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  1. S

    KIK list

    I haven’t see list of guys who are on KIK so why not start one? I’m 37, straight, married but love seeing big shaved or trimmed cocks. Open to chatting about anything while I’m sitting in my office all day at work wishing I was home and stroking all day.. Brickup55
  2. N

    Explain Your Curiousity

    As a (mostly) straight, but curious, guy I wanted to know the perspective of other similar guys. After hearing about a buddy of mine accidentally veering into the gay section of an adult site (at that time "Gay" was always beneath "Lesbian" on mobile sites, so accidentally clicking there is...
  3. Dan9410

    Porn auditions and straight gay for pay?

    Awhile ago I posted an ad on a site called sexyjobs. I ended up getting a gf and forgetting about it. I checked the site later on and had a request for a site involving straight guys sucking dick (masked). the guy said you could make up to $2,000-$3,000 range and could decide between bwc or...
  4. JSS.JLk

    Kevin Creekman IG,OF (2nd Thread)

    [Original Post from: @Bgpolmast on 10/25/21 where it seems that there is no place for me to respond, so I add all the info right there. The discussion was about the IG (thecreekman) guy named Kevin Creekman. The thread became locked and is 'Not open for further replies'. So here I am Starting...
  5. Alfred1699

    Photos & Videos Ethan_sam

    These lads Ethan Sawyer (Italian) and Sam Tyler (South African) are M!s$4l3X7h0rn / j02hM!n3207 sidekicks. Both I belive are bicurious and become more comfortable to explore their sexuality together. It's really cute to see their interactions. Their onlyfans Some of their contents from the...
  6. hockeydick

    Best Porn to show Bicurious Friend

    Hey guys, the stakes are high. I have a bicurious friend who came out to me. We have done some kissing, cuddling, over the pants stuff, and have shown each other dick pics. I recently asked him if he wanted to watch some gay porn together when we hangout next and he said yes. He loves straight...
  7. S

    Anyone from Syd Aus?

    Asian aussie keen to serve
  8. M

    Any story involving one of your straight best friends

    I think a lot of us "mostly straight" bi dude can confirm that it is a big fantasy that never really dies. For us that are not out, although we tend to feel alone in this, it's nearly impossible that we really are right ? I'm looking for stories and experiences that could give us some hope that...
  9. A

    Bicurious Tops in their 50's, 60's wanted for chat.

    I am romantically straight but sometimes I have bi fantasies about older men. Hoping I can find a man in his 50's or 60's that would like to chat and perhaps trade pics. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. I am in my 30's, fit and fantasize of being a bottom but have never...
  10. Scrtstsh

    Bay Area Str8 and DL Bros - Snap Group

    Looking for other straight or DL bros in the SF Bay Area. Trade pics, videos fucking our girls, compare cocks and more. Reply with your stats and username and I'll add you to the group!
  11. R

    New here, finally had first experience

    Been around on the site for a while. Finally had first experience with man and I’m hooked and now finding so much more great content on this forum Time and place was right last night. Finally gave my first blow job. Sucked his balls, licked up and down his shaft, smacked his dick into my...
  12. M

    How to make straight curious friend horny and crave you

    Made a couple post already - but I'm curious if any of you mostly straight or bi bros want to share your story. Have you ever led a close straight friend into wanting you more and wanting to experiment ? Full story wanted with all the juicy details I have a super close friend that gives all the...
  13. D

    NEW SC GROUP for fit guys with big cocks

    Hey bros I’m gonna create a group for fit / hung / handsome guys. Age 18-30 Send a pic to @mikeyscockk .
  14. M

    Straight friend showing sex tape and getting intimate

    I'm super close with a straight friend and we always share very intimate stories or point pf views - made a post about it already if you want more context. We are both in our early 30s. Whenever we are just the 2 of us, I always feel a sexual tension and I dont think i'm imagining it as I am...
  15. twister926

    Did I misread my straight friend sending me signals that he might want to explore bisexuality with me?

    I know there is a lot of similar topics on LPSG but I would like to ask bicurious men about a specific situation with my friend. This has been nagging me for a while and I would appreciate answers mainly from guys who were mostly straight but discovered their bisexuality in their 20s or 30s. I...
  16. M

    How many close "straight friends" you suspect or confirmed that are bi curious ?

