1. E

    Why has bating, edging, gooning, solosexuality, etc, become so popular?

    Where 5, 10 years ago they would have been considered taboo.
  2. D

    Ljoc @ Bunker Bar, London

    Anyone else go to this night of bating at the Bunker Bar, Old Street? Heading down tomorrow night again, great night of attitude free bating, real mix of guys.
  3. ucdude01

    Straight Jo Bud To Mic

    32 Married Straight good looking and full beard, hung in SoCal. Searching for buds to Skype (mic), kik or phone while we watch porn. Also open to in person. Just looking for other buds who love sex porn and women as much as I do. Compare porn vids and perv out. Prefer big tit brunettes curvy...
  4. T


    Does anyone know what happened to proudbator and his site and why he came back as captainroddy? No one has said anything about him cheating them out of money or anything and his videos are still up (from what I heard anyway) on his site for people who can still access it as well as just on the...
  5. M

    Photo Snapchat Fun

    Snapchat bator looking for others to share bating vids and pics Username - Brob8m
  6. ucdude01

    Straight Jo Bud

    Any buds into watching pics/porn of hot sluts and mic or phone about them? I’m 32 married straight. Not looking for anything gay. Just wanna perv out with another like minded bro. Kik - omi765 Skype - robertrun_3 Email-
  7. Jhark87

    Greasy Bate

    Greasy bate
  8. Collegeboy629

    Under 30 Bate Group Skype Or Kik

    23 in shape white country boy with a 7" cut banana dick looking to bate on cam with someone around my age love edging too skype: mash629 Kik: cfisher94
  9. athletevoyeur

    Anyone up for stroking in nyc?

    going to start hosting a weekly group at my place but wondering if anyone wants to swing by now... I’m in the e 140s with Porn playing on a 4K hd 75” tv.
  10. bigguy7_Feelin' toey (...and the weight of my cock)

    bigguy7_Feelin' toey (...and the weight of my cock)

    Fkn feelin' my 'shit', and the raw power and pride I experience, effortlessly sporting a fkn mansized package...