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  1. user_using_yow_pussii

    Name This Guy For Goodness Sake!!!

    okei, first stop....u know him guys? familiar??
  2. Doubtfire

    Jordan from Framar

    Does anyone here follow Framar on TikTok? They have an employee who’s an absolute muscle hunk that occasionally dances, and oh my lord when he flexes I have a brain aneurysm :dizzy:
  3. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos All My Crush

    Oliver Forslin (@oliverforslin)
  4. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Miles Burris (American football player and actor)

    Miles Burris
  5. NicHalliwell

    What does your ideal man look like? Tatoos yes or not?

    Il mio uomo ideale ha un bel viso, un bel corpo muscoloso (non troppo), nessun tatuaggio e che non è troppo giovane o più vecchio del mio.
  6. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Zane Phillips

    Zane Phillips - Legacies 4-10 "The Story Of My Life"
  7. N

    Sexiest and Most Muscular transformation ever - Unknown (name needed)

  8. N

    Who is this hunk?

  9. N

    Best Transformation Ever - Unknown? Name needed

  10. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Sexy Dad

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  11. J

    Chul Soon

    I noticed that there isn't a fully thread dedicated to Korean bodybuilder Chul Soon even though many posts praising his astonishing pecs. Opening a space for people to posts hot pics/vids of Chul - showing off his pecs, having them groped - and any nudes hopefully or bulging
  12. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Biceps Fan

  13. DerekD

    Photo Who is Him?

  14. musclelover717

    Photo Show Us Those Guns

    Alright you muscle hunks. Show us your biceps.
  15. C


    Hi! Discovered a new hot guy on insta today! Have to share it with you!
  16. C

    Niklas Friedel (german Fitness)

    Hi Niklas really deserves his own thread here! Go check out his instagram for loads of hot pics. Insta: Niklas Friedel Snap: niklas.frdl Happy to collect and talk about his hottest pics and snaps here ^^ p.s. he's not an underage anymore
  17. M

    Photo Joey Essex Flexing Biceps

    There must be lots of other videos/images out there of this incredibly hot man - does anyone have any?
  18. M

    Photos & Videos Which Arm Wrestles Would You Like To See?

    In my opinion, there is not enough imagery/video out there showing celebs arm-wrestling each other. I think it's a very hot thing to watch two guys see who is stronger out of the other. Does anyone have anything on these? I also like to imagine who would win in arm wrestle contests. I'm not a...
  19. Muscleflexhung34

    Biceps Of Lpsg

    6238201 Let’s see your gunz!
  20. K

    Who Is He? Please Help Me Identify

    Who is he???❤❤❤
  21. Marco86

    Max Diamond

    Any info or additional pics on this chiseled stud?
  22. Y

    Photo Help Me Identify This Bulgarian Hunk

  23. O

    Photos & Videos Armzbro97

    I'll be following this guy for a while, he use to be kinda boring but now he is step in up a little, he has an amazing physique and a cute face (he rarely show it but he is cute). His instagram and youtube is full of flexing, he has an OF account but I haven't subscribed yet (I don't know if he...
  24. O

    Photos & Videos Xiaoya1988

    Is there anyone here follow @xiaoya1988 on twitter? His twitter account is private, and I can't browse his collection of photos and videos. I tried to follow him since 2020, but he just won't accept the follow request. I heard that his last post is from 2019. If someone here could just...
  25. H

    David Foote - Davidfoote_fitness

    Major hunk
  26. 6

    Biceps And Pits

    If you’ve got big biceps, send a nice flex pic and I’ll rate them! Nice pits are a bonus too ;)
  27. E

    Gary Muller

    I think this guy deserves his own thread. I posted this on the fitness model thread already but wanted to make a thread for him. Massive biceps and beautiful armpits. Name: Gary Muller Instagram: @muller_gary
  28. T

    Alexander Molz

    Hey Guys, What do you think about this hot German Actor? His Name is Alexander Molz He is super buff and hot
  29. Dwnpfans

    Trey Sparks (@treysparksx) - Trav (@travisalanx)

    A hot ginger man His Twitter https://twitter.com/TreySparksX?s=09 His Instagram https://instagram.com/travisalanx?igshid=1lh34ajlvj9qc
  30. Dwnpfans

    Jose Vidal (@josevidal10)

    Un chico muy guapo de Valencia, España. Además es un entrenador personal No es muy activo en redes, pero cuando publica siempre sorprende Su Instagram Login • Instagram