1. D

    Oobah Butler

    Since there's no thread about Oobah Butler, here's one! I find him extremely cute and handsome, and would love to see more of his body :P
  2. H

    Iñigo Aguas @inigoaguas

    Iñigo aguas es un modelo y escritor de Pamplona. Ha escrito un poemario y una biología con temática erotica gay. También sale en el videoclip de Los cuerpos de Anna Linares.
  3. DiomedesXVI

    Pierce Brown, Author Of Red Rising Series

    I know this is probably unlikely, as he’s perhaps a bit niche, but has anyone seen anything or knows anything of author Pierce Brown? He’s author to the popular sci-fi series Red Rising. And he’s offensively attractive! And, if you’re into sci-fi, give his books a read, they’re amazing!
  4. Brxmmxe2598

    Connor Franta (youtuber & Author)

    Connor posted these beautiful images to Instagram and Twitter 8 hours ago...