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big loads

  1. /DOS/

    Odd enough…

    I haven’t seen my dick semen in more than a few years. I never j/o and I’m always busting my loads in asses or down throats. I miss seeing my thick creamy King load oozing from my huge dick hole.
  2. D

    Extraordinary Loads (Hyperspermia)

    Hey guys, I'm curious how many other dudes here have experienced a man who shoots extraordinarily huge loads. Hyperspermia or just hyper-horny, I've been with a few guys over the years who shot so powerfully and with so much volume that I still think about the experiences with them years later...
  3. F

    BWC cumshot compilation - my goto if all else fails

    Always-Horny420 on pornhub - a horny exhibitionist with a great dick and big cumshots. Solo cumshot compilation and he even promised he would post another one once he reached 100k views, just 10k more to go. Would be great if you could give it a look, post about it and share it - I would...
  4. ViewingPleasure

    Best Cumpilations under 5 mins

    This is a great cumshot (mostly facials) compilation that I recently came across, figuratively and literally. :p;):yum Cum all over HER Please share your favorite, best are under 5 minutes for a quick cum and go, but if you have one that’s longer please share that, too!
  5. TCDB

    Los Angeles - Hung Visitor Looking For Hung

    Hey Guys, I'm in LA (staying LAX area) from Wednesday, July 31st - Monday, August 5th. Looking for other fit and hung guys to hang out with. I mostly get into foreplay type stuff JO/Oral etc. Love edging. Hit me up here or on KiK. KiK - JustFunTimes8
  6. auncut10in

    Finding Cum

    Have you ever walked into a bathroom stall and seen fresh cum drippig down the wall? Have you ever seen dried cum in very unexpected and sometimes spectacular places? The gym that I go to has 3 flights of stairs leading up to the the gym entrance. One side of the stairwell is glass from floor...
  7. JDFatHead

    My vids at hotgoo.com

    Dozens of dirty masterbating and anal Insertion vids! Hot Goo: Search Results for Polepounder fag