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  1. Brithron

    Auckland, NZ.. Speedo, beach, voyeur… up for a good time?

    Looking for someone to hang out with at an Auckland beach… if your into a bit of voyeur and getting into some speedos and being a bit risky … drop me a line
  2. J

    Deivid Cravo

    I haven't seen anyone post about this Brazilian hottie yet so I'll do the honors considering he definitely deserves the attention. Login • Instagram
  3. J

    Video Can someone help me id this video?

  4. Hephaestionofarabia

    5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)

    Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening. Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his...
  5. M

    Photo Absolute beach insanity - who IS this???

    Pretty sure this guy's been (ahem) up here before, but can't find it. Who is he? Is he real?
  6. M

    Photo Does anyone know who's him? Please:(

    Please, I've been searching everywhere
  7. M

    Photo Need Help With Id

    Does anyone know who are they?
  8. M

    Photo Daniel De Souza?

    Does anyone have anything on this guy frequently seen at Jacob Riis beach in New York City?
  9. R

    Nude Beach Spy, And Locker Room Video Wanted

    Does anyone have these videos? Looks promising but sad I cant find it :( Thx
  10. CoffeeFiend85

    Wearing A Speedo On The Beach In Aruba… Is It Ok?

    I’ll be visiting Aruba from Arizona in December. I’ll be staying at Eagle Beach. I’m just wondering if it’s common for guys to wear speedos in Aruba or the Caribbean in general? I don’t mean some way out color swim brief, that accentuates my dick and bulge, but like a dark one in plain black or...
  11. Theriad

    Barcelona Trip - Beachhunt

    Hey Guys, Travelling solo to Barcelona next week (05-09.07.2021) and I'm just curious if any locals/visitors are willing to meet up for a (naked) splash? :D Honestly, I'm just not sure what to expect if I go for a swim with all my stuff left at the beach and I don't want any nasty...
  12. G

    Photo Id This Muscle Dad Please!

    Anyone knows who this is? I've seen some pics of him but I want more.
  13. good_guy

    Guys Hang Out Naked

    hey guys, I'm looking for a place in *Europe* / *Australia* / *New Zeland* where guys can hang out naked and it won't be weird. I know in some nordic countries in Europe is very common to go to a spa completely naked and I would love to have a list of such places - Could be spas / gyms (open...
  14. H

    Someone Knowing His Name?

    Already somebody know the Name of this Daddy? He's actually only appeared in a Amateur Video called "Masturbate At The Nude Beach" or "Masturbating At The Nude Beach" ( Uploaded in some porn sites with this name ) , one of my favourite Videos , he makes me horny as hell . Is he an a Male Porn...
  15. J

    Cruising Videos

    post hot cruising videos and also does anyone has access to @cruisingsocal onlyfans? his videos look so hot.
  16. B

    Skaters, Surfers, Alternative Dudes...

    i haven't found any other thread about skaters, surfers, punks etc so i posted this one... anyone else into alternative dudes?
  17. 1

    Please Help Id Him

    DreamHunks: Image Hi, I have tried to find his name by using Google Picture Search but I have not find anything. What is his name? Insta? Onlyfans? Thank you
  18. V

    Josh @dimayorr

    This guy @dimayorr on Instagram is driving me crazy. His name is Josh. If anyone has something more please share!
  19. good_guy

    Photo The Ultimate List Of All The Common Naked Open Places

    hey guys, I'm looking for all places with naked open saunas/spa/showers/beaches to show off (either men only or men and women combined) I know that in some Scandinavian countries it's really common to go to a public spa and be completely naked (you don't have to put on a towel) In Germany...
  20. greeko89

    Photo Cameron Byrnes Aussie Pt Stud

    These are just off Tumblr but that's as risqué as I've ever seen him CAMERON BYRNES BY PEDRO VIRGIL FOR DNA MAGAZINE - TOO HOT FOR ARGIE INSTA: cameronbyrnespt
  21. N

    Nyc Cruising?

    I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for this: Anybody know good cruising spots in NYC? Anywhere in the 5 boroughs?
  22. T

    Praia De Abrico, Rio De Janeiro

    Last February I visited Rio's nude beach, Praia de Abrico. When you get there you walk past the clothed section behind some large rocks that block the view. Once in the nude section you must strip naked. Everyone is nude. The people at the beach are some of the most beautiful people in the...
  23. G

    Travel Idea For St. Petersburg/tampa Beach Area-gay Scene

    I know there used to be a forum for travel destinations and advice, but I don't see it, so apologies if I am out of place here. I am asking for anyone who can recommend a place to stay (on or near beach preferably, not necessarily a gay resort, any nice hotel is fine) and things to do as far as...
  24. S

    Nude Gay Beach

    I want to try going to a gay nude beach this summer, but I don't want to go alone. How should I ask a gay friend of mine to come with me without sounding like I'm hitting on him?
  25. DF1994

    Yoav Even - @yoaveven

    Don't know much about this guy but he's pecs and washboard abs are bound to drive you crazy:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  26. curiousskpr

    Cayo Coco

    Hey folks! I'll be at the Melia Jardines des Rey mid-January 2020 and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on cruising, nude beach, hooking up, bj/hj spots, etc... Going down south to resource... And relieve pressure ;) !!! Thnx
  27. charamyn

    Video Voyeurchamp And Similar Beach Stuff?

    For quite time I am following them and they have really great clips. Most of the performers are ex or semi-pro pornstars, but I really like the back story side and teasing parts. Anyway I encountered this one today: Anyone knows girl's name?
  28. C

    Photo Help Me Id This

    Anybody knows this Name of this Clip ?
  29. J

    Group Call: Muscles Worship Los Angeles La

    Hi! I have always have this fantasy of having a buddy or group of 4 who into giving worshiping muscles, gym, and fitness. I am 6’2, early 20s looking for someone down for muscles worship session with built alpha in Los Angeles, possibly this week. 4 would be my max numbers to take. Dm me only...
  30. S

    Los Angeles Newbie, Kinky Places?

    Hey, i will be in los angeles for the first time ever june 16 to 19. Is there any gay beach/naked beach or strip bar (do they show their dicks?) that any of you could recommend? As I am pretty new to all of this i would like to see things, but not need to participate, as in a bathhouse or so...