1. M

    Gambajosh / Josh Lee

    Anything on cellist Josh Lee? Login • Instagram He used to have jerk off vids on tumblr (buttwizard or so) and there still is a super hot jerk off vid somewhere out there, but i can‘t find it anymore :( does anybody have anything on him? He‘s so fucking hot!
  2. C

    Bilaras.ts - Nude?

    Bilaras.ts on instagram and TikTok: Anybody knows if there's any nudes or dick pics of him, or an onlyfans? That hunky bear is so hot!!! Login • Instagram TikTok - Make Your Day
  3. I

    Photos & Videos Spencer Phipps

    Anything on this man?
  4. I

    Big "Brutish" looking men

    Anyone else have a thing for these types of men? Probably a pretty niche number of people who find them attractive but hopefully there's a few!
  5. johnlong1991

    Chris Stout-Hazard and Roger Hazard

    What a hot couple, especially Chris.
  6. K

    Photos & Videos Sumohog

    Anything on this big boy? :heart_eyes: Get more from Sumohog on Patreon
  7. J

    Photos & Videos name of this beefy man

    need help identifying this handsome alpha king I know for a fact i came across him on youtube and tumblr years ago suddenly his existence is almost wiped from the internet this is all i can get
  8. J

    Whidbey Island Bull

    Look at this beautiful mature, someone will have content of it?
  9. Big Beefy Muscle Porn♡ - Fucking beefy bodybuilder bottom!

    VIDEO Want to Join Seriously it hosts countless hot muscle p0rn vids! Members really love the content So I think the quality is quite high! Interested? Contact:
  10. Bumblebert

    Ben Halvorson

    This dude is so thicc! The arms! Imagine that weight on top of you Login • Instagram
  11. Yimvmligv

    Help me to find this hot straight latino actor This shy and hot one with a Orange tshirt
  12. L

    Jake Stump (misterstumpofficial)

    Anything on this guy? he's hot AF, with that hairy bod and beard. Anything spicy on him like bulge? He creates and posts a lot of skit/videos on facebook, insta, tiktok, and youtube. You can find him easily on the web.
  13. hornbear

    Hi from Germany!

    Hey! I’m 45 year old guy in Germany. I’m more of a bear type - beard, hairy chest and a bit of a gut. I’ve got a girthy cock and I’m pumping to get thicker. Love wearing my weighted ball stretcher and just started sounding. I’ve joined this site before, but was more of a lurker. Long-term...
  14. Big Beefy Muscle Porn♡ - Musclebear hardest masturbation!

    Love his meaty massive pecs♡ 肌肉壮熊自慰 - Musclebear hardest masturbation!
  15. - Wana ride this big fat muscle dick! - Wana ride this big fat muscle dick!

    Horny muscle bear 角质肌肉壮熊
  16. L

    Any content of Dennis?

    Looking to see if this guy has any :emoji_hot_pepper:content out there… Twitter: @Dennis__e (switch e to 3)
  17. bigbipete


    Very cute straight powerlifter (powerfatty) He doesn't seem to interact with his queer fan base but doesn't disown them either. Hope he starts to show off more of his huge body eventually
  18. D


    Anybody else find this big, athletic dude kinda hot? Login • Instagram
  19. D

    Photos & Videos Yas khan / Yaskhan_79 / Yaskhan79 / Tomtank69 / gabeen_tom_69

    Love his hairy body! If anyone has anything to share, please do so here! Fansly : Fanvue : gabeen tom - Fanvue
  20. U

    Please help me find these original photo of these two muscle bears

    Any idea who are these fine gentleman? Preferably the one in the right
  21. E

    Court Pineiro

    This guy had an OF in the past and it was so hot. Foolish me didn't save any pics. Anyone have any?
  22. D

    Rib_lucas Instagram

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? He’s really attractive but I can only see an instagram
  23. I

    Thiago o Ursinho

    Gente alguém assinou o privacy desse ursinho gostoso?
  24. M

    joe kovacs

    hott bear
  25. M

    Photo Who is he?

    Can someone tell me who this hot daddy is? Found this on flickr, He's so hot damn.
  26. Yimvmligv

    Porn Actors/Web Personalities with bear body type

    Show off your favorite erotic professional with this type of body
  27. J

    ID this hairy bear.

    Pls help ID this hairy muscle bear.
  28. B

    Looking for more videos with these guys

    Does anybody know who they are. So hot... Young bear breeds twink by hotel window -
  29. S

    Trying to ID This Beefy Giant Stud in Leather

    This Giant Stud has appeared on Tumblr and I'm trying to figure out who he is. Possibly a wrestler?
  30. H

    Photos & Videos Bear Fleshlight Fuck (please help me identify)

    Found originally on xhamster here and here. If anyone knows who this guy is or has any more of him please do share!