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  1. F

    Help IDing muscular guy from instagram post

    Jaasiel Dice | Blog de Noticias LGBT on Instagram: "Ah0rc@m3 #gays" Saw this and found him really hot but couldn't find anything about who it is
  2. Wassup1234

    Bulk guys

    Anyone into guys that have really big biceps and chest? Like a little chubby but still muscular guys
  3. G

    help me id these guys

    https://mymusclevideo.com/56087/bicep-fucked/ especially the guy who is doing the bicep fucking. please help me id him thank you i know it might be hard bc they dont show their faces but i trust yall know ur hot men. Please provide social media especially for the guy doing the jerking off i...
  4. TelenyyneleT

    Guys and their biceps

    Pics (and GIFs) of handsome men where we can clearly see great biceps, whether the guy is showing off intentionally or "accidentally". I have another thread about biceps but with a more specific subject, go check it out maybe ...
  5. TelenyyneleT

    Photo Biceps ( hot effortless form )

    Okay so, i’m a big fan of biceps, i just love it, but what i really love is when a guy sits on a table (in class for exemple) and he’s holding is head with his hand. That way, the arm creates a perfect angle and the bicep stand out perfectly and i just wanna LICK IT sooooo bad :weary_face:. The...
  6. B

    Links Can someone ID this hunky top fucking a tatted bottom?

    Who is this muscular top? He's so hot! Asian Big Dick Deep Penetration Gay Muscles Tattoo tattedphysique Porn GIF by joseph090
  7. 6

    Patrick Kropp

    This is Patrick, a fitnessmodel from germany Maybe someone has more? @_patrickkropp_ on IG
  8. T

    Jayce Stansbery/Woah Jayce

    He’s 18, from Texas, does a lot of body building, and hot asf His instagram is @woahjayce and his tik tok is @jaycefitness
  9. Keepin It Fresh

    Keepin It Fresh

  10. Spindle

    Photos & Videos Nikol4ii - br4zeniko Onlyfans

    hey paladins of LPSG have you ever heard of Nikol4i, also knows as br4zeniko or simply as Nikolai Alexandre Dragunov? He's a hot russian american uncut muscle hottie that post regurky on his onlyfans. He does a lot of fan service and kinky dom stuff, and daddy content. He is gay as he uses a...
  11. musclelover717

    Muscular Men Getting Compliments

    Muscular men: what’s the best compliment you’ve gotten from someone regarding your physique? Or the best interaction you’ve had regarding your muscular body? Also I just realized I posted this under the wrong place….
  12. 3

    9 Months Of Solid Gym...

    I've always been on and off with the gym but this year I've been going hard at it. Still a long way to go... but what do you think?
  13. 9

    Straight Male Porn

    I love watching straight porn where you can see the guys arms, especially when they're getting tensed or flexing while fucking. For example Bambino around 7.45 mark. Any more vids like that?