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big dick envy

  1. Nomdeplume

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  11. sda93

    Looking for fun!

    Hello everyone! I’m a recent college graduate looking to have sex with a man for the first time. I’ve never been with a man and want to try bottoming for the first time. I’ve always pictured myself as being submissive and dominated by a man with a large penis. I’m a chub! (460lbs) with a small...
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    I can't decide if I'm cummin' or goin. Here's another video of me jacking off my great big dick:
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  14. B

    Looking to chat with hung guys

    Any hung guys want to chat and exchange pics and vids? I would love to trade tributes.
  15. A

    Photo Archie.untitled instagram

    Anybody got any pics of Archie? I have some friends who have seen his cock and say it’s above 8.5”, and some that have said as big as 9” Haven’t been able to get a hold of any nudes though, it’s crazy that he’s so young yet so hung, it’s so hot
  16. C

    How to deal with big dick envy

    Hey so I myself love big dicks. Wished I had one but dont. even worse I am about 1.94m tall so it looks even smaller than it is on me. Its about 14 cm long and 14 cm circumference. thats barely average right? Maybe a bit thicker than average I dont know you tell me. The thing is my ex which I...