1. H

    Photo Tolga (__tolga_)

    I’ve been waiting so long for him to make an OnlyFans or something, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. He’s got the perfect body. Instagram @__tolga_
  2. P

    Julien_brueske @ insta

    Austrian Bodybuilder
  3. B

    Felix Stundner (@stundinga.esthetics)

    Austrian Oak, 18 years old, anything on him?
  4. W

    David Unterleitner

    I think he deserves a thread likehis brother Paul Instagram
  5. msriffraff

    Miguel Pedro dal Piaz - Euro gogo

    Recently discovered this hunk and am curious if anyone has anything more on him! I believe he's Austrian and has competed in Mr. Gay titles in Europe (despite his Spanish name). More please!!!
  6. Z

    flix_penzi (Austrian Instagram blogger)

    Felix is currently 22 years old, bi and from Vienna Here is his Instagram Maybe someone talked to him on Tinder or Grindr and got some nice pics
  7. L

    Austria Boys On IG, Twitter And OF

    A place to share the accounts and photos of hunks from Austria.
  8. C

    Paul Friedrich Koller

    Thought I'd make a thread on this guy: He's a football player (soccer) currently living in Austria.
  9. VicViper88

    Sigi Fink (Austrian radio/TV host and hunk)

    Sigi Fink Instagram
  10. S

    Austrian Instagramer

    Hey is there maybe something of benjamin.hlm (instagram) :)
  11. P

    jizzeschristx or timothee tobs

    He has OF now and is so hot, does anyone have pics or vids? OnlyFans
  12. M

    A und C

    Anything on these two?
  13. G

    Austrian Celebs (Actors, Singers, hot guys,…)

    Because my Country has some nice looking men as well. From Vienna to Salzburg, Graz to Tyrol,… Marcel Hirscher (Ski Alpin) Felix Neureuther (Ski Alpin)
  14. pittstopp

    Philipp Rafetseder - Austrian Singer

  15. Y

    Maximilian Schneeberger

    Login • Instagram Stunning model from Austria (aka Max Nixberg)
  16. M

    Photos & Videos Bruhitzalex (austrian Influencer)

    Anything of him?
  17. M

    Alexander Kumptner

    Alexander Kumptner (Born June 3, 1983 in Vienna) is an Austrian chef and a member of the jury of the german edition of The Taste.
  18. P

    Mr.okn Okan Arslan Insta Model

    Anything on him?
  19. D

    Austrian Bodybuilder Lucas Knehs -
  20. R

    Dino wohltan

    Have you got anything on this guy? The name is Andreas Valentino Wohltan and he is an Austrian model. Not too famous but worth a shot.