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  1. R

    twinkinaustria OF

    Hi all!! I just want to know if anyone has downloaded this hot 18 year old twink boy from Austria? his OF name is twink-in-austria and here his twitter https://twitter.com/twinkinaustria OnlyFans he's very cute but his prices are so expensive lmao but it would be nice if anyone has downloaded...
  2. O

    Hot austrian television-scientist

    Martin Moder is an Austrian newcomer - he is a scientist and is also on TV where he explains science to the audience with humour. His body is gorgeous What do you think?
  3. G

    Austrian Celebs (Actors, Singers, hot guys,…)

    Because my Country has some nice looking men as well. From Vienna to Salzburg, Graz to Tyrol,… Marcel Hirscher (Ski Alpin) Felix Neureuther (Ski Alpin)
  4. H

    Biggest dick in Tirol

    I‘m searching for the biggest, most massive dicked men in Austria, particularly Tirol/Tyrol. By big I mean at least 20cm in length with a nice girth. Feel free to post a pic in this thread if it applies to you. (May also be from Bavaria/ Alto Adige)
  5. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  6. D

    Meet Up In Vienna / Wien

    Hi guys! Anyone up to meet in Vienna, Wien, Austria? Would love to meet some fellow guys here, for a drink or a deepthroat session, it’s up to you. Looking forward to new friends and adventures!
  7. Leghunter

    Leghunter’s Fucking Adventures Around The World.

    These are my chronicles of fucking girls around the world. From Australia to Europe, across the Middle East to Asia, each adventure is unique and memorable. My first adventure starts in Salzburg Austria. (1). Back in 2008 I did a two weeks self driving tour of Austria. One of the places I...
  8. L

    Ivo Buchta

    This model from Austria is so handsome.. anyone has his nudes?
  9. S

    Photo Michael perdacher

    Anyone have anything from this sexy Austrian guy??? Michael Perdacher (@michael_perdacher) • Instagram photos and videos
  10. R

    Dino wohltan

    Have you got anything on this guy? The name is Andreas Valentino Wohltan and he is an Austrian model. Not too famous but worth a shot.
  11. PoetMalaki

    Florian maček - austrian model

    I am not sure to what extent we will see about him but for sure we will see him shirtless and in undies with his bubbling modelling career. He is new and maybe he will be as bold and daring in the near future.