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big muscles

  1. J


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses
  2. M

    George Ta / Gta.fitness

    George Ta is an amazing bodybuilder nutritionist who travels between Dubai and Los Angeles. He is absolutely gorgeous, perfect, and radiates masculinity. At the same time, has an amazing ass you could eat for days. His eyes are so intense. Who has further information on this man??
  3. UnCutBlackBull925

    Goal To Be Swole

    Want to get bodybuilder big with goal on stepping stage next year. I been looking at lot videos and finding a lot great subject matter anyways I was share with hopefully others to join in. I will do my best to accredit the guys
  4. UnCutBlackBull925

    Review On Jason Luv Only Fans Page

    Jason Luv -signed on for month now. It's $6.00 a month has 391 photos and videos are 491! His page is going to get 5 out of 5 stars. OnlyFans
  5. L

    Big Boys And Their Big Toys

    Thread for those like me who love tall, muscular men with big dicks. Who's your favorite? One of mine is Ken Ryker:
  6. Dickalmighty

    Looking For Other Big Dick Buff Guys In Nyc/nj

    I'm looking for other in shape guys with big dicks to compare workout together on a regular. Be great if a few guys can get into it. Myself I'm a bodybuilder I do and have competed. Bug muscles and a big dick. You don't have to be a bodybuilder just be in good shape and not shy to show off...