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  1. D

    Biggest ass on onlyfans?

    I am a lover of the truly BIG asses and I am always looking for the biggest muscle/bubble butt possible. Fake or not I don't care, as long as its HUGE. I follow a few different pages of all the ones I follow Matthew Mason might be the biggest. What do you all think, who are some of the biggest...
  2. yakuta765

    Riley Reid Porn

    Video Link: Riley Reid's Big Black Cock Massage Video Link: TEEN RILEY REID TAKES ON BIGGEST BBC IN THE WORLD MANDINGO Video Link: Melissa Moore and Riley Reid make a Selfie while Sucking Cock
  3. Jamesishuge

    Anyone Id This Monster?

  4. Jamesishuge

    Wanting Bigger Leaves Me Wanting

    LPSG members on here (me too) are really well hung and not really common in life outside this site. Sometimes I fiendishly want to deepthroat and swallow a bigger thicker cock than mine .... I get so obsessed with finding bigger, monsterous even....but I go to all the big dick show off hang...
  5. 7

    Photos & Videos One Hit Wonders: The Lesser-known Monstercocks Of Porn History

    I want to start a thread of monstercocked guys who did a brief stint in porn/modeling/webcamming, and haven't been seen since. All pics / vids are welcome...anything that comes to mind. I'll start with an old favorite: Leonel. The way his cock keeps on growing and growing is just amazing...
  6. Jamesishuge

    Cock Fiend Werewolf

    Hi, Weird title I know but I don't know if what I experience about twice a month as 48h episodes (no, nothing to do with the moon) is something you guys have ever experienced or heard of. I'm mostly straight in choosing partners and girlfriends and I haven't had a boyfriend type relationship...
  7. B

    Top 5 Most Incredible Big Dicks!

    Let's have some fun, and post our personal top 5 list of the greatest BIG dicks in any medium. Try to at least include 1 member from lpsg, 1 from porn sites/other BIG dick sites, and 1 from someone you know personally go is not famous.
  8. strongerdude

    Russian @hungtwink

    Twitter: Hung Twink | Top (@HungTwinks) | Twitter Only fans: OnlyFans Someone has the video of him comparing with the biggesto cock in Paris XXL?
  9. J

    The Guy Known As Giganto Dick.

    So, I felt like this needed to be shared. I’ve been fascinated by big cock for a long time now. I’ve seen some big ones and some small ones.... Met a guy who lives in a town not far from me with an enormous cock. Like something I’ve never seen. As soon as I met him i could see the giant bulge...
  10. A

    Dredd's Best Video Ever: Cream, Squirting, Deep Penetration

    All of the kinks that have ever lived on LPSG in one video. Dredd finally has found a chick that can take the D, actually gets wet, cums while riding and it shows like hell. I'd say this video is his best ever, although the chick is not the most attractive he's been with. No fake acting...
  11. GettingBigger9

    I can't get bigger...

    ...without knowledge so I am curious where did you find your PE information from? I want to read as much as I can so if you have any informational forums you can link me or even PDF's please let me know. I always like to learn more and even though I am teaching PE to others I want to be taught...
  12. 1

    Photo I rate your cocks

    A simple cock contest: show me what you've got and I will rate it from 1 to 10!
  13. J

    New kik group - biggerthantherest

    Hi everyone, Me and another woman have created a KIK group called BiggerThanTheRest - a group for women who have boobs bigger than Ds and men who are longer than 9 inches. Before you rush to KIK to try and get added, there are some rules. To be able to stay in the group, you have to submit a...
  14. TheBlink

    Biggest cock contest

    im super hung fit stud that hasn't lost any size contest yet, so if your hung and wanna get humiliated or your super hung and think u can beat me, add me on Skype: titatillemann