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  1. F

    Can anyone ID this edge bator?

    I'm super turned on by this guy stroking and edging. Anyone know who he is? Verbal, Orgasm Dirty Talk, Twink Dirty Talk - Gay.Bingo Edging Game, Poppers Edging Game Instructions, Popper Challenge - Gay.Bingo Popper Joi, Edging Game, Instruction - Gay.Bingo
  2. T

    Can anybody ID this PHub legend?

    I’ve been looking for this guys name for forever. Inobody seems to know who he is, but apparently he was REALLY popular on phub for a long time before the purge, yet no sites have been able to ID him, I have about 4 vids of him, please help me find more vids and even what his username was!
  3. SterlengSilver

    Hi. New. Addicted to Plastic Pussy

    Hi I’m Sterleng. Always found the site in searches, but found it hard to nav. Finally decided to join. I’m looking for a cummunity of people who use sex dolls and fleshlights. Would like videos of people using. Every time you search sex doll you just get ads and sales. Please help.
  4. B

    Circle Jerk Group in Houston

    Houston Masturbation Group in Houston. We are a group of professional guys in the Houston greater area. We meet 1-1 or in groups. Guys must be in decent shape and enjoy mutual masturbation. If you want to do more, then this will be probably not your group. No drugs or drama. If you visit quite...
  5. HungrySlut9605

    Learoy Love Cam Model

    I'm trying desperately to find videos of Learoy Love stroking his massive dick Does anyone have a zip/cloud folder containing some of his videos? I have Onlyfans videos of TheCruzB8 / TheBateBanditXXL to exchange if you want something for it He's on Onlyfans and Chaturbate, has a handful of...
  6. ttxrjj

    Links HELP: Looking for a video

    Described as best I can remember: Masc guy jerking off solo in a car. At some point a self professed straight guy comes over and starts talking to the bator while still jerking off. Straight guy admits it’s weird and that he’s never done or seen anything like that. The two have casual...
  7. Pecos Bill

    JO Group for Straight/Curious Guys - Los Angeles

    Hey guys, I organize a JO Group in Los Angeles for Straight/Curious guys just looking to watch porn and jerk with other guys. The goal is to create a safe chill relaxed place for guys to try stuff out. It's not an orgy or sex party. Guys are not expected or pressured to play with the other...
  8. E

    Photos & Videos Batorboyy (JFF)

    Anything on him?
  9. A

    New bator here

    Hey everybody. Atl over here,average guy in every way, but definitely an admirer of others and our differences. Mostly a bator.
  10. TCDB

    Visiting Houston July 9 - 12

    Hey guys, Looking for a hung bud to hang out with. Into JO/Oral edging etc. Poppers cool too. Hit me up on kik - justfuntimes8
  11. dickwizard_

    Watch Me Bate/edge My Own And My Buds Cocks

    I am starting a new pornhub channel where I’ll be posting new videos in addition to posting on here. Love mutual stroking and oral. Servicing big cocks. Edging and big loads. Username is majerbator on pornhub and twitter. Pornhub Twitter Always interested in meeting new guy to chat...
  12. B

    One of my bate vids

    A video of me bating my beer can cock, with a nice big cumshot at the end. Verbal too. thick dick beercan cock DILF bates cock to cumshot
  13. 1

    Sph on skype

    masc athletic hung hairy guy. Get off on going online and showing my face and penis on skype webcam for a verbal guy who calls my penis small or average size while I masturbate. One way cam cool as long as you have mic. Hit me up if interested
  14. Anthonybudnyc

    Any nyc buds into poppers?

    Looking to hang with a bud or few and edge. Jerking off is so fun.