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  1. K

    Who is this baitbus guy?

    I stumbled on this baitbus guy a couple years ago and I only have a couple screenshots. I was wondering if anyone knew his identity
  2. B

    Video Juan From “robert & Juan Baitbus Episode

    Hi guys, I have spent years trying to find out any information about Juan the hot straight top that fucked Robert bareback on a baitbus video. Can anyone please help me??
  3. K

    Bait Bus Guys Identity

    Soooo i just stumbled upon a bait bus ad and i really wanna look for the models in d gif. Does any1 know who they r?
  4. J

    Does Anyone Know The Actors Or Scene?

    https://images.cn77nd.com/tour/default/mobile/big/tbb_c13.jpg. I know it’s baitbus but cannot seem to find the scene? If anyone one knows I’d appreciate it! Thanks!