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  1. H

    Cruising spots in Chicago

    Hey y’all! New to Chi! What are the best cruising spots in the city? Gyms, bars, bathhouses…
  2. 1

    Seattle 12/20-12/22?

    Anyone in or around Seattle next weekend? Looking for somewhere fun to check out and maybe get into a little fun ;) Clubs, bars or spa recommendations??
  3. anotherxy

    London June 19-26

    London LPSG-ers... I'll be coming for a visit next month, and would love to meet! Also appreciate recommendations (food, drink, fun). Am curious about the gay scene as well (clubs, bars, cruising)
  4. anotherxy

    Paris June 11-19

    Will be in Paris on vacation. Looking for some recommendations... and some fun, of course ;) Anyone interested? Also curious about gay bars/clubs/cruising scene (if any).
  5. 1

    Visiting orlando feb 10-15

    In Orlando Feb 10-15. Looking for some fun in my room or someone to hang out with, visit bars, etc during the week. Hit me up if interested.