1. T

    What happened to Seth Northwest?

    Followed this guy on Twitter a while back and wondering if anyone knew what happened to him? He's used a few different names (B8Bro91, BateBro91, etc.) so wondering if he changed his name again or retired? Just came across a video of his and wanted to resubscribe to his channel, but can't find...
  2. skizzage

    Jerking off with my clone

    I made a video where I jerkoff with my own clone. A little silly and a lot narcissistic but it was a fun challenge. There’s a full version on my OF (thestinkbucket) but here’s a little snippet. Any other clone jerkoff vids out there? I might give it another try one day, I learned so much.
  3. kapahulu

    Bate Pics

    I would love to see a thread for bate pics. Men who can really edge. Something like this.
  4. Thickguy789

    Fat cock edge and bate with cum

    Got so horned up reading comments on my pics, I had to edge one out so I could focus. It’s a bit long but there’s a nice reward at the end.
  5. Thickguy789

    Photos & Videos Bator cock

    Ok, studs, I wanna see your bator cock! not just another cock shot, but what your cock looks like deep into your bate. Is it leaking or dripping? Is it greased up? Is it rock fucking hard with veins poppin? Cock ring choking your meaty hog? Post up. I’ll start with a few of mine.
  6. Thickguy789

    Video Thick cock bate with explosive cumshot

    Thought some of my bate enthusiasts would appreciate this three-day load I blew out of my thick cock this morning. Not sure why my hands are so shaky, I blame it on being early in the morning before coffee.
  7. S

    DC bate/homoerotic buddies

    Looking for other guys in their 20's or early 30's to bate/goon with, chill in underwear or naked, or just be guys and do homoerotic things with. Anyone down? Groups encouraged
  8. G

    Public wanking

    Hey boys. Anybody else love jerking it in public places? toilets, parks, etc.. I get so horny in public toilets and always find myself having a wank. Where do you like to wank?
  9. D

    Black American Bator

    Hey everyone my names Waylon, I’m from Florida and I looove to jerk, jerk with other dudes and watch dudes jerk. Also I’m 5’4 Drop your snaps
  10. T

    Can anybody ID this PHub legend?

    I’ve been looking for this guys name for forever. Inobody seems to know who he is, but apparently he was REALLY popular on phub for a long time before the purge, yet no sites have been able to ID him, I have about 4 vids of him, please help me find more vids and even what his username was!
  11. T

    Video Anybody have anymore on this stud, daddycumstarr?

    He goes by daddycumstarr or ohpapiii
  12. L

    Photos & Videos Does anybody Know who this is?

    Does anyone know this guys name? Here is a link to the video which this screenshot was taken
  13. D

    Vivid description of an auto-sexual gooner’s bate session

    First real attempt at erotic writing. Excuse some of the subpar punctuation. If it adds to your enjoyment, I typed most of this one handed on my phonebecause my dick was in my other hand. Here we go. I didn’t plan on having a wank when I got home. I had so much to do still before bed. But there...
  14. M

    Ever masturbate with a finger in your hole

    Just curious how many straight guys tried/liked a finger in their holes while wanking?
  15. B

    Back at it

    Wassup fellas! Bay Area Bator here - returning to LPSG after a while away. Latino with a nice uncut penis. Looking for bros to get greazy and poppered up with - circle jerk in the bay area? Let’s gooo
  16. Pecos Bill

    JO Group for Straight/Curious Guys - Los Angeles

    Hey guys, I organize a JO Group in Los Angeles for Straight/Curious guys just looking to watch porn and jerk with other guys. The goal is to create a safe chill relaxed place for guys to try stuff out. It's not an orgy or sex party. Guys are not expected or pressured to play with the other...
  17. T

    Returning member, any UK hung looking for mates?

    35 yo based in Reading 8 inches & thick Looking for other guys to chat/meet Extremely discreet due to work etc DM me
  18. D

    Bate Group DFW TX

    Any bate groups in the DFW TX area?
  19. 1

    Gooning Coach

    Alright bros. Anyone need verbally coaching and talking through their bate goon? Verbal filth to make them go deep on their own cock and become cock obsessed in the moment. DM me brothers.
  20. H

    Nyc Hotel Group - Week Of 8/1-8/8

    I’m planning to get a room in Manhattan some day in the next week to host a group jo/compare sesh. Who’s interested? What days/times work best for you?
  21. B

    Looking For Jerk Off Buddies, Bromance, Bators On Skype C2c

    Hairy bi beefy dude into casual nudity, chatting while naked (even soft or partially clothed), CMNM, bonding, bromance, bate buddies, watching porn together and commenting on it, couples having sex on Skype. Mostly love kicking it back, chilling and getting to know other bate buds over penis...
  22. TCDB

    Denver Hung Fun

    Traveling to Denver this weekend for work. April 23 - April 26. Looking for a hung bud for some naked fun. Into jo/oral edging etc here. Poppers cool too.
  23. Semichrmedlfe

    Honolulu April 18-20

    Hey -- I am in the Waikiki Beach area at a hotel for work April 18-20. Mostly straight, married dad, 45, into bating with other masc dudes. I have finished my vaccine (x2) and looking for a bate bud. Love to bond with bate buds-- especially military dudes.
  24. K

    Cockhero Group

    Starting a SKYPE group and THREAD for guys into playin CockHero on cam together. Primarily looking for other straight guys as the majority of the CH vids are straight, but don't have to be to join in. When you join the group please put your stats (age etc...) in the first message. Below is the...
  25. B

    Skype Bate Buddies C2c

    Hey y'all, Looking for bate buddies into various things, you can be solo or couple (bonus points haha), bromance would be nice too. 22 uk beefy hairy dude looking for guys around my age (21+). I'm mainly into armpits a lot, hairy or smooth idc, but love armpit play. Other kinks include...
  26. B

    Central London Bate Bro

    Masc, tall 22yo bro in central London looking for local guys to bate with. Into big dicks, can host. kik batebro359, snap beatyopussyup44. Add me and let's bate!
  27. 7

    London Bate Buddy

    Hey everyone - gym fit gay guy based in London looking for a like minded buddy to bate / edge with. Can accom - porn on, lube at the ready. Prefer in shape guys over 30 but not a set rule. helping hands or side by side. All is good. 5778251 5778261
  28. 6

    Bate Bud - North London

    Another shout out for a bate buddy in North London. Fit, totally discreet and respect lads who need to be discreet. Message me on here lads, or Kik - northlondonbate.
  29. 4

    420 Bate Bros

    Hey fellas. I created a new group on Skype for guys that indulge in 420, horny and wanting to bate with another buddy! Send your age, LPSG username and stats to join!
  30. 3

    Add To My Tee Lads? Lockdown Safe

    Alright lads. Walk in, no small talk, and unload on to my black t-shirt. Want to see how many loads I can get on it. Totally discreet, and respect lads who need/want to be discreet. I will watch from a safe social distance. A safe space for those frustrated with lockdown to release. North...