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  1. Spindle

    Photos & Videos Nikol4ii - br4zeniko Onlyfans

    hey paladins of LPSG have you ever heard of Nikol4i, also knows as br4zeniko or simply as Nikolai Alexandre Dragunov? He's a hot russian american uncut muscle hottie that post regurky on his onlyfans. He does a lot of fan service and kinky dom stuff, and daddy content. He is gay as he uses a...
  2. musclelover717

    Muscular Men Getting Compliments

    Muscular men: what’s the best compliment you’ve gotten from someone regarding your physique? Or the best interaction you’ve had regarding your muscular body? Also I just realized I posted this under the wrong place….
  3. X

    Bicep Licking

    I have this weird fetish of watching guys lick their own biceps. Content for that is so rare to find for me tho. Was wondering if anyone has any videos or pictures to share?
  4. 3

    9 Months Of Solid Gym...

    I've always been on and off with the gym but this year I've been going hard at it. Still a long way to go... but what do you think?
  5. 9

    Straight Male Porn

    I love watching straight porn where you can see the guys arms, especially when they're getting tensed or flexing while fucking. For example Bambino around 7.45 mark. Any more vids like that?