    Having used this website, reddit and other hookup forums, I can't help but notice the amount of "straight but curious" folks (always on the down low just like me). I can't be the only one in my circle right ? I'm 30M and have a lot guy friends - and I've been trying to find someone that can...
  17. Mannysos

    Black Straight/BiCurious/DL/ Married Guys Snapchat Group (Age:18-28)

    Wassup guys, creating a private Snapchat group for straight, bicurious, Dl, and married men. Preferably black athletic, fit, masculine men. Of age younger guys preferred. I am a straight guy with a gf but would like to explore the other side and trade nude photos as well as video cam other hot...
  18. briacon429

    A Straight Couple Goes Gay

    I know I’m not the only guy who likes girl-on-girl action. I mean come on: that’s why lesbian porn is as popular as it is. I know plenty of dudes with big collections of it. Me, I’ve been jacking off to that stuff for ages. Even when I was eighteen, I practically made an art out of getting...
  19. J

    Photos & Videos Nudes are Welcome! :)

    Hey, I’m a 21 yo guy who is bicurious. Lately, I’ve been very much attracted to the male physique and find it so fucking hot . I don’t know if it’s just as a fellow guy or as a person who might be interested in more. Regardless, I love seeing hot naked guys with nice physique. Mad respect for...
  20. J

    What should a newbie know before their first time in an Adult Store Arcade?

    I originally posted this in ask a man, but didn't quite get the sort of response I was hoping for. Hope to get some more knowledgeable folk here. Yesterday I found myself in an adult store with one of those arcades in back, basically a dark hallway with a series of doors. I saw men coming in...
  21. AtticusHuynh

    My Bi-Curious Frat Brother (Real Story)

    This just happened a few days ago, and I think it is worth sharing. I'm a graduating senior at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest. Mike is a freshman from the West Coast, and he just joined our fraternity in the fall. Mike is tall, blonde, with pale skin and a lean, slightly muscular...
  22. K

    Big cocks in mid-michigan that want oral?

    19M, bicurious, and wanting to try new things. I’ve always had a fascination for giant cocks, and it’s been a little dream of mine as of late to just suck one. If you’re interested, send me a message and we can talk. I know i can’t be a chooser, but anything 8+ inches will grab my attention...
  23. heyluca1

    New here

    Hello everyone!! 25 yr old from Sweden. New here! My first pic.. ;) https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/screenshot_20220114-084613_gallery-jpg.9831441/
  24. Dee Camp Chest

    757/hampton Roads Tops (gay/bi)

    Hey. Bicurious teen wanting to get topped. Anyone in the 757/Hampton roads area?
  25. C

    Bisexual(?) Flatmate Came Out To Me, But Was Intoxicated Both Times. Do I Just Ignore It Now?

    I suppose this won't be the most interesting thread on here, but it's taking up a lot of my thinking time and I'd appreciate your advice as I'm a bit lost how to approach this situation. I'll try keep it short. I'm 24. Openly gay and confident in my sexuality. I started university last...
  26. sammer

    Not New To Lpsg But New To Posting

    Been on and off this site for years never posted a thread before. Ive been a serial monogamist most of my life. Recently been single for the past 2 years... Longest amount of time ive been single. lol... Anyways. Looking to have fun, make new friends let loose. Jack off buddies would be an...
  27. omarcoming

    Looking For Like Minded Big Dick Obsessed (or Big Dick Owner) Pen Pal

    Hi I’m not expecting to get much from this but basically I’m looking for someone who is obsessed with big thick cocks like I am and likes to talk about it, trade pics and such. It could also be someone who has a really big thick dick that likes talking to someone who basically worships their...
  28. T

    First M2m Encounter, Should I?

    I am 52 and have been bi-curious a lot more over last few years. I have never had any non-hetero sex, only been with women. But I havent been involved with a woman for a good 10 years now and i dont know if I am just lonely. And knowing I cant deal with a woman anymore, I am wondering if this...
  29. D

    Does Anyone Know His Name?

    Anyone know the name of this kid? Used to be one of my fave vids while growing up.
  30. S

    Question About Army Friend

    Army young guy got back from deployment. He made friends with me and we got trashed and I slept over. He wakes me up in his room finding stuff which is fine. Then tells me he started a waterfall shower for me to get before I take off for home. I hop out in my underwears. “Whoa! Hey...