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big balls

  1. E

    Biggest balls on LPSG

    Post photos of the BIGGSET balls on LPSG. No medium, just HUGE.
  2. CharlieJames123

    Does anyone have similar sized balls, and if so, do they cause many issues?

  3. CharlieJames123

    Guess I should be showing off my balls! (18, UK)

  4. C

    What does this mean. Wife said some strange things to me when we got married and had sex.

    When my wife and I first got married, my wife commented for some reason on my ball size. We were fore playing and she was giving me a hand job when I told her to touch my balls. She touched them and said. "Are you sure you have two balls" "I said yes one here and one there I pointed out to her"...
  5. D

    Big Barrel Billy

    So I'm a female trying my hand at some erotic stories. This one will be posted in about 5 or 6 parts. First one will have the least "erotic" material to get things going. Chapter 1 "The Beginning" The year was 1878 and life in Nebraska was hard. After the war, Billy’s dad, Wilbur Johnson, had...
  6. D

    Ball and cock pumping

    Let’s see those pumped cock and balls Even better if you show before and after pumping
  7. L


  8. IdleHandsR4THEDEVIL

    10/10 but who?!

    Pollination requested.
  9. M

    Showing off my mosterdick

  10. C

    Photos & Videos MalakhBoy

    I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this guy yet. He is packing. https://twitter.com/MalakhBoy
  11. J

    Looking for the full video! Please help!

    Hey y'all, I love this video on Thisvid and was hoping to get help identifying the full video/studio. Thanks in advance for the help! https://thisvid.com/videos/big-ballg/
  12. L

    Who is this?

    Does anyone who this guy is, all I know is that I found this on Twitter and obviously from ILIKEITHUGE.COM. B
  13. TexaStud

    Thick Flaccid cock

    Been feeling thick and juicy lately even while having a flaccid cock (; these balls need a good draining
  14. C

    Photos & Videos Who is this Chaturbate's model with big/huge balls?

    He's a Chaturbate's model but I don't know his name. Who is?
  15. W

    Help me find out who this guy is

    Any idea who he is? Any links? Greatly appreciated.
  16. D


    Just an old guy who loves to take a peek. Enjoy interacting with mature guys.
  17. Danter11


  18. H

    Need help identifying this daddy!

    Anyone know this guys name or @?
  19. Untitled


  20. D

    Big dick and big balls

    You like ride my dick? Lick en suck my balls? Let me cum deep inside you? You love take care of my blonde babies deep inside you?? Tell me ...
  21. My balls are bigger than a jumbo egg

    My balls are bigger than a jumbo egg

  22. Bathtime


  23. Wine bottle

    Wine bottle

  24. Beer bottle

    Beer bottle

  25. Video games

    Video games

  26. A

    Who is this guy?

    Somebody knows who this guy is? https://www.webcamjackers.com/video/biggest-balls-39025.html
  27. D

    Photo anyone know who this is?

  28. A


    I didnt find any thread specific for him, so here it goes. He used to have other twitter account with so much more pictures of him, with his big cock and balls, but there are a few in his new account https://twitter.com/FrankBoXReal
  29. D

    Big Ball Problems

    So I just found out that my balls are large, after 6 years with my boyfriend he tells me and I am shook. I am curious if I have really big balls or just larger then average as all either of us have to compare to are porn and our ex's, who aren't numerous. Anyways my balls are each slightly...
  30. M

    Photo Who Is This Sexy Top

    Pls identyfy this sexy guy i mean instagram account twitter or name of this guy or any nude video is plus point Thanks