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  1. M

    His twitter/tiktok?

    please does anyone know what are his socials? need it asap
  2. C

    Big thick boner

    OMG this is a perfect big dick! (not my dick btw) ! Look at that cockhead and balls :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Love to feel that cockhead deep inside me and i would love sniff, lick and kiss his balls :heart::heart_eyes:
  3. arnubian

    Laser hair remova

    Has anyone ever had laser hair removal done on their balls? It’s the one place I’d want permanently hairless and I’ve looked into it, but the idea also makes me nervous. Shaving’s a pain in the ass and while the hair removal creams work on my ass, for whatever reason they just don’t seem to...
  4. TheEasyA

    Unsure of Self Testicle Exam

    I’m afraid to admit that I’m well overdue for a self exam of my balls. I did one tonight after a shower and everything seems alright. But to be fair, I’ve never really done much to exam before. My testicles are normal sized and aren’t painful. They’re smooth and egg shaped. At the top of the...
  5. P

    Balls from behind

    Guys from behind inspired but where you can clearly see their balls. Best position (in my opinion) is on all fours, so you can get a great look at everything, but it just does something to me when you can see a mans ass and his balls. To me its a very vulnerable and submissive position so to...
  6. rinac-lothine

    Miro misljen - onlyfans

    his onlyfans account : onlyfans.com/mirooo anything on him ??? please ?
  7. C

    Sniffing father in law

    Has anyone else sniffed their FIL’s used briefs? I was in town visiting with my partner and decided to swipe a pair of my FIL’s briefs late one night. He has just played tennis for a couple of hours prior and they were soaked with ball and ass sweat. Found a couple of pubes too. I kept them for...
  8. Gloryhole 101: develop your skills.

    Gloryhole 101: develop your skills.

    I still remember the first cock I serviced at my personal home Gloryhole . A nice looking man in his 30’s wearing a navy blue suit. He walked into my entry area wear I set up my GH wall. Unzipped his pants, pulled out his thick cut penis from his classic boxers and stepped closer to the opening...
  9. S

    Pics on my phone

    Here is where I’ll periodically post pictures I’ve saved on mg phone from twitter, tumblr (remember the good times?), instagram, etc. Mostly, you’ll see pics of masculine men either boned up or soft. Of course, you’ll see a lot of dick…balls…butts…fur…skin..I’m fairly vanilla, so if you are...
  10. D

    anyone know who this is?

    im pretty sure he used to cam on chaturbate
  11. Misterguy5

    Three Balls (penis as third)

    Here’s maybe an odd one. Post your best pic of making your package look like just three balls. I’ll get it started to show everyone what I mean. Thoughts?
  12. H

    Any one want to chat / trade pics….

    Bi dude here horny and can’t sleep after a late night going away party… Work is going to suck….. let’s not think about that though….
  13. T

    Heavy323 onlyfans

    Wondering if anyone heard of heavy323? His dick is beautiful and big this is his onlyfans OnlyFans you guys should definitely check him out and post about him if you like
  14. A

    Averagest Penis

    Hello. I wanted to start a new thread to share average penises. While I enjoy all this site has to offer, I wanted to be able to share with my average brethren and anyone else in this space. What do you think about mine? I’ll share more if I get a response.
  15. T

    TJhog9 LPSG

  16. N

    Photos & Videos Looking for pics of nude guys wearing minimal costumes like headgear, gauntlets, wings, ears etc.

    Like if a group of nudist friends decided to throw a 'nude costume party' and they all showed up dicks out, bare-assed, but still definitely recognizable as characters. Could be wearing hats, helmets, jewelry, shoes, gloves, tails and other things like that. Also carrying stuff like weapons...
  17. Misterguy5

    Low Hanging Balls

    Always had them or became that way? Mine don’t hang at all and I’ve wondered if that will change with age. Wouldn’t mind them to hang a bit. pic of mine here so you can see 4636861
  18. S

    Your Masturbation Technique

    In preparation for the end of No Nut November, are there any techniques or hand positions you have found over the years which make jerking off extra enjoyable? This could be a different grip, playing with other parts like balls, nipples etc. I’ll definitely have to edge to try them all!
  19. B

    Photo Poppers And Cbt: Who's This?

    Seen him in a poppers training video with no comments. Does anyone know who this daddy is?
  20. Krpt

    Edmundo Perdomo

    Surprised this sexy guy doesn't have a thread yet (unless there was one and we know what happened to it :p) Sexy face, chiseled chest and an oh-so-evident VPL. Gosh, don't I wanna see the goods in all their glory! The guy sure knows how to pose and now I...
  21. R

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?? Bwc With Huge Balls

  22. C

    Big Balled Guys?

    Hey. Any natural big ballers wanna chat? Not into pumped or surgically enhanced balls. Sorry just not my thing. I also love a huge saggy sack so if you have one of those too then please message me. I’m a straight female but I don’t mind talking to anyone who’s Into the same except other women...
  23. J

    Cock And Balls Growth In Mid 20’s?

    I was on Reddit a while back and chatted with this guy who said he received major growth during his late college years. He stated he knew he was growing because his underwear started feeling tighter often and he had to start sleeping naked for comfortability. He also stated that he used to only...
  24. T

    Shaving Just Your Balls

    I used to just trim my pubes with an electric trimmer but have been thinking adding shaving my balls. Looking for opinions from guys that have tried it. What did you think? Your partner think?
  25. Perfectsix

    Tight Ball Sacs

    There are plenty of low hangers to be found on this site but surely I can’t be the only one who’s sac is often very tight, preventing my balls from hanging or even making them disappear at times! Here’s an example of how they often are. If anyone else has a tight sac let’s see it
  26. C

    Big Ballers?

    Straight female. 25 UK. looking to chat with guys with big nuts. Like really big. Natural ones only. Prefer large sacs too but happy with large gonads. Prefer uncut guys but not essential. Will chat to anyone around the world.
  27. 5

    Ball Ring For Center Of Scrotum?

    Hi all! Please forgive me if there is a better forum for this (was thinking about all the ask a ___ man forums). I am familiar with the ball rings (to stretch) but the artist Kami Tora has a few drawings of a ball ring fitted to the center of the scrotum, does anyone have experience with this...
  28. P Dubble

    Show Off Your Weighted Balls.

    I love wearing ball weights in public. Just feeling the weight swinging between my legs feels great and kind of naughty. 65377616537771653778165377316537741
  29. J

    Low Hangers Vs High Hangers

    hi everyone! what do you prefer and why? I prefer low hangers cause i think is sexy...clapping my balls into my gf's ass...
  30. C

    Single Female For Big Baller

    Hey everyone! Single female from the UK looking to meet guys with genuine natural big balls. I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember, my ex had big balls and now I’m looking for someone who’d let me play with theirs. I’m into the following. - weighing a sac before and after sex -...