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  1. K

    Dylan Gucuk Lemarshal

    Anything on Dylan Gucuk Lemarshal? https://instagram.com/dylanlemarchal?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. M

    Gunther Levi

    Laten we is beginnen met foto’s van hem te delen
  3. natesols

    Kevin De Bruyne

  4. NaughtyBelgian

    hello from Belgium!

    hi guys, 40 something dude here, back in the day i was quite the exhibitionist and made loads of pics and vids playing solo or with friends. cant wait to share some with you all :yum aside from that i love horror stuff and videogames. talk soon?! xxx
  5. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  6. J

    Nl Dutch And Belgium Nudes Group

    Is there anyone who is willing to start up a dutch/belgian nudes group with me on telegram or lpsg? Mostly twinks and hot guys from grindr and twitter
  7. natesols

    Thorgan Hazard's Ass

    Those Hazard men and their beautiful Belgian bubble butts. Eden has some serious competition...
  8. D

    Ward Lemmelijn

    He's a famous rower from Belgium, fit as fuck. He recently became world-champion of indoor rowing. If anyone's finds any good pics, put them here, guys.
  9. D

    Greetings From Belgium

    I've been a lurker here for a while, but decided it's high time for a formal introduction. Hey, I'm Decakapo :D I'm from Belgium, 29 years old, happily married since a few years in an open relationship :) If you guys got questions, I'm more than willing to answer all I can - I've got loads of...
  10. P

    Nathan Vandergunst Aka Acid

    Belgian youtuber. Anything more on him?
  11. 7

    Big Dick Belgian Stud

    Hi guys, 25 years old from Belgium. Do you guys like my cock and bush?
  12. M

    Can Suggest Me Crazy-fun Ideas To With Someone?

    Hey! Well... I’ve been chatting with a German guy and I live in Belgium, we are planning to meet soon and we are trying to collect a list of things we’d like to do together in the future Example: - Have sex in a snowed place. - Exchange our native languages. - Visit Cologne. - Nude camping...
  13. B

    Belgium Boy

    Who is this kid? Would love to meet with him in his car: Belgian guy Bboy9911 cruising at a highway parking lot
  14. K

    Eliot Vassamillet - Belgian Singer (eurovision 2019 - Belgium)

    Anything on him? He'll be 20 this year so i hope something from him will leak
  15. R

    Belgian Gay Porn

    Is there any decent Belgian gay porn out there? I'm looking for anything from amateur solo vids to gangbangs etc.
  16. Mercurio73

    Brussels Aspria Arts-loi Gym

    New to the Aspria Arts-Loi gym in Brussels and noticed already some guys not too shy of showing off in the showers and sauna. Just wanted to check if any of the Members of this fine community is also a Member and likes showing off. I prefer to be discreet and I’m sometimes to shy to look. Would...
  17. 1

    Big Dick Dutch Dude 20cm 25yo

    Hi guys, What do you think about my dick? Who wants to suck it? ;-) Im 25 straigt acting from Belgium. 188cm 70kg 25yo
  18. 1

    Big Dick Dutch Dude 20cm

    Hi guys, Kinda new here... What do you guys think about my dick? Who wants to suck? ;-)
  19. L

    Sean Dhondt, Belgian/flemish Musician And Tv Host

    Hi eveyone. I have had a crush on Sean for the longest time and find him super attractive. So im suprised he doesnt have an own thread. I found some pics from when he was in tv show 'de grote sprong'. You can clearly see the outline of his tucked up dick in the group shot. If you guys have any...
  20. 1

    Hung Guys From Belgium/holland?

    im 25 188cm 66kg 20cm looking for a bro to chill with hit me up
  21. J

    Some hot jietse strubbe (from 2019 temptation island, belgium)??

    Someone some nudes from 2019 Belgium reality TV Show "Temptation Islands"? Cum on, guys.
  22. 1

    Homme.sauvage on insta

    Anybody got anything on this guy?