1. A

    Sauna / Steam UK & Europe Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for places where there's potential for light-mid fun in the UK and wider Europe? Have been New Docklands (UK) a few times and the vibe is "just right" (for me lol) between the authentic steam, mutual massages, and potential for light fun. Anyone who's...
  2. barehole4use

    Bathhouse Adventurous

    I had decided to visit the bathhouse and had done some research and decided to visit a bathhouse that wasn’t far from the airport and was close to the shipping yards in Long Beach. So about 3 o’clock I arrived at the bathhouse paid to get in, was handed a towel lubricant package and my key and...
  3. V

    Holiday bathhouse experience

    I don't have anyone to share this with, hence why posting it here. So I (34M, 100kg, 5ft11,a bit chubby) went on a solo holiday to Tenerife recently. I thought i needed a time away from friends, family and most importantly work (stressed to hell and back). I looked for something relatively...
  4. Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Years ago, when I first joined the Army one of my first TDY (temporary duty) assignments was to be counter surveillance. We were basically tasked with following around the dudes where were gonna be the next super spies. As part of that we had to lead them places, pass information, and other...
  5. D

    Spa or bathhouse in bay area for chubs

    Anyone know what are the best bathhouses or spa that have more chubs in the bay area?
  6. Shadowgeist

    Aussie Gay Sauna / Spa / Bathhouse Experiences & Discussion

    Greetings fellow aussies and lpsg members who have experience living in Oz. I've recently been baptised with experiencing a night in a gay sauna (twice now in the past month) and I was wondering what other peoples' experiences have been like. I'm still trying to wrap my head around my time...
  7. 1

    Straight Spa/bath House/shvitz Recommendations

    hey guys, I posted this in the wrong third before my apologies. Have you guys been to a spa bathhouse/ shvitz that you would you recommend for a guys trip? dont want a cruise-y one and dont reallyknow how to distinguish the two online. Just a place to hang out with the guys. All male- nude is...
  8. C

    Eros spa charlotte, nc

    Anyone on here ever go? They’re raising their prices after the new year (big mistake for them I think) and I wanted to have one last hurrah before they did. Was planning on going tomorrow and it would be nice to coordinate and get a decent group there. I’m thinking a lot of people are of the...
  9. R

    Anyone ever been to vapor spa in ky?

    So I'm really interested in visiting a bathhouse, and Vapor is one of the closest I can find. Anyone ever been? How is it? Also, what is the etiquette for a bathhouse? Do you just walk around naked? With a towel? Where and when is nudity ok? If someone approaches with sexual advances, how do...