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  1. D

    hunknchunk - Gainer with a big bubble butt.

    Just found this guy on Tumblr. His body is INSANE. That gut and that ass keep growing and growing. All images taken from his public Tumblr page: Bulknboi
  2. MomentoMori92

    Photo Hamdy Abdelwahab

    Hot ass UFC fighter from Cairo I believe. Spotted him fighting tonight while out to dinner with friends & we were all drooling lol. Perfect mix of belly & muscle:yum
  3. S


    Anybody subbed to this guys of? His insta and of are the same handle, he’s soooo hot
  4. A

    When guys stretch and their shirt lifts up...

    This is like, my main fetish. I am not talking about guys in crop tops or guys grabbing their shirt and lifting it on purpose (both are hot as well btw), but there's just something else when they are stretching, trying to reach something, yawning, lifting their arms over their head or doing...
  5. busenfan

    Photo Big Round Belly - Fat Or Pregnant

  6. 1

    Lower Belly Fat

    Looking for some advice here. I was always a skinny kid and now as an adult I’ve become “skinny fat” where I’m mostly skinny but have an unfortunate spare tire around my mid section that sticks out. I’m not exactly an active person and try to eat fairly healthy. Any advice on diet and exercise...
  7. F

    Alphabeast94 Aka Heavenlymuscledbeast

    Has anyone have something from his OF? Alphabeast94 OnlyFans I've already seen all of his videos and pics on internet, and I'd like to see something new.
  8. X


    $9 a month, has a lot of weight gaining and inflation videos
  9. roundboy

    Corona Weight

    Just wanted to know who else is having this issue lol I gained about 10lbs as I went from 136lbs to 146lbs and my belly suffered the most I guess. Pictures as prove are in my profile :p So how much did you gain, which body part suffered most and of course some prove ;)
  10. Shofixti

    Photo Dad Bods

  11. 1

    Jhonlondono_ (thick Muscle)

    this guy is private on twitter after The first pics went around. Anybody got anything else??
  12. MoneyShotss

    Belly/navel Lovers Kik

    Message me on kik if you appreciate bellies or navels. Guys or girls welcome. My kik username is MoneyShots93