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  1. M


    He just started a free onlyfans. I can’t subscribe because my Onlyfans got banned for 6 months. If anyone subscribes I’ll help buy ppv’s as long as they’re not too expensive.
  2. K

    Hot Men of Reddit

    Let's post pictures of ALL the hot men we can find on Reddit. Especially the ones that deleted their pictures. I'll begin, this is u/Southfollowing9694
  3. Bluebailey


    I just want to say that Thiago is a one beautiful man. Gosh that smile is just something, isn't it? I mean look at that. His body a well is just to die for.
  4. M

    Help me identify this guy

    Does anyone know his name?
  5. F

    Anyone know this super hot man?

    His Hairy Chest Made Me Bust My Nut 3 Times Today - ThisVid.com Seems to be an Instagram or onlyfans star. Would love to see more from him.
  6. S1monsnow

    Noah Brown- Model

    Hot model Noah Luis brown Insta:noahlbrown
  7. XxSherlockxX

    Captain Taylor Morgan

    If anyone has anything of him, please share haha. His instagram is Captain_Taylor_Morgan. He's so handsome/perfecttttt
  8. D

    Photos & Videos Help me ID this guy please :)

    Hello everyone! I'm asking for your help to ID this gorgeous guy with curly hair. The "original video" was posted in Facebook→ The guy that posted it never answers the multiple petitions to give any detail about the guys. Thanks for your time! ( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞
  9. A

    Photo Shane Filan, from the irish boyband Westlife

    I find him so handsome and attractive, especially when he was younger. Shane Filan is an Irish pop singer. He is one of the two lead singers of boy band Westlife, which was formed in 1998.
  10. Y

    @Kobyyoo and Alon Shadmi (my_alonka) israeli

    Hello everyone! Anyone have videos or pictures of him? onlyfans-kobyyoo twitter onlyfans-myonka Thanks in advance for answering ..
  11. D

    Gio Pirri @giopirri from Instagram

    Does anyone of any nudes of this Instagram hottie? I love his legs
  12. britnadian

    @personalkrampus Alexandr

    This page honours the most beautiful man @personalkrampus on instagram. Love his colouring. His body. Everything.
  13. P

    Andro (jungle)

    I think he may have left the band now, but he *was* one of the singers in the band Jungle (clip posted for anyone who doesn't know). I always found he pulled focus and frankly I wish he'd start an OF cos he looks incredible on Instagram
  14. Marco Tony

    Muscle Butts Of Dreams

    Muscular men are known to have a nice butt. Here you can share pictures of the butts of hot muscular men. Muscle butts only.
  15. S

    Brandon Chai

  16. 1

    James William (ig: Jk.will) - Hunky, Blonde Aussie Model

    James first came to my attention in Netflix's 'Instant Hotel' (S1 Ep4)
  17. A


  18. B

    Dillon Armstrong (big Sexy Booty)

    Appreciation thread He is such a handsome man in a unique way and his booty Cheeks just stop time. He has everything I need a man to have and he seems like a nice guy online. Husband material right there.
  19. J

    Photo Beautiful Dick Picture

  20. D

    Photo A Very Handsome Hot Sexy Man(vitor Morellato)

    Hello I found a very beautiful man on Instagram by chance His name is Vitor Morellato, from Brazil , I just love his beautiful eyes lips, nose, hair, smile, sexy body and the way he looks at camera, He is one of my dream men in my life, and he is of course Gay, yes, gay Here are some of his...
  21. C

    Bruno Galassi

  22. Plat King

    Photo Boyko Valentin

    Hi guys, found this stud on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/boyko.valentin/ his account was much more popular earlier but he deleted it. i heard that he sends some naked photos to people and it would be great if someone have some and want to post it! ✊
  23. R

    Photos & Videos Best Looking Cocks

    Who do y'all think has some of the most attractive looking penises? l'll start: Luan Mastro Danny D/Matt Hughes Barrett Long Felix Jones
  24. S

    Rate This Russian Male Model

  25. S

    Most Handsome Face? (rate)

    This guy is gorgeous. Rate him in the polls/comments
  26. S

    Rate This Russian Stud Out Of 10

  27. S

    Is This The Most Handsome Guy Ever?

  28. S

    Photo Most Gorgeous Man Ever??

  29. K

    Alex Nye

    Is there anything on this guy? :) Alex Nye's (@_alexnye_) Instagram profile • 56 photos and videos
  30. P

    Yuzuru Hanyu

    I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone more than I have since discovering this Japanese ice skating twink ... Look at that body!!! (Waking up next to him <3) If anyone has any more beautiful pictures of him (especially if you find any “leaked” ones showing that bit more skin & body yum)...