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  1. AtticusHuynh

    My Bi-Curious Frat Brother (Real Story)

    This just happened a few days ago, and I think it is worth sharing. I'm a graduating senior at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest. Mike is a freshman from the West Coast, and he just joined our fraternity in the fall. Mike is tall, blonde, with pale skin and a lean, slightly muscular...
  2. K

    Big cocks in mid-michigan that want oral?

    19M, bicurious, and wanting to try new things. I’ve always had a fascination for giant cocks, and it’s been a little dream of mine as of late to just suck one. If you’re interested, send me a message and we can talk. I know i can’t be a chooser, but anything 8+ inches will grab my attention...
  3. heyluca1

    New here

    Hello everyone!! 25 yr old from Sweden. New here! My first pic.. ;) https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/screenshot_20220114-084613_gallery-jpg.9831441/
  4. Dee Camp Chest

    757/hampton Roads Tops (gay/bi)

    Hey. Bicurious teen wanting to get topped. Anyone in the 757/Hampton roads area?
  5. C

    Bisexual(?) Flatmate Came Out To Me, But Was Intoxicated Both Times. Do I Just Ignore It Now?

    I suppose this won't be the most interesting thread on here, but it's taking up a lot of my thinking time and I'd appreciate your advice as I'm a bit lost how to approach this situation. I'll try keep it short. I'm 24. Openly gay and confident in my sexuality. I started university last...
  6. sammer

    Not New To Lpsg But New To Posting

    Been on and off this site for years never posted a thread before. Ive been a serial monogamist most of my life. Recently been single for the past 2 years... Longest amount of time ive been single. lol... Anyways. Looking to have fun, make new friends let loose. Jack off buddies would be an...
  7. omarcoming

    Looking For Like Minded Big Dick Obsessed (or Big Dick Owner) Pen Pal

    Hi I’m not expecting to get much from this but basically I’m looking for someone who is obsessed with big thick cocks like I am and likes to talk about it, trade pics and such. It could also be someone who has a really big thick dick that likes talking to someone who basically worships their...
  8. T

    First M2m Encounter, Should I?

    I am 52 and have been bi-curious a lot more over last few years. I have never had any non-hetero sex, only been with women. But I havent been involved with a woman for a good 10 years now and i dont know if I am just lonely. And knowing I cant deal with a woman anymore, I am wondering if this...
  9. xserrano9

    Does Anyone Know His Name?

    Anyone know the name of this kid? Used to be one of my fave vids while growing up.
  10. S

    Question About Army Friend

    Army young guy got back from deployment. He made friends with me and we got trashed and I slept over. He wakes me up in his room finding stuff which is fine. Then tells me he started a waterfall shower for me to get before I take off for home. I hop out in my underwears. “Whoa! Hey...
  11. daddyandbabygirl

    Babygirl Seeks Hung, Switzerland/uk

    Hey all! Hot babygirl (23, CH) here with a handsome, hung daddy (22cm, 188 tall, 38 yrs, English). The avatar pic is us. We're in Switzerland - UK last 2 weeks of July- seeking a huge dick (22cm+/9inch+) to help daddy destroy me in an mmf threesome or a cute, submissive babygirl for mff who...
  12. J

    Is My Straight Friend Closeted?

    At university college, there's a guy I've become friends with in my class. He's shy, kind and has a girlfriend with whom he has been with for two years. I'm bicurious myself, and I have fantasies about him... But yeah, officially he's straight and has a girlfriend. We are in the same social...
  13. LeonardToronto

    Toronto, Bi Guy Newbie Here

    i recently joined and still tryoing to navigate my way and familiarize myself here on lpsg about me: 30yo, 5'10' 160lbs downtown core Toronto. Normally, My friends and buddies classify me as Bi (very discreet & in the closet) though I usually describe myself as a gay guy who eats and fucks...
  14. milo1730

    Who’s 90 % straight and from chicago suburbs?

    Do you live a straight lifestyle? Identify as straight, look straight. Not effeminate? Possibly married? Divorced? But feel a blowjob is a blowjob from a guy or girl? Feel it’s Taboo with a guy, but can still get hard at the thought? Discreetly occasionally go to an adult bookstore with a glory...
  15. milo1730

    90% to 100% straight guys chicago and suburbs roll call

    Looking to meet ( Maybe never meet face to face) , but chat with other guys living similar straight lifestyles. ( A bi curious or in the closet bisexual side never admitted to your real life social or work circle and never will!) This is a safe discreet group to meet like minded personalities...
  16. milo1730

    Hoffman estates, more straight than gay d/l

    would love to find a buddy for no strings attached blow and go occasionally. Married and straight lifestyle here and looking for the same kind of friend.No resiprocation necessary. I’m Ok with that too. Just be a normal guy.
  17. AW39

    For less than 100% str8 dudes

    Just curious... Those of you who list your sexuality as less than 100% straight but also don't really think of yourself as "bi", how do you determine what 'percentage' of straight you are and what does that mean for you?
  18. S

    Scottish / brit cumshots circle jerk ??

    add scott3256 23 m scotland slim hung uncut
  19. J

    Curious gay boy looking for straight florida couple

    25 years old. Never been with a women but curious would rather do this with a couple anyone interested in talking at least?
  20. N

    Curious frat guy

    So im very new to this website, and posting about the following is also a new one for me since its personal but i decided what the heck might as well try to see what others think about my sexuality as i am kinda confused and been confused. I guess im just looking to see what other people think...
  21. F

    Coming to nyc today

    Coming to NYC today through Saturday (24-28. July). There's no reason for me to do it alone. Hang out, jerk, let off some steam. DM me
  22. Ted Nelson

    Newbie from lansing, mi

    Im loving the options on this site!!!
  23. F

    Fellow lpsgers in/near surprise, arizona??

    Here for a few days and eager to meet some members...
  24. T

    Dad's in or near wheaton/naperville il area.

    Maybe I need to be more specific instead of just Chicago. Looking for bisexual/curious dad's near Naperville/Wheaton area.
  25. 1

    Skype nipple play and wank

    More men with hot wired nips? Get turned on by looking at other guys stroking their nipples through a shirt and without? Let's play on skype. Leave comments, pics, vids, skype id here Add me if you like: bob79fun (into fit men of all ages)
  26. T

    Bisexual man in chicago area

    Just looking for bisexual men to be friends with. I don't have any male friends that are bisexual. Wish I did! Near Chicago.