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  1. MyCellPhone

    Photo Big Dudes

    Went Crazy Ai Generator - Here’s a dump. Part. 1
  2. K

    Solrizzy (tik toker with a fat ass)

    I’m so glad I found this cutie again. He’s gone by several names on tik tok, but all of his accounts have been banned. He loves to shake his ass on tik tok and I just recently stumbled upon him on Twitter and he shows his phatty off along with his cute hole Solariz cyber - Instabio | Linkbio...
  3. M

    Nkululeko Zane Dlamini

    The king of squats Nkululeko Zane Dlamini aka Nyawolomshini is here! So mouth watering. He can steal your man and your man’s father and grandfather. Thoughts?? IG: @king_of_squats
  4. C


    Hey everyone happy new years. I hope i can make some more great friends on here and more importantly more people look at my pictures and say all the things theyd like to do to me. there is one special friend i made on here so shoutout to him. love to make more friends ;)
  5. P


    He's hot and has a pretty cool editing style/niche (the vintage porn stuff) He seems really slutty if his tweets are anything to go by, talks about getting fucked and being a cumdump a lot There was a few vids of him getting fucked but he's deleted them, never seen him do a collab with another...
  6. M

    Solofa Fatu Jr. “Rikishi”

    I know there may be mixed opinions on this old school wrestler Rikishi. But I have an obsession with fat asses and Polynesian men. He fits that bill. He is much older now but him back in the day, whew. If I had a huge dick he would be spanked, bent over, and fucked hard till my semen is deep...
  7. treyking402

    Melvin Gregg -Actor-

  8. B

    ALTÉGO (DJ Twins)

    Anyone got anything on Lukas? He's got a seriously FAT ass! Always showing it off on his insta
  9. ViviKat

    Hi I’m Vivi Kay, 18 yo Ebony trans - no surgery no hormones

    I am looking for fun and learn about the trans porn industry.
  10. S

    Nacho Bartret HOT (Big Booty) gymcrush Powerlifter

    Un chico español muy caliente y divertido. Tiene un culo enorme y es muy guapo y musculoso. Acaba de abrir su cuenta en onlyfans. A very hot and funny Spanish boy. He has a huge ass and he is very handsome and muscular. He just opened his onlyfans account. OnlyFans Instagram: nachobartret
  11. M

    Roger Danik aka “Big Roger”

    This handsome stud is gay pornstar Roger Danik aka “Big Roger”. He has such intimidating but kind eyes. Although most of his scenes are solo and more homo erotic themes, he is very easy on the eyes. Where is he now? Does he have an alternate porn name? Thoughts?
  12. H

    Can anyone ID this chubby white ass?

    Found it on Reddit but under a fake account.
  13. B

    20 fem virgin boy looking to trade on snap

    hi guyssss i’m a 20 fem virgin boy and i’m always extremely hornyyyy, i’m curvy, and got an ass on me. I’m into masc guys, tops that are into ass play, guys with big cocks, anything. Open to anyone :) drop your snap if you’re interested and i’ll add you
  14. DFoster

    Stefon Diggs

    Enough is enough, it’s time this man has his own thread
  15. M

    Brandon Gilliand

    This sexy power builder coach, army vet, ex convict is Brandon Gilliand. He has a nice bulge and big booty. Has anyone subscribed to his OnlyFans? Thoughts? IG: @akatsukigains OnlyFans: @bigdickdaddy1000
  16. M

    Brandt Eckerfield

    I came across this dude on Instagram by the name of Brandt Eckerfield. First off, he identifies as STRAIGHT. But I can’t help but compliment his ass, thighs, and pecs. He is shorter which kind of makes it hotter for some reason. He kind of turns me on. I want him to sit on my face and ride it...
  17. S

    raylucas07 Instagram Ray Trias (Venezuelan) big booty ass hot muscle

    Este venezolano es increíble, tiene un cuerpo musculoso y un culo enorme. Deberías pedirle contenido desnudo y que se convierta en onlyfans. Su enorme culo está caliente.
  18. M

    Deep Threat

    This thread is for the sexy Deep Threat. He is a straight porn actor with a huge gay following. This form is to be open for gay, straight, and bi fans. I am a huge fan of not only his huge cock, but also his big booty. I have many fantasies about it. Any thoughts?? Twitter: @DeepThreat
  19. Phatbooty_


    Chill cute fem boy in #philly. I like going to the gym, riding faces and watching football. I ❤️ #bbc cause I’m good at eating it & it looks good in my pretty mouth. Getting my ass spanked.
  20. S


    Sexy Russian bloger Big_boy at Taplink if you have more videos or photos, please share :)
  21. DFoster

    David Njoku

    Sexy tight end for the Cleveland Browns has a huge body, long beautiful hair and a dump truck for a booty!
  22. M

    Kevin Galdamez

    This is Kevin Galdamez, owner of the clothing line Paris Fashion Boutique. I came across his Instagram and fell in love. I am a bottom, but I have this thing about wanting to get him pregnant. I want him to sit on my face with that juicy booty. Y’all can keep the twinks. I want some of him...
  23. D

    Can anyone help find

    Hey guys. Can anyone help find the full length of this video.. or anyone have it?
  24. I


    Found this video from a booty enthusiast ig account and they tagged them but their profile was banned recently Anyone have more from them?
  25. M

    Jackquell Gordon

    This big booty Rudy is Jackquell Gordon. I was going down the rabbit hole of Google and came across this sexy mf. He has one of the phattest asses I’ve ever seen. I subscribed to his OnlyFans (1 month free) and OMG. He gets pegged by women but it’s still sexy af. I’m really turned on. I’m a...
  26. herlll3

    Big Booty Idol - Huta (Minhyuk) - BTOB

  27. M

    Cuba V. DeMoan

    This sexy mf is Cuba V. DeMoan. He has one of the fattest asses in the industry. Such a waste that he only did straight porn. His ass was bottom worthy. I am a bottom, but I would totally fuck him in the ass. So unreal. Thoughts??
  28. treyking402

    Jayson Tatum

  29. M

    Does this guy look familiar?

    He has a nice ass and pretty face. Anyone know him??
  30. M

    Who is this big booty military guy?