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  1. D

    Dan's AI Photos

    Hi gang, been working a lot on my new AI image site. I currently have 7,823 images, which includes a majority of gay male images, among other photos that peaked my interest. Every image on the site I generated with AI. I would love for you to drop by and take a look, vote for your favourite...
  2. V

    Andrea Giambruno (Giorgia Meloni's First Gentleman)

    Andrea Giambruno (Italia 1981), journalist, Italian PM Giorgia Meloni's partner and father of her daughter. Il primo cavaliere della Meloni. What do u think about him?
  3. JameySkin

    Saint Wade / imsaintw / saintwade / etc

    So I’ve been following this artist as he’s grown in his musical career but also in his glorious build. He’s got so much charm and a great built and when he posts spicy things it makes me wild. Most recently he’s making out with a guy and it’s so passionate. Like. That’s what turns me on. Does...
  4. G

    Big bulge at the beach

    Have any of you tried these "Bulge Enhancing Swimming Trunks"? Do they do their job? (FEOYA Herren Classic Badehose Sommer Kurz Schwimmhose mit Abnehmbares Pad Badeshorts für Wassersport : Amazon.de: Fashion) What big bulges have you seen on the beach? (photos?)
  5. A

    Does anyone know this guy?

    Does anyone know the guy on the left?
  6. M

    Joel Conceição - yummy

    Help me find more of this GORGEOUS guy!!!
  7. toet

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  8. T

    Sex in the

  9. luyao63

    Low-rise beach trunks

    Anyone else have any of these types of pics? please share
  10. T

    Pls help identify this cute twink

    I have been fascinated by this clip and the cute bottom twink. I assume this is on Brazil (?), but not sure. https://thisvid.com/videos/twink-fucked-on-busy-beach-no-cum/ The first time I saw this video about a year ago it was posted on his Twitter account, so he is out there somewhere. But I...
  11. C

    Photo Who is this sexy man!! Hello!!!

    hello Can someone help me find the Instagram or Twitter user of this model, I have these photos of him, please
  12. M

    Absolute beach insanity - who IS this???

    Have seen this guy in a few threads - this is insanity. Anyone know anything more about him?
  13. M


    Can sombody please tell me who this is? I only have this foto of him, so I hope someone can recognize him.
  14. T

    Can anyone help identify this sexy Australian man?

    Is there any more shirtless pictures of him, or even naked?
  15. 1

    cole cleveland

  16. D

    Young Nudists Perth - Meetup?

    Hey, a guy in mid-twenties here looking to see if there are any guys in and around Perth who are interested in nudism? I love the idea of being naked on the beach with guys my age but everything nudist here seems to be dominated by much older guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with older...
  17. Z

    It’s a Shore Thing

    “Ah, gorgeous!” I declare as I look out over the beach taking in the sights and sounds from my hotel. Delaying the inevitable, I unpack my bag and quickly change into my beachwear: my blue speedos which have also brought me luck. It hugs in all the right places, showcases in just the right way...
  18. B

    Nudist beaches in europe? i have one of the biggest cocks in d world and almost no way of showing it off.

    im a str8 male, wit 1 of d biggest cocks in d world, wit so many women obsessing over it hard and me having no way of showing i have what dey desire d most, what r some of d popular nudist beaches in europe? google shows almost nothing if i lived in a tropical climate like the carribean, south...
  19. Enilart

    Public Jacuzzi fuck

    This story is 100% true. My ex boyfriend and l fucked in a hotel jacuzzi one time while vacationing in Ft Lauderdale. There were people in the pool right beside the jacuzzi, and also people lounging in chairs but we were the only ones in the jacuzzi. My boyfriend liked making me hard in public...
  20. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Beach Studs

    A thread for the studs you'd be thrilled to see, and especially sit next to, at the beach or pool!
  21. T

    Arsene Wenger

    He's so hot
  22. Krolath

    alexandrebaia / Alexandre Baia

    Hi, I just found this hot 30-years old Brazilian guy. Does anyone have anything more from him? He also has onlyfans and privacy, the prices of which are too high to subscribe to. I am wondering if they are worth it. If there's anything plz share His IG : Dr Alexandre Baia (@alexandrebaia) •...
  23. Brithron

    Auckland, NZ.. Speedo, beach, voyeur… up for a good time?

    Looking for someone to hang out with at an Auckland beach… if your into a bit of voyeur and getting into some speedos and being a bit risky … drop me a line
  24. J

    Deivid Cravo

    I haven't seen anyone post about this Brazilian hottie yet so I'll do the honors considering he definitely deserves the attention. Login • Instagram
  25. J

    Video Can someone help me id this video?

  26. Hephaestionofarabia

    5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)

    Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening. Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his...
  27. B5068AC3-A77E-4E92-8D7F-47363D187AA9.jpeg


  28. M

    Photo Does anyone know who's him? Please:(

    Please, I've been searching everywhere
  29. M

    Photo Need Help With Id

    Does anyone know who are they?
  30. M

    Photo Daniel De Souza?

    Does anyone have anything on this guy frequently seen at Jacob Riis beach in New York City?