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  1. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos My Chatburbate Collection

    Hi, here I post videos, photos and links of my favourite Chaturbate models
  2. F

    Photos & Videos Gabe Sadowsky

    Gabe Sadowksy is a model in Miami. He also appeared on Love Island Instagram: Login • Instagram He's tall, dark, and handsome. He has amazing hairy armpits, great beard and hair, and big muscles he loves to flex! On Love Island he described himself as a nerd in a Chad's body which is so hot!
  3. johnlong1991


    Anything on this Tiktok hunk? he goes live very often ℕ (@aesthetic.clark) | TikTok
  4. johnlong1991

    Dean Winters

    I'm surprised this hunk doesn't seem to have a thread yet, he's on the best flex and has an onlyfans, anyone subscribed or have full videos? Dean Winters's profile | TheBestFlex OnlyFans He looks amazing both bulking and shredding.
  5. H

    Website recommendations for Asian muscle hunks

    Hey everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for recommendations of good websites accessible from Europe to see hunky asian guys. Pretty boy athletes, bodybuilders, jocks etc. Doesn't have to be sex but erotic, nude, voyeuristic. Bonus points for flexing, muscle worship and cocksure...
  6. A

    Photos & Videos Hunor Salak - hot fitness trainer

    Hi all, Could you help me find out something about this Romanian/Hungarian fitness model and coach? He has a great physique. His insta is hunor.fitness Instagram Also, I found this video which I believe is him: Ripped stud pumps biceps (part 2)
  7. L

    Cameron Kozak (@kodakmovies)

    Hot movie nerd content creator that posts gym progress pics which are thirst traps fr.
  8. L

    schimmsky tiktok/onlyfans

    this guy from tiktok has an onlyfans and he posts workout stuff for $6 but if you request stuff in messages or PPV he does the job so well,fuck i asked him to do a little sweaty verbal play and he was soo fucking good and his muscles and ass are insaneee , worth subbing and tipping ! OnlyFans
  9. Senpa123

    Sourav Bagri

    I just drool at how amazing his body and genetics is. His hair, biceps, chest, everything!!! Got to admire how good this man looks. Holy!! His body is so eye catching.. even guys in public stare at him. I wonder what they are thinking about when looking at him.
  10. T

    Who is this stud?

    Could someone tell me this guy's name? I'd love to get more pics of him.
  11. M

    Ma Dong-Seok

    i'm surprised no one made a thread about him. he's a very manly hot daddy type. Madongseok GIF - Madongseok - Discover & Share GIFs like, look at that dont even need to take off his clothes to show how sexy he is. his eyes are dreamy, his bulging biceps and pecs are such a treat.
  12. F

    Reed DuPont @reeddupont

    Starting a thread for Reed DuPont. Insta YouTube TikTok He's a really hot country boy from Texas. Mainly posts workout, country, hunting, cowboy, and ranch life content. Would love if people had more of his content.
  13. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos MuscularFriend

  14. E

    Tattoed Muscle hunk worshipped

    Hi everybody! Could you please help me find the ID of this guy? Thanks ;) https://thisvid.com/videos/tattooed-muscle-worship/
  15. R

    Photos & Videos Sebastian Pannek (german bachelor 2017)

    sebastian pannek in my opinion is the hottest german bachelor of all time. he is a hot (and sometimes hairy) muscle daddy with a great smile and personality! Instagram
  16. R

    Photos & Videos Sephiron (german/swiss Pokétuber)

    sephiron (his real name is nicola) is an incredibly hot youtuber. he mainly produces pokémon content. i love his biceps so much :D i hope others like him as well and support him too Instagram Twitter YouTube Main Channel YouTube Second Channel
  17. G

    help me id these guys

    https://mymusclevideo.com/56087/bicep-fucked/ especially the guy who is doing the bicep fucking. please help me id him thank you i know it might be hard bc they dont show their faces but i trust yall know ur hot men. Please provide social media especially for the guy doing the jerking off i...
  18. TelenyyneleT

    Guys and their biceps

    Pics (and GIFs) of handsome men where we can clearly see great biceps, whether the guy is showing off intentionally or "accidentally". I have another thread about biceps but with a more specific subject, go check it out maybe ...
  19. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Men Shirtless in Underwear

  20. TelenyyneleT

    Photo Biceps ( hot effortless form )

    Okay so, i’m a big fan of biceps, i just love it, but what i really love is when a guy sits on a table (in class for exemple) and he’s holding is head with his hand. That way, the arm creates a perfect angle and the bicep stand out perfectly and i just wanna LICK IT sooooo bad :weary_face:. The...
  21. NicHalliwell

    Photo ID?

  22. C

    hunterstei Tiktok stud

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? He’s so hot
  23. X

    Video Who is this muscular bearded guy?

  24. 6

    Felix Gehricke

    This is Felix Gehricke, a really hot bodybuilder from germany @Felix.Gehricke on IG
  25. T

    Jayce Stansbery/Woah Jayce

    He’s 18, from Texas, does a lot of body building, and hot asf His instagram is @woahjayce and his tik tok is @jaycefitness
  26. D

    ID this hot guy from Buzzfeed?

    The way he puts his muscular arms on the door frame is just...let's just say it made me feel something. Time stamp at 0:38
  27. T

    Help ID this guy

    Does anyone know who he is and where i can find more of him?
  28. I

    Jessie Godderz

    I can't believe there's nothing about Jessie Godderz ! The dude's so freaking hot
  29. user_using_yow_pussii

    Name This Guy For Goodness Sake!!!

    okei, first stop....u know him guys? familiar??
  30. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos All My Crush

    Oliver Forslin (@oliverforslin)