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  1. E

    Anyone knows who is this porn actor? ID Him

    I know he works/worked for BilatinMen but i dont know much more about him, could you ID him? I will put two links of videos where he appears. Hes the one being touched in the first one and the top on the 2nd one. ThisVid TheGay
  2. panchoralsex

    Photos & Videos Eduardo González (ig: eduglez__)

    Esta muy rico solo que se deja verdad sus atributos un par de veces
  3. A


    I haven’t seen a thread of him yet. He goes by @sooonwa on tiktok. He’s too fine to not have a thread of his own. Even if there isn’t anything juicy of him he’s just beautiful and would like to showcase that.
  4. A

    Pedro Henrique - Brazilian Singer

  5. M

    Mathieu .sport thick young beautiful

    Has anyone seen him?
  6. L


    Hey you guys, it was a long time Ago since i have saved this picture. I don‘t remember where i got it, now i‘m actually in love with this pic and this man, so can u guys please help me find his name out.
  7. Marco Tony

    Erotic Men - Hot And Sensual

    Here is all about the eroticism and the sensuality of hot men. No porn here. Just erotic nude photoshoots. From great photographers. Lets all share hot erotic men.
  8. A

    Beautiful boys

    This is a thread to share pictures of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing guys. It can be models, celebrities, or just random online guys. I don't think a thread like this exists already so here it is. Feel free to post! You can also state (or not) the name of the person in the photo. Let me...
  9. H

    Who is this Camgirl with that beautiful body

    Who is this Camgirl with that beautiful body. They speak german could be from austria. They must be new in bizz. Slave GF is Built for All Night Fuck Sessions | Pornari
  10. T

    Sex in the

  11. T

    Lovely dance!!

  12. T

    Footjob by beautiful girl

  13. T

    Beautiful babe

  14. T

    Russian girl masturbation

  15. britnadian

    Archer Riley

    He is soooo cutep
  16. M

    Photo WHO IS THIS HOT MUSCLE GUY!? please help guys!

    Does anyone know who this guys is?? He is incredibly good looking
  17. A

    Tim from New Zeland - Jimmy Kimmel contestant

    Saw this guy on Jimmy Kimmel and thought... whoa! Sure looks too pretty on the eyes. He says his name is Tim from New Zealand. Anyone has a clue of what more can we see of him? Maybe he is an actor or a model or a public figure somewhere. These looks are sure too pleasant to hide. YouTube...
  18. M


    hey, hay un chico muy mono pero no encuentro contenido de el en ningún lado, su usuario de Twitter es @D_Hung
  19. Jackson_XL

    Hottest LPSG Member

    I’m genuinely curious and I think this will be a fun thread. Who do you think is the hottest LPSG member? I’m not talking about most hung. I mean complete package. Body and everything. tag them and post them here. Let’s shine s spotlight on the fine guys of this website!! + if you want to...
  20. L

    Name of the boy?

    I need the name of these boy, please!!!!
  21. P

    Who is this? Help me find this guy they used for a scam on grindr

    A while ago there were a lot of fake profiles on Grindr trying to scam me with some kind of ID to prevent meeting with LGTB offenders etc. They have used the name Gerald, Richard & just FUN. They begin to talk, then they talk about the ID (LHS ID / NGECID), then they show a picture how they got...
  22. XxSherlockxX

    Photos & Videos Miroslav "Mirek" Schmeid aka Schmix_cz on IG

    Anyone have anything on this czech beauty? He's one of my favs on IG, surprised there's not already a thread on him. :heart_eyes::blush:
  23. M


    He just started a free onlyfans. I can’t subscribe because my Onlyfans got banned for 6 months. If anyone subscribes I’ll help buy ppv’s as long as they’re not too expensive.
  24. K

    Hot Men of Reddit

    Let's post pictures of ALL the hot men we can find on Reddit. Especially the ones that deleted their pictures. I'll begin, this is u/Southfollowing9694
  25. Bluebailey


    I just want to say that Thiago is a one beautiful man. Gosh that smile is just something, isn't it? I mean look at that. His body a well is just to die for.
  26. M

    Help me identify this guy

    Does anyone know his name?
  27. F

    Anyone know this super hot man?

    His Hairy Chest Made Me Bust My Nut 3 Times Today - ThisVid.com Seems to be an Instagram or onlyfans star. Would love to see more from him.
  28. S1monsnow

    Noah Brown- Model

    Hot model Noah Luis brown Insta:noahlbrown
  29. XxSherlockxX

    Captain Taylor Morgan

    If anyone has anything of him, please share haha. His instagram is Captain_Taylor_Morgan. He's so handsome/perfecttttt
  30. D

    Photos & Videos Help me ID this guy please :)

    Hello everyone! I'm asking for your help to ID this gorgeous guy with curly hair. The "original video" was posted in Facebook→ The guy that posted it never answers the multiple petitions to give any detail about the guys. Thanks for your time! ( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