1. D


    Anybody else find this big, athletic dude kinda hot? Login • Instagram
  2. J


    Anyone know who this insanely hot hunk is. He’s insanely hung. The video is from 2012, maybe Omegle or a site known as International Wanker?. anyone know who this is?
  3. explosionerection

    What's the perfect penis size? (Length)

    What do you consider to be the perfect penis size? In reality, a penis that's too big can hurt more than it gives pleasure. So what is the most enjoyable size?
  4. explosionerection

    Veiny dicks on LPSG

    Who's got a veiny dick? Post either of yourself or tag other members of LPSG
  5. explosionerection

    The perfect bodies of LPSG

    Who's got it all? Big hard dick, big soft dick, big balls and a fit body? Post either of yourself or tag other members of LPSG
  6. M

    donald treglia (papa don)

    ughh daddy bear also nice art of him
  7. L

    Photos & Videos Id? Is there more?

    Guys, I've just found a video from this hot hung daddy, I wonder if anyone know who he is and if there's more from him out there.
  8. explosionerection

    The most aesthetically beautiful packages on LPSG

    Who's got it all? Beautiful dick and balls? Doesn't need to be the largest package, just the most aesthetically pleasing to look at
  9. explosionerection

    Length, girth, balls or body?

    What is the most attractive feature to you? Length, girth, balls or a nice body? If you would HAVE to pick
  10. maysix77

    Can anyone ID this hot guy?

    He is so hot . Does anyone know his name / aliases? Thanks
  11. P

    Any Dropbox, Google drive for BBC solo vids

    Hey, wondered if anyone has any google drives etc or knows any, with BBC solo vids... Cumshots, toys etc
  12. U

    WillyUncut: "The Weeping Cock"

    Was scrolling through Twitter today and came across one of the best, cockthrobbing-inducing pricks I've ever seen. It's from a new erotic content producer who calls himself WillyUncut. He has hyperspermia, oftentimes squirting out a mixture of precum and cum for what appears to often last half...
  13. U

    WillyUncut: The Hyperspermic

    Was scrolling through Twitter today and came across one of the most gorgeous genitals that I've ever seen. Perfectly reflective cockhead, big hairy balls, and a dick that does nothing but squirt gallons. 10/10, lol. URL:
  14. explosionerection

    Thickest soft dick on LPSG

    Who's got the thickest soft dick on LPSG? No average. Just the very thickest. Can be long or short as long as it's really fat. Gooo!
  15. M

    mrblaqwood Onlyfans and X / Twitter

    Hi everyone, I'm uploading some hot material both on and OnlyFans Hope you join and like!
  16. explosionerection

    Longest dick on LPSG

    Who's got the longest dick on LPSG? No above average, just the very longest. Can be fat or skinny as long as it's really long
  17. F


    Anyone got anything on this guy?
  18. N

    Hey these are my lowhangers. My flaccid is 6 inches to show scale

    My huge lowhangers. I have a 6 inch soft just to show u scale �
  19. explosionerection

    Thickest cock on LPSG

    Post photos of the THICKEST dicks on LPSG. No average girth, just the ABSOLUTE fattest!
  20. T

    Photos & Videos Best Dildo´s Photos and Videos

    Let's share
  21. explosionerection

    Biggest balls on LPSG

    Post photos of the BIGGSET balls on LPSG. No medium, just HUGE.
  22. P

    Photos & Videos _Red91_

    Anyone got anything on this guy? Or care to take the plunge lol
  23. P

    Photos & Videos Mexican Dick

    Show your Hispanic, Latino or Mexican Dick.
  24. Y

    Grozdan Mihaylov

    Grozdan is a Bulgarian hunk. His Twitter is: @damnmadickisbig
  25. J

    Photo ID this smokin muscle stud?

    Anyone know who this guy is? Thanks
  26. JotaT

    POLL Professional Divers: who has the biggest cock? (Poll closes January 1, 2024)

    Who has the biggest cock? Apart two or three divers whose nude photos we saw, of all the others we could only see the bulge... So, based on what we see, who do you think has the biggest dick? You can look for their photos in LPSG in the threads dedicated to them or search on the net... Below...
  27. madridpersona

    Athletes with big packages

    Let’s post pics of athletes with big packages.
  28. 8

    Photo Who is this Latino stud ?

    Hi everyone, It’s my first message here, so I hope you’re all doing well. I saw a few months ago some pictures of a hot Latino stud. Does someone recognize him please ? Many thanks to you all !
  29. explosionerection

    Big softies with lowhangers

    If you got a big soft dick with low hanging big balls please bless us all with pictures. No semis, completely soft.