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big dicks

  1. S

    Any Men that Likes to Listen to Secret Gay Recordings of DL Having Sex

    Secret ATL party of black married men, fathers, teachers, and pastors having sex. No names included. The audio is over an hour long. This is just a snippet. Try not to bust too hard.
  2. K

    Snapchat group LINK

    If the link doesn't work tap it again and again, it eventually will work. Tons of dick pics, join us Únete a mi grupo en Snapchat ANSWER THIS THREAT SO IT STAYS UP AND MORE PEOPLE JOIN AND SHOW OFF
  3. freshphony


  4. L

    Private Gloryhole in Manhattan (or hand-/ blowjob)

    Hey y’all! I’m visiting Manhattan next week and I want to set up a private gloryhole in my hotel room or offer hand-/ blowjobs if gloryholes are not your thing. Hit me up and let’s have fun :) Please include your dick pics with your message. Btw, I’m a 32 y/o M, slim and shy if you’re into that ;)
  5. T

    Why is gay sex so addicting on drugs?

    Let's be honest here. No judgement.
  6. DevonTexas

    Big Dick Twinks

    My weakness is fit college guys and hung twinks. Feel free to share pics, gifs, and videos
  7. Goldigger

    Help identify these guys - Cam Models

    Hey could anyone tell me who these guys are?
  8. S

    Video Who is this? Does anyone know this guy?

    Does anyone know this guy's name?
  9. D

    Damon Dayski

    He got some dick on him
  10. D

    Men with brown skin

    Brownskin Black Men
  11. F


    here to share all the pictures we have of men and the view from below, i’ll start with my favorite one ever
  12. D


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses
  13. treyking402


  14. CBT in this case Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    CBT in this case Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  15. liam.johnson11

    Snapchat Group

    starting a new snapchat group for big dicks and sharing nudes here's the invite link: Snapchat - Group Invite
  16. liam.johnson11

    Snapchat Group

    starting a new snapchat group for big dicks and sharing nudes here's the invite link: Snapchat - Group Invite
  17. J

    The Men Of Hot Guys Fuck

    Amari Johnson (Amari Wade)
  18. SouthPole

    Jackoff Videos

    Ok, I went back five pages & couldn’t find a thread dedicated to hot solo action videos (shocking, actually) so I’m starting one .... this can be a thread where we can share (or post!) videos of guys alone, rubbing one out. I mean, who can’t appreciate the sight of a guy jacking his cock to...
  19. H

    Big Dicks In Conn., Ma., Ri., Or Ny.

    well hung, horny, handsome guy here. Looking to get together with big dick guys for jerk buds, edging, public bulge showoff, and more. Really like the idea of having you sit back and being worshipped and or just stroked and edged for hours. Guys with low hanging balls are a plus. Feel free to...
  20. S

    Blacked & Blackedraw Fans

    I love the set of sites with Vixen, Blacked and Blackedraw and was curious to know which scenes are people's favourites and why? One of my personal recent favourites is Sly Diggler with Valentina Nappi. She takes him like a champ and the chemistry is great. Which scenes have you watched from...
  21. perthjames

    Do Cultures With Public Nudity Worry Less About Having A Big Dick?

    Do cultures with public nudity worry less about having a big dick? Do you think if guys see each other regularly in public nudity situations, they're less worried about their own dick size? Some cultures are pretty open with public nudity eg: Japan, Iceland, whereas other cultures eg: USA...
  22. F

    Minnesota Roll Call For Men Wanting Head

    Who all is in Minnesota. Looking for guys that would love to meet up and get head. Let's see who is in the state.
  23. Bhabie

    Middle Aged Men With Big Dicks

    I'm really a sucker for a hot dad bod!
  24. 4

    Double And Triple Penetration (straight)

    Hi everyone I just recently realized just how hot double and triple penetration is. I'm slow catching on to this! I'd love to try it. I've done Mmm only once and it didn't turn out the way I expected. Enjoy the pics and feel free to upload some of your own you find hot!
  25. ca11um

    Photos & Videos World Naked Bike Ride (wnbr) London June 2020. Who's Going?

    The World Naked Bike Ride 2020 is set to take place in London on 13th June. Is anyone from here going to spectate or take part? Anyone been before and wants to share stories/pics? I'm definitely going to go this year, wanted to go for such a long time!
  26. 1

    Photo Cum Shooters

    Share and enjoy photos, GIFs and videos of notable cum shots
  27. Z

    Photo Kingpinsla Onlyfans

    Anybody has any pictures on this OF? Is it worth it?
  28. D

    Photo Playgirl Cfnm And Dream Lovers

    I want to see your CFNM and Dream Lovers pictures from Playgirl
  29. 9

    23yr old bbc fit in #iowa

    13639491363949guy from Des Moines looking for fun here and there. Send me a message and I get back to you with stats and more pics.
  30. 1

    Movies with full frontal male nudity

    Good Morning LPSG'ers! Looking for movies with full frontal male nudity. First one that comes to my mind is Starship Troopers. Share your favorites!