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  1. Frogzzz

    Photos & Videos Testicular masturbation

    So, i have been browsing through Wikipedia commons and found this guy Uploads by Richiex - Wikimedia Commons. He is able to cum just by playing with his balls (i will link all of his "testicular masturbation" or "scrotum masturbation" videos down below). I immediately tried it myself, and it...
  2. Sorvot

    Photos & Videos Some of my pictures and videos

    I like showing off a bit and usually post in specific threads, but I wanted to post these on their own and I enjoy feedback, so don't be afraid to give some :)
  3. D

    Balls collage

    Hey guys. I talked to @lavomill and we decided to compare our balls. Here is a collage. What do you think? Be as descriptive as possible.
  4. B

    Please ID This Twink

    Anyone knows who this is? His video was posted on the "NudesBoys.com" website Link to the video: That's why I love my cousin's visit - NudesBoys
  5. N

    The BIGGEST cock competition

    In this thread you can post your cock and if it’s bigger that anyone’s there you win! I heard that 7 inches is huge, maybe there’s even bigger?))
  6. G

    Photo Игра на Выживание сериал

    Survival game is a TV series with naked scenes of beautiful actors. such as: Vladimir Verevochkin, Mikhail Kremer, Dmitry Krivosheev, Denis Kotov, Nikita Plaschevsky and others
  7. mec_horny

    Photos & Videos Mike odion (@mike.odion.posing on instagram) African Bodybuilder from Nigeria

    Fitness Influencer from Nigeria. He is hot as f
  8. M


    i know it’s not a lot to go on but fuck these things are huge. i’ve got to know who they belong to
  9. N

    Hey these are my lowhangers. My flaccid is 6 inches to show scale

    My huge lowhangers. I have a 6 inch soft just to show u scale �
  10. ShutterCock

    Guys That Are Straight But Likes Admiring Dick and Balls?

    As the title suggest, I consider myself straight. Ain't attracted to men as a whole at all but damn, I can't help but admire the ways a set of cock and balls goes together on the male physique. Perfectly formed to function as a self relieving, probing , procreation instrument. The way it looks...
  11. bigboy099

    29 M in Michigan

    Hello everyone. I’m 29, married living in Michigan. Just here to explore my kinks! Here’s a pic of my dick for everyone’s enjoyment :) dms are always open!
  12. explosionerection

    Biggest balls on LPSG

    Post photos of the BIGGSET balls on LPSG. No medium, just HUGE.
  13. geodio

    Natural (hairy) or trimmed?

    Hi everyone! I am new here and I would kindly like your opinion on what you prefer/think looks better on me, a natural bush or trimmed? Please keep in mind that, by nature I have quite a hairy body so I would like the appearance down there to be coherent with the rest of the body, whichever the...
  14. Juujuubeannnnn


    This Thread is dedicated and For Men of all Races,Ethnicities and Nationalities. Black,White,Asian,etc everything and everybody.
  15. P

    Ability to move balls

    Hey guys- I’m wondering if anyone knows what this movement or reflex is called (technically or colloquially). I’ve seen some guys be able to do it where they essentially can pull their balls up. I want to know what it’s called and why I can’t do it lol. It’s not kegels (I think). I can...
  16. RomanDampe

    Photo Rate my body please! [22 Male]

  17. D

    Do you have to pull your balls up from between your legs when you sit down?

    I always/almost always have to get my balls out from between my legs. By the way, I could go for some tea bagging right now. Following up with a blow job would be nice, too.
  18. B

    Video ID: Raunchy Bastards Videos / Or Actors Names.

    Can someone ID the people in these 2 pictures? From Raunchy Bastards. (Sorry if the pics are a little bad)
  19. B

    Video ID: Raunchy Bastards Videos / Or Actors names.

    Can someone ID the people in these 2 pictures? From Raunchy Bastards. (Sorry if the pics are a little bad)
  20. bigboaster

    Any guys who are huge lovers of balls?

    Yeah I have a HUGE fixation and attraction to balls. Maybe even more than dick sometimes depending on the guy. Lol Love the look of some massive low hangers between a guys' legs. Love to sniff lick and fondle them whenever I get the chance. One of my past hookups couldn't get over how much I...
  21. C

    What does this mean. Wife said some strange things to me when we got married and had sex.

    When my wife and I first got married, my wife commented for some reason on my ball size. We were fore playing and she was giving me a hand job when I told her to touch my balls. She touched them and said. "Are you sure you have two balls" "I said yes one here and one there I pointed out to her"...
  22. P

    Help me find the right ball support

    I usually wear trunks/boxer briefs, whatever they're called. I've always had the problem of my low hangers slipping out the leg holes and leaving a noticeable bulge in my thigh. Is there similar underwear that can help me avoid this issue? It's really uncomfortable and embarrassing. Someone...
  23. D

    Do you consider your balls big or small. What size are they compared to other men.

    Do you consider yourself big balled or small balled. How do you compare your ball size to other men. What size is each of your balls. Please be truthful with your answers so other men know how they compare.
  24. muskyyy


  25. Y

    Just the balls out

    I need your help. Please post pictures of guys with just their balls out. This can be a group of guys or solo. Here are some examples.
  26. G

    Full Balls

    First time thread. Hope you enjoy my horny ass, cock and full balls at my profile page. Feel free to tell me what you would do with them or have them do.
  27. W

    Photos & Videos Jack jerkum

    This guy is my favorite verbal solo content creator he was daddygoodstrokes and Jackjerkems previously JackJerkum's Porn Videos | Pornhub OnlyFans
  28. explosionerection

    Big softies with lowhangers

    If you got a big soft dick with low hanging big balls please bless us all with pictures. No semis, completely soft.
  29. P

    Who is this

    I know he used to be a gay4pay actor and is now retired
  30. 2nd Month (almost) (June 2023, 11 - 27)

    2nd Month (almost) (June 2023, 11 - 27)

    I've been pumping for almost two months now, and I think the results are clearly visible. These past few weeks I've had very little time to enjoy myself, in fact I've only pumped once a week! I bought a new tube to pump the balls too, in fact the one I got a few weeks ago, 3in wide, was...