1. S

    Soap fetish

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone had a soap fetish like me. I'm a big fan of muscular hunks, showing off their pecs, butts etc... especially in softcore porn. I have a fetish for car wash scenes and window washing scenes, showers, baths where they use sponges to squeeze foam and soap...
  2. G

    Help Find This Chubby Asian Bear Video

    Anyone have this chubby asian bear video? I think his name is Fritz but I'm not sure. If anyone have the full version of the video, please kindly share. Thank you so much.
  3. F

    College Feet

    Hey Guy College student who recently got laid off from my job. Thought I’d try something new in the meantime. Do I have a future in selling feet pics? See more here - FlintstoneFoots - FeetFinder
  4. F

    Guys Showering/Bathing

    A thread for posting pictures or videos of guys in the bath or shower.
  5. Antonio8inches

    I have a cute butt

    My OF is the name :D
  6. madraglic

    Showing off at Japanese Onsen

    Does anyone have any good videos from Japanese Onsen or Sento? Here's one I found, check this vid from 0:30
  7. Bi.London

    Hotel Visitor In Bath, Uk

    This weekend, I will be staying at a hotel in the city of Bath in Somerset, England. Arriving on Thursday 16 - until - Sunday 19 September 2021 Anyone curious, bisexual or almost straight looking to meet up and explore? Happy to give a massage, or more... ;) Drop me a DM
  8. Scarpin

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of These Vintage Porn Actors? *bathtub Video*

    The only video I know with them is this one of them in a bathtub...I've been looking for their name for ages but can never find the source. I wanted to know the name of the bald dude with a nike tattoo on the leg. If someone knows their name or knows more videos of them, please feel free to...
  9. R

    That Friday Feeling

  10. benial06

    Can You Identify This Daddy?

  11. RobertHunter30

    Clean Willy

    Having a clean willy is important