by cowboyjordan_ and loves a midrift. A lot of these pics are from thePerfectMan magazine. Killer bod.
  18. B

    We Got The Chocolates Podcast

    Australian Podcasters
  19. M


    Anyone have anything on this guy? He started an onlyfans recently, but no full frontals so far!
  20. G

    Id this Australian hot guy

    Hi there, Can anyone Id this Australian man? He was on Twitter a few years ago (that’s where I got these photos from) but I can’t remember his name (it might have started with a j?). He was half Australian, half Spanish. Thanks for the help!
  21. A

    ID this Aussie with a big dick

    Just wondering if anyone knows who this hot Australian guy with a big dick is? Found this vid circulating on Twitter ages ago and was wondering if anyone knows him or if he has Onlyfans or something haha! The vid starts about 4 seconds in (sorry for the delay lol) The twitter account I recorded...
  22. M

    Photos & Videos kyanlm

    model and tiktoker
  23. C

    Walt Collins (Aus)

    Anyone have anything on Walt Collins? He's a TV presenter down under. Meaty, gorgeous man! Login • Instagram
  24. B

    Photos & Videos Harry Garside

    Harry’s just a hot Aussie boxer who’s not afraid of showing off
  25. DefyYourWorld

    Jesse Spencer

    This Australian hunk was hiding all this under those scrubs on House M.D. Thankfully, Chicago Fire knew how to better use his assets.
  26. R

    Cameron Caulfield

  27. C

    Alex Ruygrok

    I thought since he hasn’t got a thread yet, might as well.
  28. Scrtstsh

    Any pics of this stud?

    Anyone have anything on this stud? His name is Romel Cuadra and he's pretty popular on TikTok! There's gotta be something out there haha.
  29. S

    Mason Hyce Barnes (Surfer & Model)

    i think we are long overdue for this australian surfer/model hunk. he’s good friends with miley cyrus and cody simpson. broke some surfing records and is featured in the “endless summer vacation” promo materials for miley’s new album (looking hotter than ever i must say.)
  30. Hoe4Draco

    Kobey Pinnell

    Anyone got anything of Kobey? He’s stunning, Australian and although he comes in a small package… (dwarfism) I’ve heard he’s quite the grower.… TikTok - pinnell.winnell Insta - kobeyy.1 SC - kobeypinnell