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  1. A

    Need your help ! Realbigbite video

    Anyone has this video from Realbigbite ??
  2. naughty_boy_toy

    Just a boy with a hot yummy cock.

    Hey all! I joined LPSG years ago but never really got active. Looking to change that in the naughtiest way possible ;)
  3. C

    JMEDZ (Jonny English)

    No one ever talks about this TikToker, literally has a VERY Phat Ass and is even doing OF with really great prices too Customs and all! So I thought I’d make a thread for him. Meet JMEDZ/Jonny English
  4. J

    MANUDIAMOND/ @manuofi1

    Anything on this guy, his nickname is @manuofi1 on Twitter, he’s so HOT!
  5. P

    Photo Heavy hog

    Describe my penis!
  6. Ray3

    Photo Damen Rockford - Bodybuilder - Monstercock

    Sharing a collection of images of Damen Rockford, a big muscular bodybuilder with a BIG monstercock. I tried looking for decent videos of him but most of them are shit quality and not worth it for that reason. If you have good quality videos of him (720p and up) feel free to post them here...
  7. B

    Anyone know the socials of Dane Dublin?

    Can anyone help me ID this guy? He's done some content for HotGuysFuck and GayHoopla. Probably one of the best porn stars on that site! Thanks!
  8. J

    Anyone know who this sexy man at work is? ID Him

    I always stumble across this image. I’ve tried everything to find out who this is. Looks like a legit pornstar. Tried google search but nothing. Looks like a handyman possibly. Anyone know who this sexy man is or have any ideas?! Thanks!
  9. barehole4use

    Bathhouse Adventurous

    I had decided to visit the bathhouse and had done some research and decided to visit a bathhouse that wasn’t far from the airport and was close to the shipping yards in Long Beach. So about 3 o’clock I arrived at the bathhouse paid to get in, was handed a towel lubricant package and my key and...
  10. A

    Blackmambaita / Big Roman Only Fans

    Ciao, qualcuno ha materiale di questo ragazzo da OnlyFans? Vi allego il profilo twitter: Blackmambaita
  11. M

    Hugo_bigdick Onlyfans

    Alguien ha entrado a su onlyfans? En twitter parece que cada vez muestra más Someone knows his Onlyfans? On twitter has good pics https://twitter.com/hugo_bigdick
  12. P

    fahel35 Unlockd

    Hello everyone, does anyone have his full videos? And can she post here? Unfortunately I don't have a credit card and can't get his subscription. Thanks in advance! :heart::kissing_heart: fahel35 - Unlockd fahel_2021 - Twitter
  13. I

    Kem o Kember Actor Porno Colombiano

    Actor colombiano de SDProducciones, generalmente sale de coprotagonista de sus compañeras, pero él es un Dios! ¿Saben si tiene redes propias? No hay encuentro. ¡Bendito Colombia desde México! Hay material de él en diferentes sitios, pero de él cómo protagonista o redes sociales, no encuentro.
  14. D

    Links @GAHUNGtop in twitter

    anything about this daddy? he’s so hot his onlyfans: OnlyFans on twitter: https://x.com/gahungtop?s=21&t=5ieeI9FPbTcehzB3RzciSQ
  15. barehole4use

    The repair man

    Earlier this year, I placed an ad on our local Squirt Message Board letting people know that I walk our neighborhood each morning and would be open to sucking cocks along the way. I met three great guys. Two of them are semi-regular, and one became a golfing buddy and regular “dom”. It had been...
  16. barehole4use

    Built like a brick shithouse

    This one was unplanned and I never really thought this would actually happen, but here we go. I had a mate who knew this guy. They lived across the road from each other and Nick, the neighbour, would always hang shit on him for being gay. Years went by and as it turned out there was a reason...
  17. barehole4use

    Getting a straight guy to breed me

    The big city gym where I used to work out and swim was very corporate and full of city workers, so there wasn’t much obvious action, but after a few weeks training there I noticed a guy who seemed to spend more time in the sauna and locker room than in the gym. He was tall, slim and quite...
  18. W

    Big dicks masturbation in Snapchat

    Guys with big dicks more than 18 cm athletics or sport guys who wants jerk sometimes in Snapchat make exchange photos and have a lot of fun Wait for your snaps and dick photos and we will chat soon
  19. H

    Hey all! Im new here. Open for new friends!

    Hey all! Im new here. Just hot kinky dom with monster cock.
  20. L

    Proof that Brazilian guys are well hung

    Videos and pics from STRAIGHT brazilian guys I talked to.
  21. my hustband fuck me everyday

    my hustband fuck me everyday


    My meat

  23. L

    Photos & Videos Drew Woods(drewsdick8/infamousdrew/drewxwoods

    Someone got his photos,vids etc..?
  24. imhereforthegayporn

    Wantmewantu1 / Johnny Dream

    I'm wondering if you guys have content from Wantmewantu1 / Johnny Dream Fansly.com
  25. C

    Hot slim guy with big schlong abreakwithjake

    Anyone is following the free OnlyFans account abreakwithjake? Not much to see for now but I purchased some pics, this guy have literally a third leg down there. Today he posted a dick pic and I hope he will post more.
  26. johnsonjohnsonusa

    Huge Morning Wood

    Morning! (Sorta) Post those huge erections shortly after waking up - I'll go first Texas bwc here
  27. DMUC0815

    Show your girth

  28. DMUC0815

    New dude from Germany ;)

    Hey all, guy with a good dick new here. Like the soft pic? :)
  29. S

    Richard Dulanto