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  1. Gay Erotic Massage in Barcelona

    Gay Erotic Massage in Barcelona

    Erotic massage is a fantastic way to relax, explore pleasure and connect with yourself on an emotional and spiritual level. Relaxation and ecstasy are definitely benefits of getting an erotic massage. What better way to relax while on vacation than a gay erotic massage! Gay Erotic Male to Male...
  2. savagepizza

    Photos & Videos Sitios de cruising en Barcelona?

    Buenas. Esto es para saber sobre sitios de cruising en Barcelona y también para compartir material haciéndolo! Sobretodo si sabéis de Centros Comerciales o baños públicos donde hacer understall (que es lo que más me pone) estaría genial!
  3. B

    Photos & Videos Kai Landre

    Spanish musician and performer ❤️ dying to see stuff from him
  4. Theriad

    Barcelona Trip - Beachhunt

    Hey Guys, Travelling solo to Barcelona next week (05-09.07.2021) and I'm just curious if any locals/visitors are willing to meet up for a (naked) splash? :D Honestly, I'm just not sure what to expect if I go for a swim with all my stuff left at the beach and I don't want any nasty...
  5. my23cmdick


    any XXL muscular dudes in town week of Feb17-29?
  6. spanishdick

    Anyone In Barcelona?

    Hi! Anyone here visiting or living in Barcelona? Just let me know! ;)
  7. Stan12345kriek

    Frenkie De Jong

    Anything on him?
  8. my23cmdick


    Planning to visit BCN for work end of Feb. Any hung fellow who are interested in mutual JO and play? Any recommendations for a hot massage (male/female doesn't matter)? Thanks all!
  9. F

    Photo Spanish stripper : felo payl

    Hello ! I'm looking for new material about a spanish stripper, Felo Payl. He lives in Barcelona but works also in Madrid and sometimes abroad. He dances especially for gay big parties such as pervert, matinée, sexy pride land... and is a "sexy performer", that is to say he oftens dance hard and...