1. S

    Wank bud- Birmingham, Worcester, Herefordshire m

    Hey, 28m moved to the area from London and looking to find some fit guys to meet and play with. Mostly fun - I like the sound of wank buddies, let’s do some bi stuff, interested in partnering up with guys who wanna create sexually charged experiences. Hot hard right up against what feels right...
  2. C

    Tumblr ukmidshung

    More of him?
  3. R

    British Black Men

    Alfred Enoch
  4. P

    Alabama Boys

    Hey bros. Married guy in Birmingham. Would love to meet up and watch you stroke for me, or even a hj or bj. BBCs a plus. Hit me up!
  5. G


    Anything on this guy? Constantly posting near nude photos on insta. Thirsty as fuck for attention. . . Constantly. So there bound to be some naked shots of him out there.
  6. G


    Anyone anything on this filthy little fucker? Lives in Birmingham and shags around there and any other city he visits in the UK or overseas. Surely there’s some stuff out there?! He’s a right dirty fuck.
  7. B

    Mf birmingham looking for a bi guy to join us

    Hi guys. I am a 30 year old White British guy and she is a 35 year old Black British female. We are looking for a genuine bi guy to join us for bi mmf in Birmingham. You must be of a similar age and able to accom. Please message us your contact details if interested.
  8. Imaguyhunter

    Bham al - what time is best....

    BhamCocksOut What time is best for my hand to slip under your waistband and grab your dick?