1. Blondiedk

    How To Use An Iphone...or Not?

    Hi guys, This is really funny, have any used Iphone for measuring? Before You Measure Your Penis with the iPhone’s New Ruler Tool, Know This Love to see pics.
  2. G

    Photos & Videos Tyler Who? [id]

    Hey guys. I got this file with some pictures and videos from this guy, but there is no information and I want to know if he has new content. Can you help me id him?
  3. datbroccoliandbooty

    Deepthroating Fruits & Veggies

    I have been in the mood lately to try and learn how to really give good deep throat blowjobs. I wanna get good at them but I don't have a dildo or cock to practice on. I thought I would try stuff around the house and fruit & veggies seemed like a good idea. Obviously I tried a banana first...