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  1. Krolath

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    I need to find this hot guy. i found this pic from:
  2. tazzman7777

    Guys in bathtub

    Post your best pics of guys in the bathtub.
  3. C

    ID this?

    The video's easy to find, but can't ID him to find more.
  4. I

    What has been the nastiest thing you've seen a man do in a restroom?

    Mine: A guy not washing his hands after coming out of the stall after having taken a shit. Was a bit flabbergasted to say the least
  5. I

    What has been the nastiest thing you've seen a man do in a restroom?

    Mine: A guy not washing his hands after coming out of the stall after having taken a shit. Was a bit flabbergasted to say the least
  6. T

    Photo Who’s this? (Delicious package)

    This is the closest to an original version of the photo floating on the web that I could find. It’s probably a copy of the only photo of this great beauty, and nobody will know who it is, but if you know; please share a name/info. Not sure about the watermark on this pic “u/perv_…” but...
  7. C

    Helping me identify him

    Need help identifying this guy. Kinda looks like Carson Lueders.
  8. B

    Video Anyone know who this crazy guy is?

    Can anyone identify this sexy crazy piss stud from the video?
  9. NathBeloff

    Photo Help finding this boys ID!

    I know their faces aren't seen but does anyone know who r they just by chance? I've been looking for this video since 2021
  10. Paulorosado


    A few months ago I had found this man on xvideos, but now he has disappeared! I found the photos by searching through google, but the thumbnails of the images take me to different videos. What's his name? Where are his videos hosted? Anybody know??
  11. K

    Mixed guy with dude

    Can you guys hell me find this video?
  12. V

    Who's the guy in the vid?

    Hot twink jerking in bathtub
  13. D

    Who are they?

    Does anyone know who these two people are from this video?
  14. M

    Washington DC- Open Urinals or Urinal Troughs

    I’m just curious if anyone knows of some good places in Washington DC or surrounding area that has open urinals or Urinal Troughs. Thanks so much!
  15. britnadian

    Swedish Boy

    I had this experience in Australia. I was living in Sydney when I first moved down under living in a hostel. Now in a hostel you can have upward of 6 strangers in the same room. This one instance I was bunking with 4 girls. That evening this guy stayed in the room with us. He kept to himself...
  16. N

    Video Looking for full video: Desi Kissing

    Hey guys... I am looking for the full version of this video. This clip I found on FB is just the kissing part, but the full video includes cock sucking and cum shot in the mouth. I saw it a few times years ago and it was so hot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. Anyone...
  17. Q

    Snapchat piss

    Ello boys would love to see guys pissing. If you like show you pissing or have videos of guys pissing. Then please dm me and ill add your snap. If i get enough ill start a pissing snapchat group.
  18. M

    Video Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub

    Please help me ID him. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: I just saw the video of this hot daddy sitting in the bathtub on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew who he is? Thanks a lot. I'd love to see more. Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
  19. bathroom balls

    bathroom balls

  20. R

    Anybody want to be watched having sex or using the bathroom?

    I have a fantasy of watching someone as their natural self using the bathroom, maybe having sex or doing something hot. Hmu on snap or reply on here. snap - riadams7560
  21. C

    A Closeted College Encounter

    Disclaimer: My first thread in this forum. This is inspired by true events. I first met this guy named Isaac in freshman year of college. It was a college orientation class, the kind that sort of introduced you to the resources and opportunities available to new students. Isaac was a business...
  22. big willy

    big willy

  23. D

    Miami Cruising

    Was at dolphin mall the other day and forgot how much of a cruise spot it is! How many guys still go there and what’s your favorite bathroom? (Think I might start a new hobby again) Always something at the one next to valet parking! Some other cruising spots in Kendall/dadeland area? I also used...
  24. iFratPR

    Help Id This Guy

    Found these fotos of this hot dude on Twitter and would love to see more (IG, OF, Twitter, whatever). Asked the person who originally posted the pics and said he found it on the internet but doesn’t remember where. Can anyone help?
  25. Lost cover

    In The Mates Bathroom

    Was taking a piss in the mates now bathroom. Turned around and just cudnt resist. Anyone else had this
  26. J

    Photos & Videos More Of This Massive Cock?

    More of this massive cock?
  27. D

    Shower Top Id

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the name of the top of the videos, both of which are in showers. https://twitter.com/spicygayvids/status/1217809731001057280?s=21 683D8A42-2EB2-46BF-B90F-7797B39E49C1 Porn GIF by neilfromsydney2003 | RedGIFs
  28. holloc72

    Video Id This Hunk?

    Hey y'all, anyone able to identify this muscle hunk?
  29. J

    Looking For Hot Solo Vid

    Hello !! I’ve looking for video from PornH*b :) I watched it 2 years ago. It was a solo jerk boy. He was gorgeous, young (very young, 18yo), blonde boy. He was thin body, beautiful face. It was in bathroom. He walked to bathroom, take off his pants down, his penis was small and soft, he sits...
  30. H

    Cupertino, California

    Who in the Bay is down to come to my Starbucks while I’m working and get sucked off in the private bathroom we have before I have my last shift? I also am down to meet up with People in the Santa Clara, Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen Area :)