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  1. KihelHeim

    Let Your Sack Hang Low For Your Lady This Winter Season!

    So I'm by no means an expert on anything, I simply enjoy sharing my experience, and learning tips and techs from others. Still learning where on what board to post so please bear with me. Heres to the guys who's lady loves a fat sack slapping they poon when they smash it!! So winter is among us...
  2. P

    Cockrings and ball tying and ball stretching

    Hello is anyone Interested in cockrings and tying up there balls and cock would one of you be willing to teach me how to safely? This can become a whole Cock Bondage and Ball Stretching Group Does anyone Pump there balls? Or has had silicone even though I would not do silicone I am fascinated...
  3. D

    Scrotum and cock rings

    Who loves the look and feel of rings